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7 Skincare Tips for every age, according to dermatologists and Skincare Specialists

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As your skin changes, so should your skincare routine! We asked the best skin dermatologists and skincare specialists in Singapore for their tips on what you should do in your 20s, 30s and 40s to have your best skin at any age.

In your twenties

Find a good sunscreen

If you’re not yet using a really good sunscreen, start now! According to skin dermatologists, the most common mistake that people don’t use enough sunscreen. Never rely on the SPF factor in your skincare or makeup – these should add to your sun protection, not replace it. (Find the best sunscreen for your skin type.)

Keep skin hydrated

Your skin needs moisture to protect its skin barrier. That’s true even if you have oily skin! If you can’t stand heavy creams, find a light, water-based formula. Also avoid alcohol, smoking or even too much coffee. These can dry out the skin! (If you can’t quit the coffee habit, at least drink one glass of water for every cup of coffee.) Check out or tips on what to look for in your moisturizers.

Start seeing your dermatologist

Treat a visit to the derma the way you treat a visit to the dentist. Get a facial cleansing – especially if you have deep whiteheads or blackheads —  and chemical peels to lighten acne scars and exfoliate dead skin cells. Check out our directory of skin clinics in Singapore.

Cut back on sugar

Keep your total processed carbs (including bread and ramen!) to 10% of your daily diet. Sugar molecules cause collagen to become stiff, which speeds up the development of wrinkles.

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In your thirties

Hoard different kinds of facial masks

Celebrity dermatologist and skincare specialist Francesca Fusco recommends keeping a collection of different types of facial masks for “bad skin days” – and unfortunately, those days will come more frequently in your thirties. Cell renewal slows down, moisture barrier starts to break down, plus the stress of “adulting” will start to show. Your skin needs an extra boost, and luckily, that’s just a sheet mask away!

Add retinol and skin acids to your regimen

It’s time to start investing in powerful, clinically proven anti-aging ingredients: retinol, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, antioxidants. It’s easier to prevent fine lines and wrinkles than to hide them once they’re there!

See a skincare specialist for adult acne

If you have recurring adult acne (which tends to flare up in your thirties) don’t just experiment with different products. See a skincare specialist or dermatologist, who can help you prevent acne scars and put those breakouts under control.  Remember, any scars will take longer to fade now, so you’ve got to be more proactive about those pimples.

Use double-duty products

For example, use an eye cream that moisturizes and brightens the undereye area, or a facial essence that hydrates and helps fade acne scars. It’s faster, simpler, and you don’t mix too many different products. At this age, skin gets more sensitive. It can become red, irritated or dry because of ingredients that shouldn’t be used together.