best pimple cream singapore
30 Best Pimple Creams, Spot Treatments and Cleansers, According to Reviews

Banish those breakouts for good! We rounded up the most popular facial washes, spot treatments, facial masks and serums for clearing and preventing acne. So if you’re searching for the best pimple cream in Singapore, or an affordable serum that can fade those acne marks, check out our comprehensive list. Best Pimple Cream in Singapore […]

tea tree oil singapore
The SAFE, derma-approved way to use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Is tea tree oil the best natural acne cure, or will it just irritate and dry out your skin? What’s the safest way to use tea tree in your DIY beauty remedies? Where can you find tea tree oil in Singapore? We answer all your questions here! What is tea tree oil? This popular plant […]

holiday hair shortcuts
Holiday Hair Shortcuts that Take Just Minutes

The holidays can get really hectic: shopping, work functions and reunions, potlucks and parties, and a million end-of-year errands. Who has time for a complicated beauty routine? Don’t worry, gorgeous: here are holiday hair shortcuts that will help you look fabulous in half the time.  Keep it sleek and simple Slicked back hair is a […]

eye wrinkles
Tired Eyes Giving Your Sleepless Nights Away? We have the Solution for You!

Tired eyes are such common symptom of working in a fast-paced environment like Singapore. Hating the comments from fellow co-workers about looking tired or stressed? Not getting enough sleep? Your eyes are giving you away! It is a known fact that the eye area ages faster than the rest of the face. We help you […]

Orbis Review
Orbis Review: 10 Products That Live Up To The Hype

No time for a 9-step Korean skincare routine? You’ll love Orbis! It’s a minimalist Japanese skincare brand that’s been getting a lot of buzz for working miracles on dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. But which of their skincare and body products really work? Check out our Orbis review to know which ones are worth your […]

20 Easy Eyebrow Hacks For Full but Natural-Looking Brows

Some people are born with beautiful eyebrows… but this article is for the 99.9% of us who weren’t that lucky. We compiled a list of the best eyebrow hacks if you have thin eyebrows, really thick and overgrown eyebrows, or if you’re new to makeup and need a simple beginner’s guide to eyebrows. By the […]


While summer may be perennial in our sunny island of Singapore, at least we can enjoy the fall with the coolest nails of the season. From the classic earthy tones to eye-catching brights, it looks like this season’s nails are not looking to disappoint! We at Beauty Insider have curated 7 nail art trends of […]