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5 Skincare Products for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. With just 5 high-quality products, you can create a super effective, super easy and super natural skincare regimen.

Bring out your Natural beauty

Chorus Supernatural uses natural plant extracts that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that can treat a number of skin conditions. It is 100% free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. What you get is pure goodness – natural skincare ingredients that nourish, strengthen and restore your skin from within.

Anti-aging specialist Dr. Kimberly Crawford says, “I have personally seen the Chorus skin-care line help to clear up acne, mild psoriasis, and to reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and other “cosmetic” blemishes… In addition, the product line’s bases are plant-based, as free of preservatives as possible, and very pleasing to use. I am allowing my name and image to be associated with this brand because it works!”

Clean and refresh your skin with Cleanse

It’s easy to see why some of the beauty reviews call this “the best cleanser I’ve ever used.” It removes dirt and oil, but is still very gentle on the skin. It is hypo-allergenic and contains soothing plant extracts like lavender (often used to treat sores and infections) and ylang-ylang (an antiseptic). Tea tree oil kills acne-causing bacteria, and lemongrass has both anti-fungal and astringent properties.

Cleanse doesn’t just clean – it replenishes! It infuses your skin with leaf, flower and seaweed extracts that can help fight aging and dryness. “I am 47 years old and my skin is youthful looking. I have found my product!” says Brenda Swecera, an administrator who has been using this for 6 months.

Fight dullness and aging with Boost

If your skin is starting to sag and look dull, it’s time to give it a Boost. This powerful serum contains plant-derived collagen and hyaluronic acid, which help firm the skin and restore moisture. Vitamin C, a known skin brightener, restores your glow.

Apply Boost twice a day after cleansing and toning. Focus on areas that are particularly dry or are starting to show wrinkles. This takes just a few seconds, but you’ll feel the difference the rest of the day. “My skin felt hydrated and soft. After a few weeks it looked smoother and less dull and flaky,” says Angela Ng.

Fight crow’s feet and sagging with Eyes

The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is often the first to show signs of aging. Protect yourself from early wrinkles with Eyes, a special eye serum that has many moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. Shea butter moisturizes, and rice bran oil reverses sun damage with anti-oxidants.

Since the eye area is often irritated by eye makeup and makeup remover, you’ll benefit from healing extracts like linden blossom oil and azulene. It also was rated “Low Hazard” from the prestigious Skin Deep consumer site, and has glowing reviews from customers. Eyes is one of my favourite Chorus products. Since using the Eyes cream, I have no lines. It’s amazing! To me, that is a real testimonial!” says Loraine MacKenzie.

Gently pat in the eye serum with your little finger. You can also apply this right before putting on concealer. Makeup goes on better on hydrated skin!

Keep skin supple and soft with Hydrate

This is a very rich moisturizer that penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin to heal and strengthen it from within. It uses olive oil, sweet potato extracts and shea butter. These are known not just for their moisturizing qualities, but the vitamins and healthy fats that can strengthen your skin barrier.

Hydrate doesn’t clog pores and has no irritating ingredients. Use twice a day. It is very creamy, so a little goes a long way – a bottle will last for many months! If you have more time, you can also use this extra-creamy moisturizer for your facial massages.

Canadian TV actress Lucie Guest is all praises for this cream. She has very sensitive skin and suffered from dry patches. This was the first product that didn’t give her an allergic reaction, the dry patches have disappeared, and her skin has never been better. “Hydrate is the best moisturizer I have ever used! I’m totally hooked. My skin has never felt softer and smoother [and] because Hydrate is so moisturizing my skin looks younger and my make up goes on more evenly. I recently went for a spa treatment and the esthetician stopped mid treatment to ask me what products I’ve been using because my skin was so soft.”

Detoxify and repair with Mask

Get soft, firm and radiant skin with this moisturizing and detoxifying mask! It is made of 100% refined Heilmoor peat, Chorus Supernatural’s signature ingredient which carries a multitude of organic substances and minerals.

All you need to do is to mix one teaspoon of this rich paste with three drops of water. The first time you use this, leave the mask on for just 3 minutes. The next time, increase the time to 5 minutes. Build it up to 10 minutes.

The mask repairs the skin, draws out impurities, and boosts circulation. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, and leaves your skin noticeably softer and smoother. Chorus Supernatural user Michelle Ray says, “This is an active product with visible results in just five minutes – unlike many other masks I’ve used over the years. Highly recommend!”

With these five natural skincare products, you can have youthful, glowing skin. Find out more from

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