PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo For Dry Hair




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The PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo For Dry Hair aims to revive the elasticity and shine in dry hair. This moisturizing shampoo is formulated with coconuts to soften and nurture upset hair. Not only does it benefit by hydrating the hair intensely, but it also cleanses gently to prevent stripping. This shampoo also restores the hydro-lipid film in the scalp and gives excellent hydration. With a mighty concentration of Mallow Flowers Extract and Jojoba Milk to detangle and leave the hair supple and smooth.

To use the PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo For Dry Hair:

1.     Apply a small amount onto your palm.

2.     Lather and massage into wet hair.

3.     Can be used up to 3 times a week.

Jojoba Milk: The result of an emulsion of Jojoba oil, water, and hyaluronic acid, Jojoba milk strengthens the hydrolipid film to limit the evaporation of water. Lighter than oil, it penetrates rapidly into the hair fiber to hydrate it perfectly.

Mallow Extraction: A powerful moistening agent, Mallow is recognized for its high mucilage content. When they come into contact with water, these polysaccharides form an invisible barrier that maintains hydration at the heart of the fiber.

Pea Proteins: Hair becomes suppler and less fragile due to its humectant properties. These attach easily to the hair surface, retain water molecules present in the environment and allow moisturizing hair. 


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