About L’occitane

L’OCCITANE offers a Provencal lifestyle of natural beauty, colours, scents, and traditions. The Beauty Brand uses only 100% natural essential oils and ingredients giving respect not just to the consumers but as well as the environment.

The Beauty brand uses over 200 botanical, organic certified ingredients that are carefully picked for its efficacy and its power to give the skin the nourishment and vitamins it needs to be healthy and beautiful.

L’occitane was founded by Olivier Baussan, in the markets of Provence, France. Having with him nothing but a bag of ingredients and a full knowledge of plants and its use, he, then a 23 year old man, began distilling rosemary essential oil to sell locally.

Olivier Baussan increase his production from oils to soaps to creams. He stayed grounded throughout the years by following these simple virtues: authenticity, respect and “sensoriality”.

Accompanied by these values, L’occitane gives back to the community through L’OCCITANE Foundation. The foundation which was created in 2006 has two main initiatives. One, it supports visual impairment around the world and two, economic emancipation for women in Burkina Faso.

L’OCCITANE has a wide range of various Beauty products and fragrances. Mediterranean lifestyle is the main source of inspiration for their makeup and fragrances, thus, giving each use a moment of clarity, luxury and sensory delight.

Each products has been meticulously tried, research and tested for the comfortability and effectivity for its users. A team of 100 researchers works in 11 laboratories, focused on topics from molecular biology to plant extraction to analytical chemistry so L’occitane can keep raising the bar.