Badger Balm


Badger Balm is a family-run and family-friendly skin, hair, and body-care brand, cleverly located in the woods of New Hampshire. Badger Balm’s mission is to create pure and effective products of the highest possible natural quality, based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to offer skin-caring products that protect, soothe, and heal.

Badger Balm’s products uses ingredients that fit natural standards for healthy agriculture, minimal processing, sustainable supply chain, and health-giving properties. Badger Balm products contain blends of the finest organic plant extracts, exotic oils, beeswax, and minerals in order to come up safe, effective, and all natural; aiming to provide wellness heal and protect the body.

The brand currently manufactures and ships their natural product not just over the country but all over the world, and has a wide array of products such as lip balms, massage oils, hair products, bug repellants, etc.