15 Valentine’s Day Manicures You’ll Love All Year

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We “heart” these manicures! They don’t follow the usual cliche of glitter red hearts or kiss marks. (That’s only cute when you’re in high school.)

These are grown-up, chic nail art. Yes, there are hearts — but done in a very stylish and modern way!

Layered Hearts

You need longer nails in an oval shape, but otherwise this is such an easy (and sophisticated) way to do the pink heart manicure.


Feeling playful? Alternating hearts are cheeky and chic.

Try Unexpected Colours

Hearts take on a completely different vibe when you use another nail polish shade.


Add a Decal

Sometimes all you need for a Valentine’s manicure is one extra detail.

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Mix and Match

Just add hearts to one nail, and paint the rest in either solid color or use other details or designs.