AFC Japan Hanamai Collagen (Fish) 100g


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The AFC Japan Hanamai Collagen (Fish) 100g has a loyal following in Asia due to its highly popular collagen supplement. Selling more than 3,000,000 packs ever since its launch in Korea, it’s been highly desired. Youthful skin can appear smooth, taut and plump due to its high levels of collagen. Acting as a scaffold underneath your skin, collagen is a natural protein. Because it’s a natural protein, it has the benefit to be a building block for organs and cell tissues. Collagen can also be found in your muscles, tissue organs and bones. Even though collagen is produced naturally in the body, this process slows down as we age. It has benefits such as maintaining the balance of oil and water, supporting the healing of the skin and brightening the skin. This product also contains 100% pure collagen and is free from additives and fishy smells.

To use the AFC Japan Hanamai Collagen (Fish) 100g:

1.     Mix 3 scoops with water for the first 10 days.

2.     After 10 days, take 1 scoop a day.

Active Ingredient per 100g: 

Marine (Fish) Collagen Peptide - 100,000mg 


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