Thierry Mugler


Thierry Mugler is a fragrance brand that has created an entirely original form of Haute Perfumerie through its Goût du Parfum, Parfums de Cuir and Liqueurs de Parfums fragrances. They are unique creations that result from the desire to share sensations in order to spark emotion. They strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, cutting-edge technology and the awakening of the senses. Harmony found in contrast.

In conjunction with Clarins Fragrance Group, Thierry Mugler introduced his first fragrance in 1992. The women’s perfume Angel, was the first to combine chocolate, vanilla and caramel as a base while various fruity tones help elevate the scent. This fragrance has proven to be so popular in France that it has occasionally outsold the legendary Chanel No. 5. Other popular Thierry Mugler fragrances for women include the Alien, Star and Angel series of scents while men’s colognes include A*men, Ice and B*men.

Mugler’s first perfume appeared in 1992 and was called Angel. “Angel” contains a combination of praline and chocolate mixed with a strong accord of patchouli. It would be a part of a new fragrance type called gourmand. The Angel bottle, a design in the shape of a faceted star, was created by the Brosse Master Glassmakers. Fans of the fragrance include Diana Ross, Barbara Walters, Eva Mendes, and Hillary Clinton.