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Hair Serums and The Magic They Do To The Hair

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Regardless of the kind of hair you have- straight, curly, thick or thin, there are bad hair days we just can’t seem to skip. It’s almost an entirely bad day altogether even more when we do not have the right product in our bags to have our hair act right once and for all.

When you hear ‘serums’, we bet most of you think of the face. Truth is, hair serums are real. They exist and just like our skin, our hair needs them too. While having the best shampoo and conditioner in your beauty arsenal is already a step ahead to caring the right way for your way, it still is not enough.

hair serum

The world out there is harsh, believe it or not. The harmful sun rays alone, which does not only damage our skin, but also our hair. It can dry out our scalp and hair stands. For some worse cases, it can cause excessive unmanageable oil and sebum.

Most people turn to hair oils for extra care. Hair oils are known to penetrate the hair real quick, but hair serums work wonders on the giving the exterior surface of the hair stands. It mainly gives off that healthy, shiny appearance, calms down the frizzes and tangles and helps repair damages too without the oily feeling and look. A good hair serum also doubles as a sun protection and a great styling product as well!

Getting your hands on the best hair serum suitable for you can be literally life-changing, for it can help solve even the biggest and most stubborn hair problems. Furthermore, it can help protect the hair from free radicals present in the environment. Hair serums is one of the great hair products ever invented but even with the best product, the results may vary.

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The secret to getting the best of your hair serums is in the application. How you use it matters a whole lot! It can make or break the experience for you. When applying hair serum, it is important that you know which parts need it the most. Unlike other hair care products, hair serums work better when applied oppositely- from ends to roots, instead of the usual roots to ends.

Take hair serums as home hair treatments you can do on the daily. Instead of going to the salon for a rejuvenating hair fix, get the ones that has lesser to zero silicones or any other harsh chemicals, get the hair serums that come in a lightweight formula, and learn the basic do’s and don’t’s of applying them and you’ll be surprised at the results.

To get through the in-between ugly and bad hair phases, invest in a good hair serum like Lavender Hinoki Hair Serum! It has recently bagged the Best Hair Care (Serum),Bloggers’ Choice Award in our Beauty Awards this year! Plus, not only is its formula lightweight, it also is instantly absorbed by the hair.

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With its lavender fragrance, you can be assured to have a calmer head of hair. It is free from harmful ingredients commonly found in other hair serums like Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Petrochemicals – Synthetic fragrances, artificial colours. It also cleans hair follicles and thickens hairs with continued use. It might just be your new found favorite hair product ever.

You can learn more about this brand here.

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