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Find the Best Foundation Brush for Your Makeup Routine

By: Dedet Panabi / July 12, 2020
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While you can use your fingers to apply foundation, a foundation brush is more hygienic and precise. You can hide blemishes and apply it only where you need it, which looks more natural. Since this is the most important step in your makeup routine, invest in a high quality brush. Makeup artists recommend the best foundation brush for a flawless finish.

Kinds of Foundation Brushes

Dome/Round Brushes

This is the best all-around foundation brush, since you can use it for liquid, cream and powder. The rounded tip helps you apply the product evenly, and blend it in for a natural, airbrushed effect.

Look for a dome foundation brush with short or medium bristles, and soft synthetic fibers. Apply foundation with fingers, then use the brush to buff or stipple it for a light and natural finish.

Flat brush

Flat brushes let you pick up a lot of product. It works well with very sheer or watery foundations or tinted moisturizers, or if you want full coverage in certain areas. It’s also easier to get foundation into nooks and crannies, like around the nose or eyes.

However, flat foundation brushes can give a streaky finish if you rush through your makeup routine.

Paddle brush

While the bristles lie flat, it has a rounded tip and dense, fluffy bristles. Makeup artists use this often, since it can get into hard-to-reach areas and can pat in a lot of product. It’s also good for applying liquid or cream blush or bronzer exactly where you want it.

While the paddle brush gives a lot of coverage and precision, it can be tricky to use and hard to master. It’s also better for studio or evening makeup. For softer, more diffused foundation that looks natural even in the day time, use a fluffier brush.

Kabuki brush

Kabuki brushes date back to the 1600s, and used by Japanese kabuki theater actors. These are densely packed with a flat top, and create a poreless but natural-looking finish. You can use them to stipple and press foundation, so even the smallest amount of product blends right into your skin.

Best Foundation Brushes

Professional makeup artists recommend brushes for every kind of makeup routine and style.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty The Face I Liquid Foundation Brush

This won top marks in the Good Housekeeping beauty laboratory. “You can use it on almost any kind of foundation, and it blends perfectly,” says one editor. However, it has slightly stiffer bristles, so it may not be a good pick for people with sensitive skin.

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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6

This brush feels really soft on the skin, and fits comfortably in your hand. Buffing your foundation is so easy, and you get a smooth and streak-free finish. You can use it with powder, but you will get heavier coverage.

Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate how pretty this makeup brush is! But aside from how lovely it will look on your vanity, this brush gives seamless, air-touched finish. For best results, press the brush into your skin, roll off, and repeat. 

Real Techniques Blend + Blur All Over Brush

This dense, oval-shaped brush is designed for quick, fool-proof foundation. If you’re new to makeup or don’t have a lot of time, use it to buff in your base. Your foundation will look like second skin!

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Wayne Goss Brush 01 Foundation Brush

Wayne Goss, professional makeup artist and famous Youtube makeup guru, developed his own life of makeup brushes. His brush is perfect for makeup beginners. “This felt natural to hold and move across my face from the get-go,” says Good Housekeeping editor Sabina Wizemann. It doesn’t leave streaks, and blends makeup so well that you always get light, even coverage.

EcoTools Foundation Brush

We love Ecotools brushes! It’s environmentally friendly, comes at a very affordable price, and gets the job done. This flat foundation brush creates a very smooth base and can help conceal even acne patches and redness. Just use long and short strokes to avoid streaks.

Tarte Cosmetics AirBrush Finish Bamboo Brush

The soft bristles blend in foundation like a dream! Plus, it’s vegan and made of eco-friendly bamboo — a plus if you’re a fan of green, clean beauty!

Milani Brush

This affordable but high quality foundation brush has soft, densely packed bristles. It’s easy to buff and blend foundation, but it can get streaky when used with heavy or creamy formulas. Try it with sheer or watery foundation.