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Facial treatments in Singapore are a dime a dozen. However, it is hard to figure out what is going to work for a specific skin type. Many of us have honed our skincare regimens for many years, and sometimes a facial can mess up that delicate process. We at Beauty Insider believe in the process […]

Life gets busy, and it’s easy to forget things like manicures and eyebrow shaping (heck, sometimes we even forget where we put our pen). But girl, the busier and more tired you are, the more important it is to take care of yourself. Salon treatments are an important of selfcare. Besides, it’s a lot easier […]

Dark nail polish, gel manicures and soaking in a hot tub… We love them all, but unfortunately, while these habits are good for the soul they can really damage the nails. Can we give up nail polish? Never! But we can give nails extra TLC so that they stay strong and healthy. Here are some […]

We “heart” these manicures! They don’t follow the usual cliche of glitter red hearts or kiss marks. (That’s only cute when you’re in high school.) These are grown-up, chic nail art. Yes, there are hearts — but done in a very stylish and modern way! Layered Hearts You need longer nails in an oval shape, […]

Sick of plucking brows, fake-looking eyebrow stencils, and fussing over eyebrow shapes? Consider eyebrow threading. Eyebrow threading is a natural and cheap way of achieving perfect eyebrows. But how does it compare to plucking, waxing and eyebrow embroidery? IS it painful? How long does it last? And what eyebrow shapes can you achieve? We’ve got […]

Facial treatments seem to be found at every corner these days. However, they come at quite the cost. It is hard to navigate the world of facial salons when each seem to promise the same things. We at Beauty Insider understand the woes of finding the right facial treatment for your skin type. Be it […]

Acne can be an embarrassing problem to deal with. Often caused by a myriad of factors from diet to hormonal changes, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of an acne breakout. Acne facials are one of the less evasive yet effective ways to solve your acne problems. We at Beauty Insider recommend […]

There has been an influx of home based eyelash salons since mid of last year. Most are licensed therapists who have left their salons and started up their entrepreneurial stint at home. We at Beauty Insider have curated our top favourite home-based eyelash salons that are right in your neighbourhood! Sandy’s Eyelash Beauty Sandy is […]

Welcome the Chinese New Year with the luckiest colours for 2019! We pick the best nail polish shades based on the auspicious colours of the Year of the Earth Pig. Now you can really say that you’ve got love, wealth and good fortune at your fingertips. What are the lucky colours for the 2019 Lunar […]

With February round the corner, we at Beauty Insider are all too familiar with the good ol’ Chinese New Year surcharge that kicks in with the festivities. Not to worry, we have got your back! The best eyelash salons in Singapore are giving the readers of Beauty Insider exclusive deals to help you flutter away […]

Everybody’s going to be wearing metallic or red nails. Stand out with these chic, sophisticated and totally unexpected manicure ideas from the Fall/Winter fashion shows! The Tanya Taylor Collection featured a french manicure that combined two huge colour trends: chrome polish and coral. Area did their own “French twist” — using metallics instead of white […]

Eyelash extensions are such the norm now, it is hard to find a girl on the street in Singapore who does not have them. Beauty Insider has created a list of our favourite eyelash extension salons in Singapore. Your lashes will be the envy of everyone at this year’s office Christmas party for sure! Fabulash […]

Need a chip-proof manicure that will last throughout the holidays? You’ve got two options: a powder manicure or a gel manicure. Both last a lot longer than regular polish, which can get chipped soon after you leave the salon. But while most of us are familiar with gel manicures, powder manicures didn’t trend until this […]

Unknown to many females is the idea of what has been termed as “second puberty”. For some this happens in their late 20’s while others experience it in their 40’s. No matter where you are at in life, acne can be a paralysing thing. Acne treatments and the like seem to be the best way […]

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