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Insider Spotlight : Pico Laser Treatment by Privé Clinic – Dr Karen Soh
By: / July 20, 2020

We’ve all some or rather heard of this aesthetic treatment called Pico Laser, but for those of you who have not heard of it, this article will be just as useful to you as to those who also want to know more about Pico Laser treatments. We figured that the only way you’d get in-depth […]

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Insider Spotlight: Meet The Sister Duo That Are Stirring Up The Local Beauty Scene
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 1, 2018

As much as we love organic skincare, there’s one name on the cobblestoned block you should turn your attention to for 2018: CANVAS. The beauty brand isn’t new to the women of Australia. In fact, the label has been established for a few years and creates skincare products that protect and restore one’s authentic beauty. […]

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