Get To Know Hormonal Imbalance: It’s Time To Live Your Best Life
By: Farah Khan / August 5, 2021

Anything a man does, a woman can do bleeding. This phrase never fails at giving us a burst of empowerment. As women, we carry a lot on our shoulders. From taking care of our families to chasing our careers, there isn’t a thing we can’t do. Motherly traits are embedded within us however, oftentimes we […]

10 Best Korean Beauty YouTubers That You Need To Add To Your Subscribe List!
By: Balqis Ariffin / October 18, 2021

If there’s one thing that people can’t live without in their life, it has to be the internet. Can you imagine not being able to access your social media in a day? Definitely not us! With the proliferation of this technological advancement, it is not an understatement to say that scrolling is the favourite activity […]

Is The Silisponge Better Than A Makeup Sponge? Let’s Talk About It
By: Beauty Insider Journalist /

When it comes to applying makeup, we all have our own methods. Some favour using brushes while others don’t mind getting a little handsy with their fingers. For many, they prefer sponges (such as yours truly) but there’s one applicator that we have to spill about. With that, Beauty Insider is dishing out all about […]

Wah…Yeppeuda~ Try Out These Hairstyles From Iconic K-Drama Heroines
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 17, 2021

Let’s admit it, one of the best things from k-dramas other than the exciting plot, spicy romance and witty comedy scenes is definitely the character’s style. From lavish styles, pretty makeup looks and of course- we have to appreciate the hairstyles in k-dramas. We’ve all gone to the hair salon at one point with a […]

The Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Drink That People SWEAR Gives Them Radiant Skin
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 16, 2021

We’ve all heard that you are what you eat; therefore, drinking or eating collagen should theoretically assist in providing your body with the necessity it needs to make collagen, right? So let’s really break down the information to determine is it fact or cap? With that, Beauty Insider is going to talk about the Kinohimitsu […]

Dermalogica Clear Start: Achieve Trouble-Free Skin!
By: agnes / October 15, 2021

It’s been almost two years that our lives have hit the pause button. And throughout these two years, we have learnt to embrace our natural skin. With all of the breakouts, blackheads and shine, we accept and love them for who they are. But nevertheless, we should not compromise on our skincare routine. Therefore, as […]

Aromatic Global Frankincense Facial Soap: The Solution To Your Anti Ageing Needs!
By: Farah Khan /

It is never too early to start with anti ageing skincare! Whether you’re in your 20s or 40s, you can always use anti ageing skincare products to maintain and restore your youthful complexion. Have you been wondering about which anti ageing product you should try? We know it can get confusing. There are so many […]

11 Best Hair Salons In Singapore With Treatments For Frizzy Hair
By: Cherelle Lim /

Let me guess. Is the humid weather in Singapore making your hair go frizzy? It is understandable that your hair starts out smooth and straight and ends up frizzy by the end of the day. Well, that is why Beauty Insider has gathered a list of hair salons in Singapore! What for you might ask? […]