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Insomnia Is Exhausting, Here Are Simple Tips To Cure Sleep Deprived

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / August 19, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good sleep? I know I do. I love getting my beauty sleep more than anything else in this world, so when I don’t get enough sleep, I’ll become grumpy. However, ever since the lockdown took place last year, I’ve been having sleep deprivation and it’s seriously driving me insane. The combination […]


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5 Best Detox Supplements That Fight Toxins, Cancer And Even Bad Breath

By: Dedet Panabi / August 3, 2021

Do you feel tired and lethargic? Are you bloated and gassy? Is your skin more sensitive, or are you getting more frequent allergy attacks? Do you have bad breath, body odour, or (sorry) really stinky poop? These may be signs that you need detox supplements. Why do you need detox supplements? There are toxins in […]

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Slimming Centre in Singapore: lose weight with no pills, crash diets or surgery

By: Dedet Panabi / July 20, 2021

You exercise, control your portions, and have tried all the trendy diets like Keto and Paleo — but you’re still not hitting your ideal weight. Maybe you gain all the weight back. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau, and can’t shed the last 10 pounds or “problem fat”. If that’s the case, you may want to […]

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