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How to Buy the Best Blowdryer: Tips from Celebrity Hairstylists

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The secret to salon-worthy blowouts at home is in your hands: your blow dryer. In a few minutes it transforms your dripping-wet hair into Instagram-worthy hairstyles. Celebrity hairstylists from around the world tell how how to get the best blowdryers for your #hairgoals.

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Attachments: What do you need

At salons, hairstylists will use the same blow dryer on everyone. However, they do change the attachments.

For example, the diffuser attachment (left, below) are great for people with curly hair, because they circulate the air, which will avoid frizz and create bouncy, defined curls. The concentrator attachment (right, below) will help you straighten your hair and keep it super-sleek.

The best blow dryers come with a default nozzle, but to get pro-level hairstyling results, you have to switch out the nozzle.

Wattage: how high should you go?

Wattage will give you an idea of how strong your blowdryer’s motor is. High watts = more windpower. “If the motor isn’t strong, you end up with more heat and less wind. You’re ‘toasting’ your hair dry,” says celebrity hairstylist Kristen Ess.

Get a wattage from 1300 to 1875. Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman says, “Personally, I like to feel my dryer blow the hair and feel like my tool is working. You can always turn down the heat, but still maintain power.”

But you don’t need a high wattage blowdryer if you only really use it to quickly blowdry bangs or set your curls. “High-powered blowdryers are for people who want to minimize blowdrying time. If you only use it for around a minute anyway, you can get a cheaper, low-watt blowdryer,” Richman explains.


When to get an ionic blowdryer

And they said you’d never use Chemistry in real life! Water has a positive charge (so you could say wet hair is like one big ball of positivity!). Ionic dryers blast it with negative ions, which neutralize it. The result: hair dries faster without any static or frizz.

Ionic is one of the best blowdryers for frizzy, or very thick hair that takes a long time to dry.

“The ionic feature works best for closing the cuticle and removing moisture from the hair, making the finish sleeker and more polished looking,” says celebrity hairstylist Peter Butler. He personally doesn’t use ionic blow dryers when he’s trying to create sexy, high volume styles. “Since ionic dries hair so quickly, it can rob hair of volume and texture.” So if you’ve got flat, fine or oily hair that always needs an extra lift, this isn’t really the best blowdryer for you.

When to get a ceramic blowdryer

Ceramic blowdryers (as well as porcelain blowdryers) are designed to provide even, gentle heat. That’s because these materials distribute heat more consistently than metal or plastic parts.

The best ceramic blowdryers also use different heating technology. Some use infrared heat, which has longer wavelengths that penetrate your hair and dry from the inside out. Others use negative ions (yup, just like your ionic hairdryer).

Rowenta Beauty brand ambassador and hairstylist Josue Perez recommends ceramic or porcelain are the best blowdryers for people with dry, dull or flat hair. The gentle heat means your hair stays shiny, and you can spend more time building up volume and curls without damaging your strands.


What heat settings to look for (and how to use them)

The best blowdryers offer different heat settings: low, high and a “cool shot” button.

Perez says that high heat is best for thick or coarse hair, or for getting rid of water when your hair is really wet. (Just so you don’t damage hair, he says you should never focus on one section of your hair for too long. “Keep that blowdryer moving, and use the right brush!” he says.)

The low heat setting is best for thin or fragile hair, or styling damp hair. “Don’t use high heat on damp hair, because you’ll dry it out too much and too fast. One of the biggest blowdrying mistakes that women make is over-drying hair, especially the hair around the face. Hair that’s too dry looks dull and becomes brittle.”

If you can, get a blowdryer with a “cool shot” button — one of the best and most underused features! The quick blast of cold air seals your hair cuticle, which helps your hair shiny and holds the style longer. “I suggest switching to this setting when your hair is 80% dry, since it’s now ready for finishing touches.”

On the other hand, Richman suggests using “cool shot” when your using hair curlers. “It cools down your hair and locks in the waves.”