orimers oily skin
Melting Makeup No More: 14 Best Primers for Oily Skin

Imagine spending an hour or two in the bathroom slapping on your favourite foundation, only for it to melt into a blotchy mess throughout the day. In Singapore where summer is perennial, humidity and heat is the enemy we simply cannot break away from. This spells even more trouble with people who have oily skin!  […]

skinceuticals singapore
The Complete Guide to Getting SkinCeuticals in Singapore

Finding the right skincare product that actually works can be a tough task, but SkinCeuticals will end your search once and for all. A favourite among dermatologists, SkinCeuticals is dedicated to improving skin health with its highly potent and active products. So you can only expect the best results for your skin. Beauty Insider lets […]

12 Beauty Brands You Need to Get When You Visit Hong Kong

Korea may be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to beauty shopping, but Hong Kong is the underdog that has been long overlooked. With its galore of local indie brands and cult beauty brands available all at price ranges, it is safe to say that Hong Kong is a haven for […]

Straighten Your Tresses: 14 Hair Salons for Hair Rebonding in Singapore

The struggle with frizzy hair can be all too real. From hard-to-comb hair to dull locks, frizzy hair is never a good look. The solution? Hair rebonding. Whether you have been eyeing those Korean drama-worthy locks or just need to tame down the frizz; a hair rebonding session is a surefire solution to achieving that […]

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Festive Beauty Roundup: The Best Beauty Picks this Christmas 2019

Christmas is coming and that often calls for a slew of office parties or dinner gatherings just waiting to consume our busy schedules. If you still have not got your beauty fix-up for that awaited (or dreaded) Christmas party in order, Beauty Insider has got you covered. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet to the […]

Best Korean And Japanese Hair Salons In Singapore
15 Best Japanese Hair Salons In Singapore For A New “You”

The Hallyu wave may be unstoppable, but the fact remains that Japanese beauty looks never go out of style. Of course, what better way to get those Japanese-style tresses than at an authetic Japanese hair salon? Known for their professional service and impeccable skill, Japanese hair salons are highly sought after for their distinguishable creations […]

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We Picked the Best Lip Tint in Singapore for Every Budget!

Imagine what your lips look like after eating a bright cherry popsicle. That’s what a lip tint looks like — and why we love them. They give a really beautiful colour that looks natural, lasts a long time, feels weightless, and is so easy to apply. Find the best lip tint in Singapore now. ContentsWhat’s […]

mole removal singapore
Mole Removal Singapore Guide: What to Expect and Where to Go

Some moles are beauty marks that are part of your unique look (think Marilyn Monroe, or Gigi Hadid. But some moles can be cancerous or inconveniently located. Or, you just prefer to get rid of them for personal reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about mole removal Singapore.           View […]

samina malik beauty insider
Samina Speaks: November Loves by Samina Malik this Festive Season!

A makeup entrepreneur, beauty guru and mother of four, Samina Malik has taken the world by storm with her charm and commitment to a strong thought leadership on female empowerment. Beauty Insider is pleased to introduce Samina Speaks, a monthly column where Samina introduces her top picks for the month! ContentsToo Faced Born This Way […]

eyeliner beginners
Eyeliner 101 for Beginners: Applying Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Any makeup junkie knows that an eyeliner is key to giving your eyes the wow factor to make your eyes pop. However, this seemingly simple makeup tool can prove to be one of the hardest tools to master in the art of makeup, especially for beginners. From unsteady hands to jagged lines, the struggle of […]