Best Beauty Supplements You Never Thought You Needed!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / July 29, 2021

Ageing should not be the only reason you are considering to try the best beauty supplements for the skin. As we age, we are losing a certain amount of collagen, especially on our face caused by stress and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. One of the key components to anti-aging is an anti-oxidant. The same principle […]

Slimming Solutions: Best Anti Cellulite Products To Try In 2021!
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When a sudden bump of lines appears, it’s usually normal. But how do you get rid of it? Cellulite is old-fashioned fat that is caused by trapped toxins and poor circulation. It gets worse as we age because our tissues change, it gets thicker as our skin gets thicker too, making them more noticeable. Anti-cellulite […]

Top 11 LED Light Therapy Masks That Make For Perfect At-Home Treatments
By: Balqis Ariffin /

It is likely that you have seen this new beauty trend, where people were posing on Instagram with a face mask that literally screams Halloween. Yes, that’s is the LED light therapy mask, which is the next big thing on skincare. Especially with the current situation, people have turned into this type of self-care at […]

15 Hardworking Beauty Tools in Singapore For Some “Treat Yo’self” Time!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / July 28, 2021

Beauty tools are most probably one of the most underrated beauty products in Singapore. But did you know that these babies come with a slew of features that can seriously help you step up your beauty game?! However, most beauty tools in Singapore do come with big price tags that often make us think these […]

Tame Your Mane With The Best Hair Conditioners In Singapore
By: Beauty Insider Journalist /

Hair conditioners, it’s not rocket science to know that it comes after shampooing our hair. Hair conditioners are key to maintaining the hair’s moisture content. Without proper conditioning, the hair can become brittle, dull and lifeless. Boring, frizzy hair is one of the most common complaints that people have about their hair. Therefore, hair conditioners […]

‘’What Is A Menstrual Cup? Are They Safe?’’—You Asked, We Answered
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In a world full of tampons and pads—some women decided to settle on using the menstrual cups. And much to our surprise, even though menstrual cups are slowly securing their position on the menstrual worlds, they were first invented in the year 1937. With their cost-efficiency and environmentally friendly design, menstrual has become the choice […]

Your Ultimate Guide To HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Treatments in Singapore!
By: / July 27, 2021

Short for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, HIFU is a technological breakthrough that offers non-invasive face-lifting as well as skin-tightening benefits. ContentsWhat is HIFU treatment?How does HIFU treatment work?Which areas can the HIFU treatment treat?What are the benefits of HIFU treatment?How many HIFU treatments are needed to achieve results?How immediate are the results of the HIFU treatment?Is […]