Latest E-Light Technology: Safest and Painless Beauty Treatment

Categories : Skincare


The latest E-Light technology is widely used by Dermatologists. Combines the advantages of Bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) and broad spectrum energies (IPL), applying the conditions that RF energy is non-optical light. As such, the combination of optical (IPL) light and non-optical (RF) light allows for lower Joule settings, which results in less painful applications.

In this case, the possible side-effects of IPL, such as blister, pigment imperturbation and skin darkening can be avoided. Due to the difference of skin impedance, the RF power can penetrate to 15mm depth into the skin, deeper than IPL alone.


(For Face and Body)

  •    Reduces wrinkles, face-lifting
  •    Minimizes pores
  •    Hair removal
  •    Cavitation
  •    Deep pigmentation, epidermis pigmentation or red vein treatments
  •    Promotes collagen to grow and strengthens the flexibility of skin
  •    Acne treatment

(Acne and Acne scars)

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