About Essentiq

Essentiq stands for natural and organic products that are a result of traditional knowledge enhanced with modern, innovative concepts.

With us, you will always find something new. Either we are developing new products, or we are improving formulations of old products in line with latest developments, or we are planning new promotional or social responsibility campaigns. But regardless of what we do, we always do it with conscientiousness and enthusiasm, as well as love and respect for nature and all living beings. At heart, we are a team of romantics, inspired by pure beauty.

Can you imagine life without herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables or fruits? Neither can we. Are you not overwhelmed by the smell of blooming flowers and trees in the spring, fields of blooming lavender in the summer, the freshness and sharpness of the air in the mountains, or the colourfulness of leaves in the autumn? We are. And we are going one step further by trying to catch these sensations in our products – by basing them on the fruits of nature. The essence and touch of nature. Clean, fresh, unspoilt, gentle. For you and us.

We are three partners, with three different backgrounds, but a common passion for nature and the preservation of the wisdom, knowledge, and traditions of our ancestors. These are the driving forces of Essentiq.