Make Your Body A Wonderland

Body Perfect

360 Spot Reduction

Awarded: Best Weight Loss / Slimming Body Treatment - Readers' Choice


Meso Pefection Signature

Awarded: Best Anti Cellulite Treatment - Readers' Choice

Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology of Biodynamic Energy in synergy with vibrating current and pulsed amber light for perfect skin. Meso Signature increases superficial vasodilation, reactivate deep circulation and stimulate the deep penetration of active principles. The treatment is assisted by an exfoliation course to minimise blotchy skin, skins blemishes and soften facial lines by promoting collagen production for a flawless touch.


Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub

Awarded: Best Brightening / Whitening Body Treatment - Readers' Choice

With high concentrations of minerals and trace elements, sea salt reduces skin and rheumatic disorders. The rich minerals also restore moisture to the skin cells while removing dead skin cells- resulting in supple, glowing skin after the treatment.

REvive Aesthetics

Fat Freeze

Awarded: Awarded: Best Body Contouring Treatment - Editors' Choice

Trim off any excess fats and achieve a slimmer, natural look with this fat freeze treatment. Designed to freeze fat cells until they die, your body will reap the rewards from its technology.