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Dermatologists Tell the Truth about Dermaplaning and Face Shaving

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When I first heard about the dermaplaning Singapore trend, I was like: “No, no, NO.”  The idea of running a sharp blade against my skin was just too scary. I can’t even pluck my eyebrows properly. If I couldn’t confidently user a tweezer, I wasn’t about to start using a razor.

But then I read all these great face shaving Singapore reviews and testimonials. People said that their skin looked brighter, even and more glowy! Wait, was this for real? One quick Google search led to hundreds of articles that sang the praises of dermaplaning. It’s been called Hollywood’s best kept beauty secret (apparently, many A-listers get face shaving before a red carpet event). Some of the biggest beauty influencers – like Hudda Kattan and Carli Bybel – have also said that shaving is a solid part of their skincare routine.

The stigma of face shaving

“A lot of women shave their faces, but they didn’t talk about it until now. That may be because of the preconception that only men need to shave, and using a razor on the face is somehow unfeminine. Plus, there is a stigma that surrounds facial hair, even if it’s very common to have light peach fuzz on the cheeks, or hair around the mouth,” says Hollywood aesthetician Samantha Corres.  

Since face shaving was done in secret – or at least, until recently – most people misunderstand what it is, and freak out at the idea of putting a knife to their face. (Yup, me included.) Here are the myths, facts and benefits of dermaplaning, to help you decide if it’s worth a try.  

dermaplaning singapore

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a kind of exfoliating treatment. An aesthetician or dermatologist gently scrapes your skin surface with a small scalpel or dermaplaning tool. Don’t worry, there won’t be any blood or pain! The light, feathery strokes actually feel ticklish. Some people compare it to a kitten licking your face. It’s a bit rough, but not unpleasant…and even oddly relaxing.

While the treatment has gotten a lot of buzz lately, it’s actually rooted in a long tradition. In Japan, face shaving is a regular beauty service that’s offered by many salons and spas. Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were both rumoured to shave their faces. “It helped the thick movie makeup look more natural, even under harsh studio lights,” says makeup artist Annie Lawrence.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Like all exfoliating treatments, dermaplaning will get rid of dead skin cells and reveal smoother, glowing skin. But since you’re not using any chemicals or abrasive products, you don’t experience any side effects like redness or sun sensitivity.

Dr. Stafford Broumard, a New York plastic surgeon at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center, says some doctors may recommend dermaplaning before laser treatments or chemical peels. “Exfoliation opens your pores. It allows products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which improves the effectivity.”

Broumard also says that dermaplaning is also beneficial for women who are unable to use traditiona exfoliating or peeling products, such as those who are pregnant or have sensitive skin. “It’s an alternative way to lightly resurface the skin,” he says.

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Is dermaplaning safe?

Dermatologists say that dermaplaning is safe as long as you don’t have pustular acne, eczema, rosacea, or cold sores.

Will shaving make my hair grow thicker or darker?

This is one of the biggest reasons why women are afraid of trying dermaplaning Singapore treatments! Remember the popular Kdrama Woohoo in Waikiki, where a main character was nicknamed Wookie because of her face-shaving habit? She spent most of the series hiding her six oçlock shadow. But while the idea of women growing thick facial hair has great comedic value, it’s an absolute myth.

Dermatologists have said many times that shaving won’t affect the way your hair grows. Elizabeth K. Hake, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the NYU Langone Medical Center, explains that only your hair follicles underneath your skin determine the natural texture of your hair. Changing hair texture requires a biological change. If your hair feels thicker after you shave, it’s only because the tips are sharper after being cut.

Plus, if you get a professional dermaplaning Singapore treatment, your aesthetician will use special dermaplaning tools that are far more superior than the razor you have in your bathroom. Face shaving and leg shaving are completely different!

Can I do face shaving at home?

Yes, you can try face shaving at home, but you do need to do some prepwork. First, clean your face so you don’t expose freshly exfoliated skin to germs. You may want to use a gentle antibacterial toner, with ingredients like tea tree oil or witch hazel.  

Then, stretch your skin with a finger, and then hold the blade at a 45-degree angle. Apply light, feathery strokes, starting from your hairline to the center of your face.  

To avoid contamination and skin irritation, it’s best to use disposable blades. There are dermaplaning kits that also have extra blades.

Where can I get a dermaplaning Singapore treatment?

 The Clifford Clinic is one of the biggest aesthetic clinics to offer dermaplaning in Singapore. Their website also has video demos,  on which can help you know what to expect at your treatment. You can also call them (65) 6532 2400, Whatsapp  at (65) 8318 6332 or email Find more aesthetic clinics in Singapore directory!

Where can I get the best dermaplaning tool?

You can buy DIY dermaplaning kits on Amazon Singapore and other beauty tools and supplies stores. Here are some of the best-reviewed dermaplaning tools.

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Schick Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool

Buy now: $6.83, Amazon

It has an average of 4.4 stars and over 6,000 Amazon reviews.  One reviewer said: “I’ve been dry shaving my entire face and some of my neck with these. No irritation, plus it is the closest shave I have gotten. No pulling or scraping like other mini-razors.”

Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool

Buy now: $102.73, Amazon

While pricey, it does have more features than a simple mini razor. It has safety features that protects your skin from accidental cuts, the handle is shaped so it’s more comfortable and easier to control, and you can get replaceable blades – so it’s more eco-friendly than one-use razors! It got 4 stars on Amazon, with one review saying: “I love that I don’t need to spend money on waxing and/or going to an aesthetician. It does take some practice so don’t give up. It also removes SO MUCH dry skin, I had no idea!”

 Dermaflash Dermaplaning Tool

Buy now: $459.00, Amazon

This award-winning dermaplaning tool has been featured in several top magazines, such as Allure, New Beauty, Elle, The Zoe Report, NYMag, Nylon, and People. “The skin you want is hiding underneath the skin you see,” says its founder. It’s clinically proven to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove peach fuzz without irritation.