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Nail Jewellery: The Nail Trend You’ll Want To Wear This Season

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If there was ever a perfect time for a fresh manicure, it’s right now! Nail designs have long been a form of self-expression. Thanks to their minimal commitment, you can easily decorate your fingertips according to any given mood or special event — and nail artist, Park Eunkyung is paving the way for innovative and surprisingly chic designs. We thought we’d seen everything — from realistic character themed nails to mismatched colours — but a new luxe micro-trend has emerged on our social media feeds: #nailjewellery. Done with artful precision, Unistella Nail Jewellery is the brainchild of nail artist Park Eunkyung.

If you’re a fan of minimalist Korean nail art, you’ve probably already heard her name. Her up and coming brand have been climbing up the ranks, and fashion girls in the know have been besotted with it! With a following of almost 300k followers on Instagram, her nail looks celebrate individuality and the future of nail art — needless to say, the possibilities are infinite.

No matter how much you love or hate your current art choice, why not experiment with this trendy aesthetic next time around? Instead of heading down the predictable route and resorting to your go-to colours, this look is sure to up your nail game ante. 

Photo credit: @nail_unistella