Insider 101: 10 Superfoods For Glowing Skin #WorldHealthDay

By: Balqis Ariffin / April 7, 2021
Categories : Skincare Tips

You might have heard the term that makes everyone jump on the bandwagon, yes it’s superfoods. Although it is relatively new, we can’t deny that such a simple term has a significant impact on our lives. From kombucha, green smoothie to chia seeds, and endless new recipes regarding superfoods, we think that it is here to stay. Apart from its benefits to our overall health, superfood is a trend that helps to create awareness on the importance of taking care of one’s health. Plus, it is the secret if you want to attain glowing skin. In conjunction with World’s Health Day, Beauty Insider has listed superfoods that you need to consume regularly based on your skin types.

What are Superfoods?

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Superfoods refer to foods that contain high nutritional benefits with minimal calories. Besides that, superfoods are loaded with the essential ingredients that are important to our wellbeings such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These help to reduce the risk of several diseases related to free radicals in our bodies like cancer, stroke, Parkinson and arthritis. However, it must be known that superfoods are not merely a cure to any health problems, instead, a balanced diet is equally important to keep such chronic diseases away as well.

What Type of Superfoods do You Need Based on Your Skin Concerns?

Acne-prone skin

We know that suffering from acne-prone skin is not only troublesome but stressful as well. Imagine the hours of spending the time looking at the mirror and applying all types of product to zap the acne away, all of us have been through the similar route. For starters, stop popping your acne and try out these superfoods that will help you to get glowing and clearer skin.


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Packed with flavonoid silymarin a type of antioxidant, artichokes is known to treat and prevent acne. Plus, it helps to protect the liver from damage and stimulate the growth of new tissue. If you want to maximize the effectiveness, you can pair it with spinach and create a healthy spinoff spinach artichokes dip. 


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Probiotic and superfoods are like a match made in heaven, however, that’s not the case if you experience lactose intolerant. Besides, why not adding more variety to your diet with miso? Miso delivers similar benefits which ensure the overall health of your gut. Isn’t it another reason to eat more sushi? Yes, just imagine a quick lunch of sushi and miso soup, a perfect pair of hearty meals. 


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Oatmeal If you suffer from acne-prone skin, maybe it’s time to bid goodbye to your favorite cereal because you should swap it with oatmeal. This food that is low in glycemic index effectively prevents breakouts and low in sugar. If plain oatmeal is just too boring for you, add a little burst of dry fruits to the morning bowl. 

Oily skin

We know that oily skin is inevitable, considering Singapore’s weather conditions. The feeling of greasy and shiny skin is not only uncomfortable but it affects your makeup as well. Have you ever feel tired of using blotting sheets every hour? We do too, so why not opt for these superfoods to keep oily skin at bay?


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Cinnamon reminds us of a good and jolly Christmas. Plus it seems that this popular spice is significantly important for people with oily skin. Known for its stimulating properties, cinnamon helps to improve blood circulation and balance out the sugar level in the blood. Indeed sugar and oily skin are somehow interrelated, thus adding a dash of cinnamon to your food is proven beneficial to keep oily skin at bay. 

Sweet potato

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This go-to superfood for diet is packed with vitamin A, which treats acne and regulates sebum production. However, you want to be cautious if you’re taking the supplement as excessive consumption of vitamin A has several side effects. You can choose to eat the sweet potatoes during lunch or snack depending on your preference and we think that your skin will thank you for these changes. 

Dry skin

If you suffer from dry skin, scaling and itchiness seem like a new norm. However, it is time that we put that to an end! Apart from religiously applying moisturizers to your skin, try out these superfoods that are known as the secret to treat and nourish dry skin.


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This list of superfoods would not be complete without avocado. With its high level of vitamin E and healthy oils, it delivers nutrients that boost hydration and fortify the skin’s barrier function. Besides, avocado is also known to protect the skin against sun damage and inflammation. Tacos and guacamole? Bring it on. 


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Enriched with selenium and vitamin B12,  sardines are not only a can of food that you grab for a quick meal. It helps to improve skin cell production, leaving you with hydrated and healthy skin. Whereas selenium enhances the barrier function of the skin. Furthermore, sardines features several types of vitamins like vitamin D and omega 3 acid as well as phosphorus and protein. To simp put it, sardines ensures overall health including your skin. 

All skin types

Regardless of your skin type whether it’s oily, dry, or dull complexion, you can incorporate these superfoods into your daily diet. 

Chia seeds  

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Remember when people were obsessed with Chia seeds? We have been sprinkling Chia seeds on every meal and even smoothie. With its high amount of omega 3 fatty acids, Chia seeds stimulate the production of collagen and improve cell function, which is essential to reverse the signs of aging. 


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You might want to make steamed ginger with chicken a regular meal for dinner or lunch. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits, ginger will do wonders for your skin. Besides, previous research has shown that gingers help to soothe the skin making it a perfect superfood to combat any types of skin concerns. Is it another excuse to eat more ginger snap? Yes, we think so!


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Juicy, plump and red, tomatoes have always been associated with the healthy aspect of food. If you want glowing skin, go have a salad, stew, or even a good hot bowl of tomato soup as it is enriched with lycopene which is known for its antioxidant properties.