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What It’ll Be Like Shopping in Sephora During Phase 2

After staying at home for 1 month, 3 weeks and 4 days (very detailed, we know 😉😂), retail therapy is something we all need in Phase 2. Ever since Sephora opened its doors on the 19th of June, if you’ve visited the stores, you’d know of the new restrictions that have been implemented. However, if […]

This Naked Ultraviolet Palette By Urban Decay Will Level-Up Your Date Night Look

As the whole stay-at-home measures are slowly being lifted worldwide, this new Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay is just what we needed as a motivation to get glammed-up and head out again! View this post on Instagram It’s a BIG day, fam! Your favorite UD products are NOW AVAILABLE at @CultBeauty💜 Shop the […]

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Shared a Glimpse of Their Make-up Collection!

In February, Kendall Jenner made an announcement that she will be finally working with her sister, Kylie Jenner on a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration. As Kim, Khloe and Kourtney already own their own makeup collection, which makes Kendall the last of the siblings. View this post on Instagram KENDALL x KYLIE 6.26 A post shared by […]

Kanye West Files A Trademark For His All-New Yeezy Beauty Line!

The Jenner and Kardashian beauty line is about to expand with the aid of Kanye West. TMZ has reported that the artist has filed a trademark for Yeezy Beauty that covers falsies, makeup, face masks, body oils, nail polishes, haircare, shaving creams, perfumes, deodorants and even toothpaste. However, it is evident that this is not […]

Cardi B Shares Her DIY Natural Hair Mask That Only Consists of 6 Ingredients

When we think of Cardi B’s hair, we’re used to her colourful wigs and her unique haircuts. However, to everyone’s surprise, Cardi B ditched her wigs and showed us all how healthy her natural hair is. She then carries on to give credit to a super-nourishing DIY hair mask that she makes at home, for […]

Why Face Masks are a Must-Have for Sensitive Skin

There is no denying that face masks are all the rage and they are taking over our skincare routines. However, not all face masks are suitable for everyone, especially for people with sensitive skin. As people with sensitive skin tend to react easily, many face masks out there cause added irritability to skin instead of […]

20 Beauty Brands That Showed Their Support To the Black Lives Matter Movement

With injustices happening like the death of Mr George Floyd, it’s a wake-up call that a lot of things need to change, regardless of how “evolved”, we are. In sad times like this, beauty feels like an inappropriate subject to even matter. Also, following the wave of protests that have been taking place all over […]

#PROUDALLIESFORALL: Finally, A Pride Campaign That’ll Run Beyond June!

As the month of June as arrived, many retailers are bound to set up their online stores with the colours of the Pride Flag. In some cases, some organisations will donate a portion of their revenue to support the LGBTQ+ organisations out there, and that is truly delightful to hear! As June is pride month, […]