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Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair

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Having a healthy hair is essential to building an attractive and confident image. But, what keeps you from getting there? Is it your dry and damaged hair, split ends, and hair fall? If so, you are not alone. A lot of men and women do a lot of things to have a stunning crowning glory and fail to take care it.


Today at Beauty Insider, we’ll show you the top 15 mistakes women do in pursuit of getting healthier and bouncier hair. If you’re doing one of these things, it’s time to change your hair care routines:


Mistake no. 1

Using the WRONG Shampoo


There are no statistics that can accurately declare how many people use the wrong shampoo. But, it’s true that a lot of people buy shampoo not for what it does but because of the endorser, colour, scent, and price.


Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


To avoid damaging your hair, make sure that the shampoo you use suits your hair type.


For people with dry and damaged hair, look for rich shampoos with conditioning ingredients like shea butter. If the shampoo has sodium laureth sulphate, don’t buy it. This compound strips the hair and scalp’s natural oils. It will only make your hair frizzy. Do the same if you have thick, wavy, or curly hair.


People who have extremely coarse hair must use shampoos rich in coconut and macadamia oil. These ingredients help the hair trap water and moisture in the strands.


If you have thin and oily hair, a light baby shampoo or any product that have hair thickening ingredients like panthenol or wheat protein will work. A shampoo that wants to moisturise will be too heavy and will weigh your hair down.


Finally, if you have coloured or treated hair, use shampoos that don’t contain harsh detergents. A color-protecting shampoo will prevent fading and will keep your hair shiny and hydrated.


Mistake no. 2

Washing Your Hair Too Often

(or not often enough)


Again, if you want to keep your hair healthy, you have to take care of it based on its needs.


If your hair is oily, wash your hair with shampoo once every two days. People who have thick, wavy or curly hair don’t need to wash their hair every day. It’s okay to skip shampoo and let the natural oils do the magic.


Mistake no. 3

Applying Shampoo Incorrectly

Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


Comb your hair before taking a bath. This is to untangle your hair strands and to avoid breakage. Don’t use too much shampoo. The amount of shampoo and conditioner you use should depend on your hair’s length. Foam the shampoo in your palms before applying the shampoo in the roots of your hair. Massage the shampoo into your scalp using your fingertips (not your fingernails) to relax your roots.



Mistake no. 4

Forgetting to Moisturise Dry and Frizzy Hair


Dry hair loses moisture quickly. You can use hair masks and hair balms to help lock moisture in your each strand. Apply the hair balm immediately after you rinse the shampoo from your hair. Smear it on your hair strands and keep the product from touching your skin. Don’t use hair masks more than once a week.


Mistake no. 5

Using Hot Water when Washing Your Hair


Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


Washing your hair with hot water is a serious mistake that you should stop doing. This is one of the reasons why hair colour fades fast. It also activates oil-producing glands, making your hair oilier and further weighing it down.


Mistake no. 6

Wrapping your Hair with a Towel after your Bath


Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair

A lot of women do this because it’s an easy and fast way to dry your hair. However, it damages your hair follicles, resulting in breakage. The best way to dry your hair is to pat it with a soft towel from the roots down to the ends. If you want to wrap your hair around your head while doing makeup, use a cotton shirt instead of a towel.


Mistake no. 7

Aggressive Combing

Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


Believe us, excessive combing overstretch your hair, making it more brittle. Never comb your hair immediately after taking a bath. It’s best to dry it first with a cotton shirt and finger comb to untangle the strands. Tidy it up using a comb with wide teeth.


Mistake no. 8

Styling your Hair too Much

Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


Using hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons frequently make the hair dry and brittle. If you can’t go without styling your hair, don’t forget to apply a thermal protective spray on your hair.


Mistake no. 9

Not using your Hair Dryer Properly


The hair dryer is the most used of all the styling tools mentioned above. Here’s how to use it properly:


Step 1: Dry your hair with a soft towel of a cotton shirt. Make sure it absorbs all the excess water from your hair.


Step 2: Grab your hair dryer and attach a flat hair nozzle. Turn it on on high heat. Dry your hair from the roots to the tips. The flat nozzles direct the warm air sharply on your hair strands, closing the cuticles that protect it from damage.


Step 3: Decrease the heat of your hair dryer over time. Finish with a blow of cold air.


It’s best to invest in a hair dryer with multiple heat settings. Decreasing the heat of the dryer as you finish your blow dry will keep it from overdrying.


Mistake no. 10

Unhealthy Eating

Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


Your hair needs Vitamins C, D, B-Complex, Zinc and more in order to grow thick and healthy. If your diet doesn’t provide enough nutrients to the body, it will be hard to maintain good health.


Mistake no. 11

Not Minding your Overall Health


Hair loss and deterioration can be a sign of a more serious illness. If you have an unending hair problem, there might be something wrong with your body. Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or a trichologist (hair and scalp specialists) so you can treat your problem properly.


Mistake no. 12

Refusing to use an Umbrella or Hat


Your hair and scalp need protection from the sun. If you’re going out on a bright and sunny day, wear a hat or cap that comfortable and loosely fitted to your head. Don’t feel like wearing a hat? Open up your umbrella. Your hair and skin will thank you.


Mistake no. 13

Forgetting to Clean Your Comb and Brush

Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


Don’t let fallen hair clump on your comb and hair brush. Clean them regularly using warm water at least once a week. Replace your old hair brushes and damaged combs too.


Mistake no. 14

Not Trimming Your Split Ends Regularly

Stop Doing These 15 Things If You Want Healthy Hair


When you trim your hair regularly, you get rid of the pesky split ends. Cut them off to prevent your hair from splitting further.

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Mistake no. 15

Braiding your Hair Properly Before Bedtime


Some women braid their hair before sleeping so they can get curly or wavy hair in the morning. That’s not bad unless you braid your hair too tight. Experts say that pulling your hair to achieve a tight braid can break the strands of your hair.


If you want to avoid a tangled and frizzy hair in the morning, keep your braid loose. Apply a leave-on conditioner on your hair before braiding to keep it smooth and manageable until morning. In addition, sleeping on a pillow with silk covers will keep your braids awesome until you wake up. You won’t have to spend so much time getting ready in the morning!


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