Fight Pesky Flakes With The 6 Best Dandruff Shampoos In Singapore
By: Nina Shahriman / October 23, 2020

They’re on your shoulders, make a mess of your dark clothes and look like snowflakes- we’re talking about dandruff. When you suffer from dandruff you understand the true struggles it brings. We’re talking about constantly dusting off flakes and the unbearable itch! That’s why it is vital that you combat these flakes with powerful and […]

An Affordable 5-Step Korean Skincare Routine For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin
By: Clara Siew /

When it comes to Korean skincare, we usually think of elaborate 10-step routines and a treasure trove of K-beauty products in every category imaginable. However, going through the whole nine (or should we say ten) yards of a typical Korean skincare routine is a time-consuming process. Sometimes, all we want to do at the end […]

milani makeup products in singapore
Top 5 Milani Makeup Products in Singapore For Luminous Glowy Finish
By: Kavitha / October 22, 2020

Are you ladies a fan of high-end, drugstore makeup? If your answer is a ‘yes’, which we bet is what most of you said because let’s be real everyone likes high-quality makeup but no-one likes to spend a fortune for it (hahaha). Then, it is time to turn your head to the drugstore shelf. Though […]

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder: What’s the Hype All About?
By: Nina Shahriman / October 20, 2020

When you travel to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, everyone tells you to make sure you get your hands on one specific item. We’re talking about the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder! This product has been making waves for not only being travel-friendly but its effectiveness too! This cleanser is popular among locals […]

All You Need To Know About Seeing A Dermatologist In Singapore
By: Clara Siew / October 19, 2020

Is your skin breaking out more than usual during the pandemic? Although face masks are the new norm, so too are inflammatory skin conditions like mask acne, eczema and contact dermatitis. In addition, there has been an increasing number of local searches online for a good dermatologist in Singapore. This is no mere coincidence seeing […]

bar soaps in singapore
10 Best Bar Soaps in Singapore For Fresh, Clean and Clear Skin
By: Kavitha /

Traditional bar soaps in Singapore are slowly fading off the scene. Majority of us have switched to shower gels and cleansers and forgot the god ol’ bar soap. But did you know that most shower gels in the market today are made of harmful ingredients such as chemical detergents and fragrances? These ingredients can dehydrate […]

These 7 Nail Polish Removers Will Clean Your Nails Without Damaging Them
By: Nina Shahriman / October 16, 2020

There’s something pleasing about having painted nails. Maybe it’s the act of giving yourself time for a little self-love session by either doing them yourself or getting your nails professionally done. However, there’s always one thing we dread doing- using nail polish remover once your nails either grow out or the polish starts chipping. Nail […]

shampoos for coloured hair in singapore
24 Best Shampoos in Singapore For Coloured Hair For Healthy Tresses
By: Kavitha /

Unlike normal hair, colour treated hair needs a tad bit more TLC, cuz you spent lots of money and time on it so needs proper maintenance. One of the basic need is specially formulated shampoos that can keep the colour vibrant and ensure the hair is healthy too. Plus, these shampoos can also work to […]

The Beauty Insider-Approved Haircare Routine And How You Can Get It!
By: Clara Siew /

Is the Singaporean heat and humidity getting to you and your hair? Even though we can’t control the weather, we can certainly take charge of how we care for our hair! Today, we’ll be sharing our top tips and our Beauty Insider-approved haircare routine for healthy and lustrous locks! ContentsTop tips for strong and healthy […]

Best Japanese Beauty Treatments You Can Get Right Here In Singapore!
By: Clara Siew / October 15, 2020

Konichiwa beauty lovers! Looking for a Japanese beauty salon to while away your afternoon right here in sunny Singapore? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll be sharing our top 10 favourite beauty treatments that come all the way from the land of the rising sun. ContentsWhy we love Japanese beauty treatmentsTop 10 […]

essano’s Vitamin C Skincare Review: Affordable Luxury For Glowing Skin
By: Dedet Panabi /

If there’s one skincare ingredient that everyone needs, it’s Vitamin C. Dermatologists always recommend it for dull and uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars, and overall protection from environmental damage. It is a skincare superhero – and the key ingredient in essano’s newest Vitamin C Brightening skincare line. ContentsVitamin C: The Super Skincare Ingredient […]

chiropractors in singapore
Chiropractors in Singapore 101: Clinics, Prices, Benefits, Risks and More
By: Kavitha /

As working adults in Singapore, we cannot escape from frequent spine and back pain. Apart from work, our sedentary lifestyles that include hunching in front of a computer as we type away, or staring down at our smartphones, unhealthy eating habits can all take a huge toll on our spine health resulting in backaches, shoulder […]