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Best Natural Haircare Products for Dry, Dull and Damaged Hair

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Bring dry and damaged hair back to life. These natural haircare products — all winners at Beauty Insider’s 2019 Beauty Awards — will soften, strengthen and bring back the shine.

2019 Beauty Insider Awards: Best Natural Haircare

Dixmond Shampoo

We’re in love with this natural shampoo! It’s organic (even kids and pregnant women can use them!), affordable, and generously infused with plant extracts that repair damaged and dry hair. It has no parabens, alcohol, silicone or other ingredients that can weaken your hair or clog your hair follicles. In other words, it has all of the good stuff – and none of the bad stuff!

You also can’t beat the price. Even if it’s one of the best natural hair products in Singapore you can get the shampoo, conditioner and hair masks as a bundle set at just $85 only! We always love a beauty bargain!

No wonder this shampoo won Reader’s Choice for Best Natural/Organic Haircare at our recent 2019 Beauty Insider Awards. It was a clear crowd favourite.

And there’s one for every hair problem: Ginger helps prevent scalp inflammation and dandruff. Blossom calms and relaxes the scalp, to prevent hair loss and oily scalp. Black Ice  helps moisturize coarse and unruly hair, and can make black hair look vibrant and shiny. Milk (the mildest variant) is best for everyday use – it won’t dry out your hair, and will help your scalp stay fresh, fragrant and clean even on a hot and sweaty day.

2019 Beauty Insider Award Winner: Best Hair Serum, Reader’s Choice

Sage & Ylang Hair Repair & Shine 

This amazing hair serum is a miracle-working blend of eight botanicals, three organic essential oils and vitamin E. It’s 77% organic, 99.5% plant-based – and 100% effective!

It has Sachi inchi oil, which comes from the rain forest. It’s very light and isn’t greasy, but it’s packed with omega fatty acids that lock in moisture and prevent split ends. It’s also rich in vitamin A and E, which can treat dry and itchy scalp.

It also contains argan oil (one of the best known beauty oils), camellia oil (which has the same consistency as your own natural hair oil, so it won’t clog your hair follicles), and olive squalene.  Beauty insider tip: many hairstylists who generally avoid hair oil like squalene because it’s so easily absorbed. It doesn’t sit on your hair shaft, but actually goes into the cuticle.  

These oils and vitamins work together to strengthen damaged hair and nourish the scalp. Over time, your hair becomes thicker and fuller, and has a healthy and natural shine!

Sage & Ylang Hair Repair & Shine does not contain any silicones and petrochemicals that can irritate your scalp and dry out your hair.

Beauty Insider 2019 Beauty Awards: Best Organic/ Natural Shampoo, Reader’s Choice

Human Nature Strengthening +PLUS Shampoo

Damaged hair can be very coarse and unmanageable, especially in very hot and humid weather. Human Nature Strengthening +PLUS Shampoo heals your hair while making it extra soft and silky.

“I am sooo happy with this shampoo,” says Roxy. “My hair used to feel and look like straw. Now, it is smoother and straighter, and easier to dry and style. I also love the smell and the foamy suds.”

“I like this because it doesn’t dry my already damaged hair, and is mild enough for even my kids to use. The rosemary scent is very refreshing!” says Jacinta.

The secret is in the shampoo’s formula. It only uses the highest quality essential oils. Rosemary oil, in particular, is very moisturizing, fights dandruff and encourages hair growth. Aside from this, it is packed with hydrolysed wheat proteins that strengthen hair strands. It’s also 100% free of harmful chemicals that can dry out your hair or clog hair follicles.

If you have very dry hair, combine this with Human Nature’s other natural haircare products, like the conditioner. This gives a double-dose of protection to weak, brittle hair.

Human Nature also sells 100% Natural Rosemary Oil. Add a few drops to your shampoo for an extra moisture boost. “I also like to add rosemary oil on the tips of my hair to keep them looking neat and sleek,” says Tanya.

Beauty Insider 2019 Awards: Best Hair Treatment

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Nutrition Hair Cap

DaengGi Meo Ri is Korea’s first oriental herbal hair care brand that uses traditional ingredients. (In fact, the name comes from the ritual of carefully braiding newly washed hair.) Before, Koreans would ferment the herbs to extract its nutrients. Today, the brand uses a special heat extraction and maturation process. It draws from the wisdom of the centuries, and perfects it with the latest technology.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri has several natural haircare products that can help fight hair loss and scalp issues. However, one of our favourite items in their line is the Nutrition Hair Cap. It’s so convenient to use, and makes us feel like we’re getting a hair salon treatment at home!

All you have to do is to shampoo your hair, rinse it, then gently press out the moisture with a towel. (Your hair should still be damp, but not dripping wet.) Wrap the hair pack around your head, making sure that you get all the strands and cover your hair completely.

Peel off the paper on the sticker, and pull the sticker to the front so the mask so it fits tightly around your head. Massage your head to distribute the nutrients. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Beauty Insider 2019 Awards: Best Leave-In, Reader’s Choice

Vitas Pro Rebalancing Tonic

All Vitas Pro products are infused with natural ingredients that nourish hair and balance the scalp. Aside from the Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo (which also won a Beauty Insider Award), we love their leave-in tonic.

One of the best natural haircare products for thinning hair, it contains plant extracts, enzymes and vitamins that all contribute to faster and healthier hair growth. Just spray it on newly washed hair, concentrating most of the product on the hair roots. Leave it on and let it work its magic!

The hair tonic works two ways: the ingredients create the perfect conditions for hair to grow, and it protects the scalp from environmental damage and chemical residue. Your hair also looks immediately thicker and fuller.  

“I’ve been bleaching and dyeing my hair for several years, and my hair is thinner and feels rougher. Sometimes my scalp would feel itchy, too I got really worried when I noticed a small bald spot at the back of my head!” says one beauty reviewer. “I started using this instead of styling products, and I my hair has improved so much. I wish I had discovered it earlier!”