Biotherm is a luxury body and skincare brand currently under the one of the legends in the cosmetic industry, L’Oreal. This luxury skincare brand is home to a group of separate Biotherm lines each targeting specific skin concerns while providing effective solutions to meet those needs.

Biotherm was launched  in the 1950’s, after the company’s discovery of  using aquatic ingredients, and the benefits it gives in skincare. With the initial breakthrough finding healing life plankton, Biotherm began their research that would revolutionize  eco-conscious beauty.

Biotherm continued to formulate effective and advanced skincare products to offer in the market, and currently offers a wide array of product collections, ranging from men’s skincare collection, Biotherm Homme line. With the introduction of the Biotherm Homme collection the line and quickly make its way to the top of men’s skincare market, securing the number one spot. Today, the Biotherm brand continues to innovate skincare solutions for both men and women that provide visible results and surpass expectations.