eye makeup
How to Apply Eye Makeup If You Wear Eyeglasses

Don’t hide your pretty eyes behind your frames! These eye makeup tips will help define your eyeshape and enhance your eye colour. You’ll even learn how to match your eye makeup with your glasses! Use a neutral eye shadow colour Dark eyeglass frames and dark eye shadow will accentuate the dark circles under your eyes. […]

body acne
Dermatologists Share How to Get Rid of Body Acne For Good

Acne can literally be a pain in the butt (or shoulder… or chest). People who suffer from body acne know that those pimples can appear anywhere, despite regular showers. Not only are these zits painful, but they can also be embarrassing and hard to hide. Don’t hide body acne — treat it! Dermatologists tell you […]

cracked heels
How to Soften Cracked Heels and Get Rid of Calluses and Corns

Tight shoes and long hours of standing and walking can make your feet as rough and bumpy as a ginger root. Get softer, smoother and prettier feet now! These tips will help you rescue dry, cracked heels and melt away the thickest callouses. Use petroleum jelly as a foot mask Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly (or […]

5 Skincare Supplements Perfect for Smooth and Glowing Skin!

You have heard about skincare and how important the ingredients in skincare work to combat your skin problems. However, certain parts of skincare cannot be combatted purely with skincare products. Skincare supplements are a great way to replace what might be missing in your diet or lifestyle. These are our top five recommended products that […]

The Best Skincare Tips, Routine and Ingredients for Oily Skin

Bye bye pores, pimples and that sticky feeling! These skin care tips for oily skin will help you nail a simple (but effective!) routine and find the products that really work. Cleanse every morning, and double cleanse at night  Even if you just got out of bed, your face may have trace amounts of last […]

dry skin tips
Rehydrate from Head to Toe — Regardless of Skin Type

Your skin is more dehydrated than it looks and feels. Many women who think they have normal or even oily skin think that they don’t need a lot of moisture, and only Google “hydrating moisturizer” when dry flakes or patches appear. But that doesn’t mean your skin isn’t thirsty. This is what dehydrated skin feels […]

Revlon’s #ICanSoIDid Campaign Inspires Women to Live Boldly

Revlon’s “I Can So I Did” campaign features brand Ambassadors Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, Adwoa Aboah and Eniola Abioro in candid moments. Revlon said: “These women are about as self-possessed and unapologetic as any woman could be. They’re true to who they are. They’re steadfast in their beliefs. They’re comfortable in their own skin. And […]

eyebrow serum
Get Thicker Brows in 6 weeks or Less with These Eyebrow Serums

Frustrated by your thin eyebrows? We’ve got the quick fix. Here’s are 5 eyebrow serums to help them grow thicker. Bonus: you can use them to thicken your eyelashes, too! Shiseido Full Lash Serum Get full brows and longer, thicker eyelashes! In a study of 100 women who used this eyebrow serum, 80% said their […]