The face is mostly the first thing people notice about you. It’s the first thing you notice yourself when you look in the mirror and your double chin may be an annoying reminder of your imperfection on a daily basis. Your double chin is most probably giving you a hard time finding your perfect angle […]

There almost isn’t a single Korean woman who doesn’t have enviable flawless gorgeous skin and that fact doesn’t even leave us wondering anymore. With their elaborate makeup and skincare routines, it is almost a no-brainer how they achieve looking fresh and glowing all the time. To create a better makeup look, we’ve compiled 5 Korean […]

When K-pop stars share their beauty and skincare routines, the whole world stops for a while and everybody listens. K-beauty trends have managed to sweep the world of its feet with its elaborate effective beauty tips and tricks. Jessica Jung who is very famous in South Korea, born and raised in San Francisco, is one […]

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul- and your lashes are the frame that lends it light. What better way to highlight those peepers than with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions? This fuss-free, long lasting way to give your natural lashes a boost will give you longer, more voluminous lashes in […]

Spring has sprung! Embrace your wanderlust and ensure your tips stay in top shape. Each season brings its best nail polish and sometimes it is difficult to predict which one that will be. That is why we are sharing with you a sneak peek at the upcoming nail color trends. In case you decide to be […]

In a day, your skin comes into contact with all sorts of bacteria and pollutants. On top of that, our diet, hormones, and lifestyle also come into play. If you have ethnic or dark skin, then you have probably experienced the frustration of looking for the perfect shade of foundation. It has not been until recent years […]

There is no denying that the K-Beauty wave took the world by storm, and still is up to this day! It is almost safe to say that wherever in the world, there is at least one woman there in a fan of it. From Korean makeup, Korean hair care to Korean skin care routine, everything […]

IN YOUR 20s Your Skin Condition Now: This is probably the best years of your skin. During your 20s, your collagen production is still at its prime. It renews itself almost without struggle. Sun damage and your unhealthy habits haven’t started showing up on your skin still. However, though, in this day and age, all […]

Revival Bespoke Mask Kit is a mask solution that addresses your skin concerns as you can now be the chemist to formulate your own mask. Through advanced cosmetic technology, the premium functional skincare brand from Korea has set to create a customized skincare product that perfectly matches any skin concern. The Revival Bespoke Mask Kit is […]

Thousands of skincare products are formulated every single year, but only a few change the world as we know it. Last year was a groundbreaking year for game-changing skincare formulas, with peels that transform the texture of your skin, moisturizers that’ll make you look like a brand new woman in a matter of hours, and […]

The year may be young, but the list of kick-ass new beauty products out there is already long and continuously growing. We thought 2017 topped the list when it came to exciting and innovative beauty launches, but turns out that 2018 is poised to give it a serious run for its money. Even the most basic […]

When you’re truly, madly, deeply addicted to makeup, you’re willing to spend every last dollar to your name on every damn thing. But when you’re broke, you need to curb your cosmetics budget. Makeup dupes can help.   Dupes are simply the cheaper version of the expensive products with almost the same quality. They’re usually […]

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