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5 Best Detox Supplements That Fight Toxins, Cancer And Even Bad Breath
By: Dedet Panabi / August 3, 2021

Do you feel tired and lethargic? Are you bloated and gassy? Is your skin more sensitive, or are you getting more frequent allergy attacks? Do you have bad breath, body odour, or (sorry) really stinky poop? These may be signs that you need detox supplements. Why do you need detox supplements? There are toxins in […]

slimming centre singapore
Slimming Centre in Singapore: lose weight with no pills, crash diets or surgery
By: Dedet Panabi / July 20, 2021

You exercise, control your portions, and have tried all the trendy diets like Keto and Paleo — but you’re still not hitting your ideal weight. Maybe you gain all the weight back. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau, and can’t shed the last 10 pounds or “problem fat”. If that’s the case, you may want to […]

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acupuncture singapore
Acupuncture Singapore Guide: Everything You Want to Ask (Especially if You’re Afraid of Needles)
By: Dedet Panabi / February 15, 2021

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, but it’s gotten a lot of buzz lately because of the trend towards natural health and well-being. Nowadays, people are wary of popping a pill just to make pain or discomfort go away. They combine doctor’s prescriptions with alternative medicine — whether it’s regular massages, reflexology, supplements, […]

online workouts
Best Online Workouts to Help You Lose Weight and Stay Fit at Home
By: Dedet Panabi / March 20, 2020

Can’t get to the gym? We rounded up some of the best online workouts and streaming fitness classes, so you can get a good workout right in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re avoiding the gym because of the Covid-19 virus (read our article on gym safety), or just don’t have the time for […]

gym and covid virus
How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19 at the Gym, Pool or Health Club
By: Dedet Panabi / March 16, 2020

Should you still go to the gym in the middle of the Covid 19 outbreak? How high is the risk of transmission from yoga mats, exercise equipment or group classes? Should you cancel your tennis game or stop your morning laps at your condo pool? Here’s what you need about Corona virus safety and your […]

10 Healthy Alternatives to White Rice and the Best Way to Cook Them
By: Dedet Panabi / March 5, 2020

Go on any diet, and the first thing they’ll tell you is to cut down on carbs, like white rice. But for Asians, rice is life! Think about it: Singapore’s national dish is Hainanese Chicken Rice. We can’t give up on grains completely. So what are some delicious alternatives to white rice, and what’s the […]