Skin Care Treatment

The Digital Skin Doctor recommends the Best Skin Care Treatment at the comfort of your home!

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A personalised skincare analysis, in less than five minutes, from the comfort of your room and for free? It is now absolutely possible with The Face Inc’s digital skin doctor, Dr. Rei. Through a quick and easy series of questions, Dr. Rei analyses your skin type, determines your skin concerns and suggests a skin treatment regime designed specifically for you.

A range of products tailored to your skin type from The Face Inc line, from cleansers, to exfoliators, serums and eye care is recommended. The suggested items will make up a complete skincare regime. You can opt to purchase any or all of the products, which will then be delivered promptly to your doorstep or simply learn more about the items and how they might be suitable for your skin. Products are available for a wide range of skin issues, including dark spots and pigmentation, dullness, dryness, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Face Inc’s skincare collections contain high concentrations of active ingredients to provide targeted solutions for the most common skin concerns. Rigorous research and testing is involved to produce the most efficient of formulations. Face Inc’s products are never tested on animals.

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