Clarisonic Brush Head

Clarisonic Brush Head


A replacement brush head gentle enough for everyday use, and compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.

Acne Cleansing: Expertly engineered with extra-plush bristle gradation for acne-prone skin types. All Clarisonic® brush heads are made from a soft, non-porous material, resistant to bacterial attachment, and are precision-designed to oscillate more than 300 movements per second. Designed to deliver the ultimate cleanse for even the most sensitive skin, CLARISONIC brush heads will transform your cleansing experience. The quick-drying DuPont® Tynex® Supersoft bristles are uniquely rounded on the end to provide a gentle and comfortable cleanse.

Alpha Fit Men’s Daily Cleanse: Engineered to give men a deeper clean for more energized, healthier-feeling skin. The innovative brush head cleans away sweat, dirt and oil when used with your CLARISONIC cleansing system device and facial cleanser. Designed with shorter bristled for men’s resilient skin, this invigorating brush head preps the face and neck for a smoother, closer shave.

Deep Pore Cleansing: Ideal for cleansing oily skin, large pores or hard to reach areas of the face, such as around the nose.

Delicate: Ultra-gentle for those with dry, delicate or extra-sensitive skin.

Luxe High Performance Cashmere Cleanse Facial: Features a dynamic dual-layer design that gently massages facial skin — generating fluid forces to cleanse 6x better than hands alone while simultaneously increasing skin’s natural hydration levels. Suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Sensitive: For sensitive and normal skin, the Sensitive Brush Head comes standard with most Clarisonic models. It is our most universal brush head and is the perfect introduction to the sonic cleansing experience.

Smart Dynamic Facial: For combination skin, this SMART Dynamic Facial Brush Head adjusts power, timing and frequency automatically for a deep and gentle cleanse. The innovative SMART microchip technology is embedded into each SMART Brush Head, introducing advanced functionality to the Clarisonic Brush Head portfolio. Each SMART Brush Head is individually programmed to automatically adjusts speed, power and timing to optimize SMART Profile’s device performance and user experience.

Sonic Radiance: Specifically engineered with extra fine bristles to deliver a luxurious and highly- effective cleansing experience. This unique and patented brush head helps to remove sebum and surface- level pigmentation to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness.




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