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micellar water
6 Best Alternatives To Micellar Water
By: Kay Chieng / November 7, 2018

You’re not alone in your struggle to moisturise your face after a harsh session of make up removal. Though Micellar Water is the preferred choice amongst Singaporeans, it is not a skin friendly way to remove your makeup on a daily basis. There are many alternatives to micellar water that will do the job but […]

chemicals to avoid, skin care
Better Safe Than Sorry. Chemicals To Avoid in Skin Care
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 13, 2018

The beauty industry has an ugly secret. Most skin care products contain harmful chemicals. Our makeup, face cream, skin moisturizer, or cleanser may deliver short-term smoothness and brightness, but it may disrupt your hormones and fertility, expose you to known cancer-causing pesticides, and deliver dangerous toxins that penetrate and age your skin too, especially if they contain harmful […]

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These Everyday Food Will Give You Surprising Beauty Benefits From Head To Toe
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / February 19, 2018

Filling your diet with healthy and power foods can help beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. What you eat can affect your hormonal balance, cause skin impurities which are associated with skin aging. In fact, what you eat is as important as the serums and creams you apply on your skin. Here’s a […]

Body Care Tips
Detoxify! Body Care Tips To Help You Become Better This 2018
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 31, 2018

We’re too obsessed with taking care of our face that we often neglect body care. It may not be something you think on a regular basis but it definitely should. Maintaining your whole body is as crucial as keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Once you give the attention your entire body deserves, you’ll instantly […]

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Beauty Product Reviews
5 Beauty Product Reviews from Your Favorite Bloggers and Influencers
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 30, 2018

If you’ve been been wondering about what products actually work and what actually don’t, your favorite gurus are your most trusted go-to’s in checking skincare product reviews. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Stephanie Nicole who always prefer more matte finish palettes than shimmers, personally love how creamy and pigmented the color shades it has. […]

Facial Treatment
4 Best Lunchtime Facial Treatment To Give You Glowing Skin This 2018
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 25, 2018

If you’re a strong, independent woman who has crazy schedules but is also concerned about her looks, you might have just landed on the perfect article! You know, having a busy lifestyle is great but it doesn’t mean you can just put those growing pesky fine lines, uneven sun spots, and other skin aging symptoms […]

Forlle’d AC Clear
This is what happened after only 1 week of using this product!
By: Kay Chieng / June 16, 2017

THIS NOBEL-PRIZE WINNING TECHNOLOGY IS CURING ACNE – FOR GOOD! For many people, acne isn’t just a skin concern: it’s a curse.  The breakouts and scars plague them for their whole lives. They try everything – creams, masks, DIY treatments – but the pimples keep coming back. But we’ve discovered a Holy Grail of acne […]

Skincare Product
Why These Step By Step Retail Therapy Products Work for Every Skin
By: Kay Chieng / June 12, 2017

Get your dose of retail therapy during the Great Singapore Sale 2017! Here are some skincare favourites we recommend: Step 1: Makeup remover: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml (Available at Watsons stores for $31.90) Putting oil on your skin may seem counter-intuitive, but it is actually one of Michelle Phan’s favourite way of removing makeup! […]