best body scrub
Get Smoother Skin and Happy Vibes with Our Favourite Body Scrubs

Technically you can make a body scrub just by mixing sugar or old coffee grains with olive oil, but where’s the fun in that? The best body scrubs don’t just get rid of rough skin, they give happy vibes. They smell good. They look pretty. They make us feel like a princess even at the […]

airbrush makeup hacks
Get the Air Brush Makeup Effect with Regular Foundation

Get the “airbrush makeup” finish without buying expensive tools! Professional makeup artists show you how to get the same results – no pores, completely natural, and lasts the whole day – with your regular makeup brush and sponge. Get an airbrush makeup effect with regular foundation The appeal of airbrush makeup is that it feels […]

skincare products
Can Your Skin Get Used to Skincare Products?

Q: “Do I need to switch or change skincare products every once in while for my skincare routine to be effective?” This is a really common question. People wonder if they should switch skincare products the way they switch workouts: “Maybe it’s not working as well because my skin’s desensitized to the ingredient. I should […]

skin care products for dry skin
3 Tried and Tested Skin Care Routines for Dry Skin

Nobody has perfect skin – they just found a routine that worked for them! Beauty vloggers share their favorite skin care products for dry skin and how they applied them. Who knows, maybe they’ve found the Holy Grail product you’ve been looking for. Toner can help save dry skin if you use it this way! […]

Contouring Makeup Product
The New Rules of Contouring

Heavy contouring is out (finally!) and has replaced with lighter, more natural makeup. You don’t have to throw away your contouring makeup product – just use them differently! It’s now become more about adding dimension to your face, rather than changing its shape. Show off your skin texture One of the things we didn’t like […]

Daiso Makeup For That Quick Holiday Party Fix!

Tired of attending holiday parties in your workwear and your all-day office makeup? Daiso is a paradise of essentials for that quick makeup fix that seems to come up too often during the festive season. Beauty Insider has curated a complete list of our favourite Daiso products that will add the extra touch of sparkle […]

skin care treatments for acne
5 Best Products for Adult Acne

You can’t treat adult acne the way you did when you were a teenager. Your skin is drier now, and you may have other skin issues too (like larger pores or less radiance). Here are the best skin care treatments for acne once you’re in you’re in your 20s or 30s. Murad Advanced Blemish and […]

Dyson Singapore Review: Does This Hairdryer Live Up to the Hype?

Would you pay $600 for a hairdryer? That’s the average price of Dyson in Singapore, and probably one of the most expensive hair tools you’ll own. But lots of women say that it is worth every cent. “I kept wasting money on cheaper blowdryers that were too hard to use and damaged my hair. Then […]