As if pimples weren’t bad enough, we can get stuck with acne marks – those stubborn dark spots that take months to disappear. But you don’t have to wait that long. These fast-acting serums for dark spots can help banish those blemishes in half the time. Some women even say see a difference in just […]

Weight loss plateaus are so frustrating. You’ve worked hard on your diet and fitness routine, but suddenly you’ve stopped shedding pounds. “What happened?” you ask. “I’m doing everything I did before… why won’t it work anymore?” You’ve hit a weight loss plateau. It happens to a lot of people, but don’t worry! Weight loss and […]

Thinking of getting breast implants? The good news: breast augmentation has gotten safer and looks very natural. Just think of Taylor Swift, who sparked rumors early February because of pics showing off her new, fuller silhouette. “Did she get a boob job, or is it just a really good push up bra?” asked the Twitterverse. […]

Eyelash Extension Salons are a dime a dozen. However, they are so many fly by night eyelash extension salons that claim to be long-lasting and natural and are instead uncomfortable and fall out in a week! Not to worry, we at Beauty Insider have the complete list of our favourite eyelash extension salons guaranteed to […]

Hair colour highlights can add the right amount lift and pump to any look! It might be misconception that highlights require bleaching but they do not always have to. Choosing the right kind of highlight for your hair can be vital between a good dye job and a disastrous one. Beauty Insider is here to […]

Beat the heat with these pro tips from Hollywood’s top dermatologists and skincare experts! Their skin care tips for summer should be part of our beauty Bible – because it’s summer every day in Singapore. Never leave home without a facial mist If you chill it the night before, you can cool down while soothing […]

Bye bye pores, pimples and that sticky feeling! These skin care tips for oily skin will help you nail a simple (but effective!) routine and find the products that really work. Cleanse every morning, and double cleanse at night  Even if you just got out of bed, your face may have trace amounts of last […]

You don’t need surgery or a huge bank account to get a defined V-shape face! We checked out different spas and skin centers to find these reasonably priced but oh-so-amazing V-shape facials in Sngapore. Their treatments reduce puffiness and can plump and lift the skin. The result: slimmer, tighter and firmer looking facial contours. Chez […]

There has been a huge push for sustainable beauty products in recent years and brands who are leading the way are forging a new path for the makeup industry. All these product launches stand out not just for being the best at what they do- but giving back to Mother Earth as well! Chantecaille Chatacaille’s […]

Get beautiful hair, any time and any where! These portable hair products are small but powerful. They control frizz, fight grease, give shine, and solve just about any possible hair emergency. And they’re all less than $20! 5 Ways to Use Portable Hair Products Bring them when you travel. They won’t take up much luggage […]

If red lipsticks are elegant classics, bright pink lipsticks are its rebellious and cheeky sister. Wear it and you feel like you’re a rockstar, or on a tropical vacation, or driving down the freeway with party music on at full blast. Try on these happy, pretty shades and see if it doesn’t change your look […]

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