Dear Santa: all we want for Christmas is to wake up with glowing skin every day. Please put these serums in our stocking. We’ve been sooo good this year! The Face Shop Yehwadam Pure Brightening Serum  This is part of The Face Shop’s herbal whitening anti-aging line. It contains seven natural skin whitening ingredients that […]

So many beautiful women have a round face: Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore. Their makeup balances their features and makes their face look slimmer and longer. Try their makeup tips for round face shapes!   Emphasize your brow arch Never, ever ever shape your brows into a round shape. Instead, get an […]

How do you do your makeup so you look good in all your holiday photos? These makeup tips will help you look gorgeous in every pic, even without Instagram filters. Makeup Tip # 1: Always use a primer Primers can make your makeup last longer and blur imperfections that can be magnified by cameras. Look […]

Multi colour hair transformations are so common these days that everyone and their sister is rushing to try them out! Remember when undergoingan extensive hair transformation it is essential to maintain the colour job and the health of your natural hair. We at Beauty Insider want to keep you in the loop about the latest […]

You might have heard the controversy associated with Keratin Treatment. However, Naoki Yoshihara has come up with a new treatment that creates the same effect. The uniqueness of Bigami is that unlike other Keratin Treatments it does not seek to straighten hair but to repair it. Watch the transformation of the ” Before” and ” […]

Who doesn’t enjoy a good at home dye kit? Or throwing your hair into a curling iron to spruce up a look for a night out on the town! However, these short-term solutions tend to damage our hair in the long run. Maintaining hair health is vital to ensuring that your luscious locks see you […]

Beauty insiders can’t stop talking about these new glitter lipsticks. They look good on every skin tone, don’t feel sticky, and deliver high-impact colour and shine with one swipe. Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in Lolita Kat Von D’s Lolita lipstick is one of those Holy Grail shades that looks good on […]

 Use these easy (and cheap!) hacks to store your makeup and beauty essentials even with a small bathroom or closet space. When you don’t have enough bathroom cabinets… Store lipsticks, lip pencils, mascaras and lipliners in a pencil case or a hanging shoe organizer. You can also glue cardboard rolls to the wall,   place metal […]

Eyelash extensions are such the norm now, it is hard to find a girl on the street in Singapore who does not have them. Beauty Insider has created a list of our favourite eyelash extension salons in Singapore. Your lashes will be the envy of everyone at this year’s office Christmas party for sure! Fabulash […]

Need a chip-proof manicure that will last throughout the holidays? You’ve got two options: a powder manicure or a gel manicure. Both last a lot longer than regular polish, which can get chipped soon after you leave the salon. But while most of us are familiar with gel manicures, powder manicures didn’t trend until this […]

These shower gels will help clear out your backne just in time for your beach holiday or party.  Now you can wear your swimsuits and your backless cocktail dresses with confidence.  The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash The tea tree oil will kill the bacteria that causes your breakouts. It’s soap-free, but […]

Beat holiday bloat with a juice cleanse! The cocktails and rich party food can mess up your digestive system and make you feel sluggish. These green juices can help you flush out the toxins and make you feel and look better again. The Green Detox Drink the Whole Internet Loves You’ll find this green detox […]

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