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How to Protect Your Hair (and Hair Colour) from Sun Damage

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We all know the effects of the sun on our skin, but we tend to forget that it can damage our hair, too! Sun exposure can make hair dry, brittle and rough.

sun damage hair

How does the sun damage our hair?

It damages the strands

UVA and UVB rays act a lot like bleach on our hair. It starts a chemical reaction that breaks down keratin and melanin (the same way it destroys skin cells and breaks down collagen). That’s why when hair is overexposed to the sun, it becomes dry, frizzy and fragile. OVer time, you may develop split ends and experience hairfall.

It damages the scalp

And if we’re out in the sun too long, our scalp can also get mild sunburn. We may not feel it, but the damaged scalp becomes dry and flaky. This affects the quality of hair growth. Even our “newborn” hair is dry and frizzy — reflecting the health of our scalp.

It ruins your hair colour

Lastly, sun damage can fade your hair colour. Like we said earlier, UVA and UVB rays set off a chemical reaction that’s similar to bleach. Your hair colour can become lighter, and some colours can look brassy or dull. Not the look you were going for!

How can we protect our hair from sun damage?

Apply sunscreen to your hair

You can use any water-resistant spray sunscreen with SPF 50. Apply on damp hair, and reapply every two hours. You should reapply on the rest of your face and body, too!

Get a sunscreen that complies with FDA regulations on how long it can remain effective (it will say “Water Resistant (80 minutes)” or something similar). No sunscreen is 100% waterproof, so if you’re swimming or sweating it’s absolutely critical to reapply liberally and frequently.

Wear a hat or scarf

The only time when you want something to throw a little shade. The hat and scarf can deflect some of the UVA and UVB rays, and can also add a punch of colour to your beach outfit.

Use a hair mask

Hair masks can deep-moisturize your hair, restore keratin, and strenghten both your strands and your scalp. We recommend: Kerarganic Intensive Treatment Mask.

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Kerarganic Intensive Treatment Mask is packed with nutrients that your hair lost because of exposure to the sun and environmental aggressors. It contains keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin protein, hydrolyzed soy protein. These all work together to make your hair stronger and smoother.

Special plant oils also penetrate deep into the hair strand and scalp to heal your hair from within. Even days after applying the mask, your hair will be easier to manage and style.

“I already have very dry and frizzy hair, but it became worse after my beach vacation. My hair actually felt stiff — almost like straw! It was so awful. I guess all that swimming in the ocean and the chlorine in the pool were really rough on my hair,” says one of our beauty testers.

After using Kerarganic Intensive Treatment Mask, her hair didn’t just improve — it looked and felt better than it ever had before! “My hair felt soft again, and it didn’t frizz up. Will definitely be using this hair mask regularly!”

Use a hydrating hair mist

Your hair needs an extra boost of hydration after sun exposure. We recommend: My Haircare Hair Mist from Clynn By Nature.

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We already love this product on a good hair day: just one mist softens and smoothens hair, and makes it easier to blowdry and style. We use it to create that super trendy sleek pony, or tame stray hairs when we’re tying it back in a bun. And when flyaway hairs threaten to ruin an otherwise perfect blowout, one little spritz puts those ends into shape.

But this hair mist does more than help you style hair. Its hydrating formula is exactly what your hair needs when it’s dry and dehydrated from a day under the sun. Pack it in your beach bag, so you can spray your hair and run your fingers through it between swims. Your hair won’t get tangled or dry, and you’ll get that model-worthy “slickback”” hair style for your vacation selfies.

My Haircare Hair Mist is made with 100% natural ingredients and has no allergens, fragrances, oil, or parabens.

Use a nourishing shampoo

Sun-damaged scalp can be sensitive, dry and itchy. To bring it back to health (and keep it healthy all year long) we recommend Mucota’s hair treatments, specially designed for sensitive scalps and damaged hair!

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 Mucota Little Forest 04 Moisturising Botanical Treatment was specially developed for damaged hair and sensitive scalps. It contains 12 kinds of plant oil extracts that are sourced exclusively, and then blends them into a soothing and luxurious hair treatment.

Some of its key ingredients include skin-identical protein (full of bioactive peptides) and olive oil, which helps prevent dryness by locking in moisture. Your hair becomes soft, smooth and shiny again!

To prevent hair loss and thinning, it has bilberry leaf extract boost scalp circulation and e licorice root boosts your hair’s immunity.

It also contains hydrating neem leaves and Japanese camellia oil, which are essential fatty acids that can repair dry, damaged hair.