Tattoo 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Inked

Instagram is giving me a serious case of tattoo envy. So many people are sporting the most stylish tattoos — not just on the back or arm, but very cute (and subtle) designs on wrists, ankles, hips and even fingers. If you’re thinking of getting inked, here’s what you need to know about the pain, […]

eye bag removal
Get Rid of The Worst Eye Bags — Without Surgery!

If your eye bags don’t go away — even with eye creams, natural remedies and plenty of sleep — then you may want to look into non surgical eye bag removal Singapore treatments. Surgical vs. Non-Invasive Eye Bag Removal Surgical eye bag removal (also called lower lid blepharoplasty) can permanently remove eyebags, sagging and wrinkles […]

laser resurfacing
5 Ways Laser Resurfacing Can Completely Transform Your Skin

Struggling with fine lines, sagging skin, large pores? There’s light at the end of the tunnel — more specifically, laser light. Laser resurfacing uses very focused and precise beams of light to treat a number of skin conditions. It removes the damaged skin, and stimulates the inner skin layers to produce more collagen. Fine lines […]

lip fillers singapore
Ultimate Lip Fillers FAQ: Most Important Questions — Answered!

Trying lip fillers for the first time? Here’s what you need to know about lip augmentation – from the results you can realistically expect, what happens during the procedure, and even how it works. So pucker up, ladies: this is the only lip fillers FAQ you really need. 1. What are the different kinds of […]

anti-ageing treatment singapore
4 Non-Surgical Treatments For Sagging, Wrinkles and Big Pores

You’ve probably nailed your anti-ageing skincare routine, and own a small fortune in creams and masks. You may even have a regular facial at your favourite beauty salon. But if you see sagging, fine lines and large pores — all signs of collagen loss and ageing — your skin may need a little more help. […]

v shape treatments singapore
3 Treatments That Can Help You Achieve a Youthful V-Shape

Did you know that Asian age differently? While we show less fine lines and wrinkles, we lose facial definition. In layman’s terms, our skin tends to sag, especially around the cheeks and jaw. It’s a sign of lower collagen and elastin – and for many Asians, it’s the first sign of ageing! That’s why the […]

Eye Bag Removal in Singapore: Know Your Treatment Options

Deep, bulging eyebags can add years to your face and make you look perpetually tired. Eye creams and tea bags can make them look smaller, but won’t make them go away. Find out what causes your eyebags, where you can get eye bag removal in Singapore, and how to weigh your different treatment options. What […]