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Lush Aesthetics

Fat Freeze 360

Awarded: Best Fat Reduction (Weight Loss / Slimming Treatment) / Beauty Insider’s Choice Award 2019

Fat Freeze 360 improves body contour through the application of cooling plates on desired areas. The plates are pressed against the selected body area for about an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells while leaving other tissues (skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed. With the advancement in fat freezing technology, Lush Aesthetics have worked with Korean manufacturers to come up with exclusively designed treatment applicator for double chin fat reduction. Fat Freezing 360 is KFDA approved for small areas of fat including submental fat, this new option to reduce you double chin is the only completely non-invasive procedure available with proven results. Chin fat is one of the few body issues that had no actual solution outside of surgery. With the exclusively designed applicator for double chin fat freezing, removing stubborn fat at the submental area is now possible. The Chin applicator offered by our Fat Freezing device possesses the Fat Freezing 360 technology Treatment Cost: S$288-S$498

I-Beauty Medispa

ZZT Meridian Therapy

Awarded: Best Signature Body Treatment / Reader’s Choice Award 2019

ZZT meridian therapy is one of I-Beauty Medispa's best health management service that they recommend to all customers. Harnessing on modern acoustic technology, they are able to promote healthy meridian regulation. This service is safe, non-invasive and can be generally used by all ages. Moreover, this unique energy therapy treats and heals by dispelling toxins, wind, acidity, dampness in the body through a myriad of health meridian channels. Thousands of ZZT clients have already improved their health and transformed the quality of their lives. Treatment Cost: $60 for 12 Sessions

I-Beauty Medispa

Metabolite Wellness Program

Awarded: Best Fat Reduction / Reader’s Choice Award 2019

I-Beauty Medispa pioneers this revolutionary weight-loss program. They have since transformed the lives and body shapes of thousands of clients. And are proud to say that this is “100% results & satisfaction guaranteed”. They do not go the conventional route of water loss ( ie. Sauna, diuretics, hot blankets, body wraps, electrotherapy) that only brings about temporary weight loss. By stimulating the 106 metabolic meridian points, the body is rendered in a constant state of silent aerobic activity in the next 24 hours, following every session. As a result, your body becomes more efficient in metabolizing fats and getting rid of excess wastes and toxins. Since your body has been “reprogrammed” to be more efficient, not only will the extra pounds and inches melt off and stay off, it will also not be easy for you to gain back the weight or fat lost. Treatment Cost: $95

Body Perfect

360 Spot Reduction

Awarded: Best Weight Loss / Slimming Body Treatment - Readers' Choice

Losing weight is never easy, but Bodyperfect has made slimming down into a body science that works. The 360Spot Reduction combines magnetic resonance energy and infrared to target stubborn pockets of fats to visible reduction in measurements in just 1 visit. The rhythmic movement of this machine is relaxing and yet, facilitates lipolysis within problem areas.


Meso Pefection Signature

Awarded: Best Anti Cellulite Treatment - Readers' Choice

Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology of Biodynamic Energy in synergy with vibrating current and pulsed amber light for perfect skin. Meso Signature increases superficial vasodilation, reactivate deep circulation and stimulate the deep penetration of active principles. The treatment is assisted by an exfoliation course to minimise blotchy skin, skins blemishes and soften facial lines by promoting collagen production for a flawless touch.


Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub

Awarded: Best Brightening / Whitening Body Treatment - Readers' Choice

With high concentrations of minerals and trace elements, sea salt reduces skin and rheumatic disorders. The rich minerals also restore moisture to the skin cells while removing dead skin cells- resulting in supple, glowing skin after the treatment.

REvive Aesthetics

Fat Freeze

Awarded: Awarded: Best Body Contouring Treatment - Editors' Choice

Trim off any excess fats and achieve a slimmer, natural look with this fat freeze treatment. Designed to freeze fat cells until they die, your body will reap the rewards from its technology.