Ma Cherie

About Ma Cherie

Ma Chérie is a Haircare brand which directly translates to “my sweetheart” in French. Defining the hair care brand’s name is its continued commitment to creating and manufacturing a line of hair care products that care for the hair.

Ma Chérie gives the most luxurious sweet texture for your soft silky hair while indulging in the romantic fragrance that lingers through their soft silky hair. Ma Cherie is a well loved line of hair care products that aim to create lustrous, silky, soft hair. It is pure of nutrients that it provides from the root – up leaving a sweet romantic scent.

Ma Chérie’s hair care products focus on damage repair which it perfectly does carefully from the root to the tip of the hair. After using the products, it leaves your hair shiny and soft that you want to touch for a long time.

Combines with its luxurious scent that harmonizes the fragrance of white florals such as plumeria, fruity aroma of fresh mango and passion fruit are like a hair esthetics giving you a relaxed feeling.

Ma Chérie has two different range of hair care products that they have to offer. These two are the Moisture and Airy Feel Range. The Moisture targets more the dry and dull hair that needs nutrients to be soft and silky again, On the other hand, the Airy Feels works to give your hair Volume while maintaining a light feeling.