Cocos Ferra Skincare MCT Oil 30ml

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Cocos Ferra MCT Skincare oil is a moisturizer oil specially formulated with Cocos® MCT Oil (from coconut) and tocotrienol (Vitamin E, a great skin antioxidant) for external application.

It is aroma-free and has a light texture which allows it to be absorbed into the skin easily, keeping the skin healthy, soothe and supple. A well-moisturized skin helps protect against external environmental factors like irritation and prevent water loss from the skin.

Usage Suggestion

  •  Moisturizer: Put 1 – 2 drops of oil on the back of your hand instead of on your palm, slowly
    spread the oil evenly before massaging the oil into the palms.
  • Carrier oil: Mix it with your favorite essential oil to use it as a massage oil.
  • Make-up removal: Moisten a cotton pad with few drops of oil and gently wipe off the makeup.
    Rinse off with facial foam and lukewarm water.
  • As an hair oil
  • Can be used on hand, body, face, neck, cuticles and hair.


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