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Kale, cinnamon and turmeric? No, we’re not making a power smoothie. But these ingredients will still feed your skin. These are the active ingredients in Essano’s newly launched new Organic Superfoods range. It combines the natural power of raw, organic, cold-pressed plant extracts with Liposomal Technology. The liposomes deliver the nutrients directly to the cells […]

Revlon’s “I Can So I Did” campaign features brand Ambassadors Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, Adwoa Aboah and Eniola Abioro in candid moments. Revlon said: “These women are about as self-possessed and unapologetic as any woman could be. They’re true to who they are. They’re steadfast in their beliefs. They’re comfortable in their own skin. And […]

We’re always looking for a better foundation — something that hides pores but still looks natural, feels light but lasts all day in Singapore weather, and maybe even make our skin healthier too! Well the makeup gods have heard our prayers. Here are some of the new foundation launches of 2019. Fearless forecast: flawless skin […]

Dress your eyes in smoky colors, fashion finishes, and over-the-top plush lashes with the newest launches from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Velvet primer Epic Lash Primer One of Marc Jacobs’ earliest beauty memories was watching his mother apply mascara. Well, his mama will be proud: this volumizing lash primer made with peptides and Vitamin B transforms […]

Urban Decay is releasing a Game of Thrones Makeup Collection!  “Worlds will collide,” the makeup brand announced on Instagram, while showing a teaser video that hints at a fire and ice motif. View this post on Instagram Worlds will collide 🔥❄️#FORTHETHRONE #URBANDECAY @gameofthrones A post shared by Urban Decay Cosmetics (@urbandecaycosmetics) on Feb 22, 2019 […]

I mean, really. The names are enough. Just seeing that bottle on our desk or vanity is enough. But Kilian fragrances are one of the best, and coveted by serious perfume collectors. The line was developed by Kilian Hennesy (who, by the way is part of the family behind the famous cognac and Louis Vuitton […]

Do you want a new signature scent? It is time to put your search for perfumes online a rest and pick up a new bottle. There are many perfume deals out there and it can be a challenge to buy perfume online because you cannot smell it. You just have to rely on the descriptions […]

As beauty editors, we have found some holy-grail products here in Singapore, so when it comes to spreading the love for those beauty enthusiasts, we’re all about it. We’re continually scouring the internet for the next best way to do our eyeliner, hairstyle trends, exfoliate our skin with masks, and more; all the while, maintaining […]

A women’s pelvic pain is a dilemma that doesn’t get enough awareness, at least not when you take into account its immense prevalence. So, we’re always on the lookout for expert advice that takes our female body part predicaments seriously. We’d like to talk to you about pelvic floor therapy— specifically, about how it can […]

It was only a few days since we were treated to an amazing display of hair and makeup trends from the NYWF runways. But better yet, another fresh crop of beauty inspiration has been laid upon us. Last night, the star-studded stars showcased their red carpet beauty looks at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. By […]

Sometimes, specific topics feel impossible to talk about. Picture this: going commando or braless, and yes, even discussing your sexuality. And normally, these subjects are fairly common to everyone. But they remain rather hush-hush thanks to their “reputations” — until now. Because it’s about time we had those candid conversations, and we’re shedding light on […]

Is it just us, or does booking beauty appointments appear to feel like more work than it theoretically should be? You dial a number, you endure music while on hold, and your odds of booking an appointment on your preferred agenda are next to zilch. Ain’t nobody got time for that — and, at this […]

In case you have not noticed it yet, we Asians are having quite the moment under the world’s spotlight. Thanks to Crazy Rich Asians, which is now the biggest romantic comedy film in six years, more and more people are interested in our side of the world and with that comes our culture and style. […]

It is finally here—the new Kat Von D Beauty eyeliners that were announced a few weeks back. Ever since their announcement, we have been on our toes and waiting for the day when it finally comes to Singapore. How could we not be excited after we all saw just how long-lasting her eyeliners were thanks […]

Before we spring into the latest makeup trends, a full disclaimer: this beauty look isn’t exactly brand new. You’ve heard of the saying: everything old is new again. From crimped hair to foundation shades that were way too light, we might have seen these on our favourite celebrities back in the day. While we aren’t […]

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