Best Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

All You Need To Know About The Best Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

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Eyebrow embroidery has become an emerging beauty craze in Asia. It has paved way to a better, more sophisticated permanent eyebrow makeup look. The days when eyebrows tattoos were almost synonymous to blue/black ink lines etched on the eyebrow are now obsolete. Unlike the traditional permanent eyebrow makeup, that is tattoo, eyebrow embroidery does give a very natural and realistic end result.

Eyebrow embroidery is perfect for people who preps and applies eyebrow makeup on the daily, for people who spends a fortune for eyebrow makeup with hefty price tags and for those who simply just gives great importance to their time and prefers to cut down their prep time before leaving the comforts of their home.

In this article, all your questions about eyebrow embroidery in Singapore are answered. You’ve landed yourself in the best place to know all about the best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, the 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery.


How is the 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery different from the conventional embroidery?

9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery uses a totally different application and execution technique and tools. The administration of color pigments are only done on the upper epidermis of the skin, relieving the client from experiencing skin punctures as how it is done with conventional eyebrow micro blading. The tool used to do the 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is a cutting edge and specialized 9V ultimate Nano Embroidery needle that was particularly developed to implant color pigments without causing lesions on the skin’s epidermis.


Is 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery safe?

Just the same with any cosmetic treatment or procedure, 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is safe as long as you are careful about where you go to have it done. These types of cosmetic procedures usually come at a price, so it pays to do your homework and know enough about the salon you trust your money and eyebrows to.

The 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is backed by the International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea and ever since its launch, has revolutionised eyebrow embroidery techniques all over the world.


9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery claim to be painless? How is it possible?

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is totally painless and only requires topical anesthesia during the procedure. The difference with traditional eyebrow micro blading embroidery it causes zero bleeding and it’s practically painless throughout the entire procedure. Thus, there is no downtime with no swelling or peeling right after. The 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is so gentle that the embroidery specialist actually did a live demonstration on a balloon! You get the full results right from the first embroidery session!


How do I know if 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is for me?

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

The 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery is suitable for anyone. Even for people with extremely sensitive and eczema skin! Usually, people with thin eyebrows, unruly and unshaped brows, over-plucked and who doesn’t have the luxury of time to always allot hot minutes every day just to fill up their brows with makeup are the ones who can benefit the most from getting 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery.

Even those with tamed eyebrows can still reap the benefits of 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery. With bolder color, thicker look, one can easily up their makeup look in no time. Eyebrows are so important because it stands as the frame of our faces.


Why choose 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery over traditional embroidery?

There are a lot of salon in Singapore that offer eyebrow embroidery and it can be quite daunting to find the best of the best. Eyebrow embroidery, while can be done only for less than 2 hours, it still is a major procedure in a sense that it can greatly affect one’s look. To make sure you get only the best results, go for a salon that is certified and recognised by associations, unions, and institutions.

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

For one, Avone Beauty Secrets, the only beauty and embroidery face works chain in Singapore, is recognized by the prestigious International Beauty and Health General Union of Korea, a country which is famously known for their advanced beauty and cosmetic knowledge, techniques and technology. Singapore’s  ‘Women Weekly’ also awarded them 3 straight years for having the best Korean Brows Embroidery in the country.

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

Their performance in providing clients the 9V Ultimate Virtual Eyebrow Embroidery service is unparalleled and has received multiple awards from respected publishing and e-magazine companies in Singapore such as Harper Bazaar and Singapore Women’s Weekly.

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

Avone Beauty Secrets are offering an introductory price for the 9V Ultimate Brows Embroidery at $1480. The package consists of the following:

  • Brows Analysis
  • Full Embroidery Session
  • 2 years unlimited touch ups with all inclusive specialized 9V Ultimate Nano Embroidery Needles (Worth $900)
  • 1 Intensive Facial of your choice (worth up to $238)
  • 1 Aftercare Cream (worth $38)

They offer a 9V Ultimate Virtual Eyebrow Embroidery service package that comes along with free brow analysis to ensure the best brow shape to be done according to your face shape. Not forgetting for a limited time only. An all inclusive 2 years warranty is given with unlimited touch ups.

Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

So rest assured, you have the perfect set of natural beautiful brows for the next 2 years with zero hassle. In addition to this, a free intensive facial choice with aftercare cream will be given to you to complement the best brow you will be having after the embroidery services.  

Still not sure about embroidery? Give your brows a trial run before embroidering them!

Avone Beauty Secrets are offering a promotion on their Classic Brows Tint and Grooming procedure. You can give your ideal brows shape a test drive before committing to an eyebrow embroidery process!

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