Ikeda Spa: The Tranquil Escape Amidst the Urbanity of Singapore

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Looking for a getaway without leaving Singapore? Why not take a trip down to one of our favourite spas; Ikeda Spa. This spa experience will transport you to the heart of Japanese culture and massage. Since opening doors in 2009, Ikeda Spa has made quite the name for itself amongst the Westsiders. Beauty Insider takes you through the ins and outs of this award-winning spa and helps you discover why we love it.

A Cosy Spa Atmosphere with Japanese Influences

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Expect to find your zen the moment you step into this luxurious spa filled with peaceful Japanese melodies. The inviting ambience at Ikeda Spa makes you feel right at home and restores rejuvenation from within. The spa has a whole list of treatments that will pamper you from head to toe. Choose from a variety of spa packages each with its own curated treatments. Trying to prep your skin just in for your wedding? We recommend Ikeda Spa’s ‘ Beautiful Bride Package’

The spa’s onsen facilities are those akin to the ones found in Japan. The public onsens are divided into two by gender so you can put comfort issues aside! But if you still in need for something more private and intimate, then you can try the private couple onsens. 

Beauty Insider had the pleasure of trying the Hinoki Onsen Bath, the first of its kind in Singapore.

The Hinoki Onsen Bath

Ikeda Spa’s Hinoki Bath uses ‘hinoki’ wood which in the past was reserved for royalty. Be your own royal with this rejuvenating treatment that promises to recharge and revitalise your body from head to toe. The hinoki bath is filled with milky water that is loaded with negative ions. This makes the hinoki bath a unique experience sure to ignite your senses and launch your calm escape.

If going for an onsen bath is more up your alley, you may choose from eight different bath salts to add to your onsen experience. Taking a cold shower before entering the onsen is a must! So you can rest assured that the baths and facilities are as clean as possible.  

For every ten minutes in the onsen bath, make sure to take a cold shower after as the water can get too hot for your body. Overall, we enjoyed the onsen experience thoroughly and the pretty decor and the smell of the salts just made it better. You can feel the moist running deep into the skin and feels less tight within minutes.

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The image was taken from TripAdvisor.

Overall, Ikeda Spa’s onsen was a wonderful experience and we highly recommend giving it a try! It definitely prepped us for the facial treatment that they had in store for us later.

The Embellir Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

This premium anti-ageing facial is ideal for all ages. You know as the saying goes, it is never too late to get started and Ikeda Spa has one of the best anti-ageing treatment in town! The facial lasts 90 minutes and you can expect to see your face look brighter and more moisturised after the treatment.

The Embellir Anti-Aging Facial uses a unique blend of red and black Reishi mushrooms. These natural ingredients have high antioxidant properties that can detox and repair the skin while promoting new cell growth.

The whole process was so rejuvenating and we felt the signs of radiance from within. Moreover, this anti-ageing facial treatment will delicately keep your skin youthful and beautiful after the session.

Spa Perks & Other Facilities 

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Ikeda Spa also offers other treatments such as massages to complete the ultimate self- pampering session you deserve. Whether you are looking for something to ease off the soreness around the neck or relief from stress, the spa has got you covered with its wide range of esteemed massage treatments.

Ikeda Spa’s myriad of treatments includes therapeutical, heat- infused and remedial massages that will leave you feeling more rejuvenated than you ever did before. Using high quality Japanese ingredients for each treatment, Ikeda Spa promises a holistic approach to treat chronic conditions related to stress and tension. Thanks to the spa’s highly professional masseuses, we assure you are leaving your body in good hands.

You can take the whole experience a notch up by adding on massage services that focus on specific parts of the body. Each adds onsen are $80+ and you will have to pay a-la-carte pricing for the main massage service of your choice. Ikeda Spa also offers body scrub and body wrap treatments that are pretty affordable as well! A full 60-minutes body wrap treatment costs only $100+, while a 30-minutes scrub treatment comes at an affordable price of $80+.

Price: $310+ for The Embellir Anti-Aging Facial Treatment. For the full price list, click here.


Trial Price: $158+ (U.P S$310 + )

Opening Hours: 1.30 pm – 10.30 pm daily

Address: 787 Bukit Timah Road (Before 6th Ave) Singapore 269762

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