Gerard Cosmetics

About Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics was created by the brilliant Twitter famous personality, Jennifer Gerard. Promoting Gerard Cosmetics in the platform where she gained status helped in growing a huge following for the Beauty Brand.

Connection with the people not just on Twitter but even on conventions and charity events is what boosted Jennifer Gerard’s as well as the Beauty brand’s name to the public. With the people as their inspiration, they managed to give the world a makeup that made every woman’s dream come true. While staying true to showing every woman the best possible version of themselves rather than covering it.

The CEO, Jennifer Gerard, understood the time it takes to properly blend and contour a flawless looking makeup. Tired of mixing of multiple foundations, blush on and eye makeups she started working on her own custom concoction.

With hard work and patience, the first product BB plus illumination was born and completed focusing more on making products that promote quality over quantity.

In the world where beauty is a one of the top-notch priority, Gerard Cosmetics strive to attend to every woman’s makeup needs offering a state-of-the-art concept that has never been seen before in the beauty industry.

The products are made with a pure passion and clear vision to give women the merchandise that will solve their daily makeup errors and glitches. Gerard Cosmetics is a beauty line revamping beauty for women by women who empower each other giving birth to products that are extravagant, affordable and, as they describe it, endlessly chic.