Surprisingly Affordable Massages Right In Your Neighbourhood!

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The hardest part about living a in Singapore has to be the lack of affordable massage parlours at every corner. Due to all our lovely holidays in Bangkok or the Philippines, Singaporeans have grown accustomed to high standards of massage therapy at extremely affordable prices. You can’t blame us- we simply seek the best out of anything we spend our money on. With this in mind Beauty Insider has curated a list of our most affordable massages near you. From East to West get rubbed down by no-nonsense massage therapists who will leave you feeling sore- in a good way!


Natureland Care


Natureland’s Tui Na is famed by most Holland Village locals and expats alike. Though the franchise has many outlets, we highly recommend the one at Lor. Liput. You can expect to be massaged in places you never knew existed and remove knots you’ve had for years. Walk out with a brand new body at under $80– that’s a major deal if you ask us!

Trust us- this is going to be your go-to Tui Na massage parlour click here to make an appointment.

masego spa

Masego Safari Spa

Craving for a jungle getaway but Mandai feels much too far? At a more central location lies Masego Safari Spa. A treat for the eyes and the senses don’t be mistaken by their cute interior- their massages mean business. We recommend the “Jungle Fever Quick” massage. For 30 minutes of bliss you can part with just under $40.

To get your safari fix click here.


Spa Vintage

Looking for a quaint hide out right in your neighbourhood of Bukit Batok? Look no further than Spa Vintage. For $48 you can get a full body scrub. Spa Vintage offers you the best no-frills deals for a decent quality of service. Come check out their affordable yet quiet location this weekend and you just might find your favourite spa!


Le Spa

We’ve added Le Spa to a few of our lists before. Mainly because this spa simply does what it every spa should do- quality services at reasonable prices. Expect to get a massage that does the job and leave feeling like you have money left over for a couple of pints! Our favourite massage treatment at Le Spa has to be their Taiwanese Foot Therapy. You won’t realise how much you’ve put you feet through until you treat them to a $30 massage for 30 minutes.

To give your feet a break from standing all day click here.


spa massage


Nimble/Knead is a fairly new player in the game. But with its affordable massages and a quality massage therapists, it has quickly made it to most massage lists online. Prep your body, your muscles and your tear ducts for their “A Thousand Smiles in the Rising Sun” massage. A fusion of ancient Thai massage practices and deep tissue Shiatsu therapy, this 60 min massage is our recommendation for an affordable yet thorough fix. At $76, we cannot quite believe what a steal we’re getting.

To relax your mind and your body click here.


Sen’se De Belle

Tucked away in the corner of Far East Plaza in this treat of a beauty salon. For those who are looking for a calming facial massage that includes the head, neck and shoulder portion as well, look no further than this picturesque salon. First trial customers pay $58 for this treatment- and don’t worry, we asked, they remove black heads too!

To give your skin, (head and shoulders too) a treat click here!


Imperial Spa

Though this massage and spa establishment has many outlets, their North Bridge  one is great for a lunchtime quick fix. Aching back from staring at a screen all day? Imperial Spa’s got your back (quite literally)! Our favourite thing about this spa is it affordable deal at $58 for a happy hour massage from 10am-4pm. So skip your cai fun and drift into bliss.

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Palace Therapy Spa

For those who are looking for the Thai treatment without the sleazy aspect, look no further than this massage haven tucked in the East. With attractive massage therapists and even more attractive massage prices of $50 an hour, Palace therapy is a popular spa amongst Singaporeans from Serangoon. The best thing about their affordable massages is the wide selection from Swedish to traditional Thai massage therapy

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spa massage

Z Spa

This affordable massage parlour is great for first timers looking to shop around for their perfect fit. Set in the tranquil surroundings of Serangoon, Z Spa offers a complimentary back scrub and 60 minutes body massage for under $70 and an oil massage with back exfoliation for under $50. Nowhere in Singapore (and we know we’ve looked) can you find these unbeatable deals and still receive quality treatment and services. All of Z Spa’s therapists are trained and committed to providing the utmost for your relaxation.

For first-time customers click here

massage spa

Spa Aperial

The best thing here is their Hot Stone Body Massage. Most who have tried it no longer go anywhere else to try this treatment out. Perhaps its the magical concoction of atmosphere and seasoned therapists but this particularly massage is not only pleasurable but does its job. At just $80 for this treatment, this is a treat for the ladies.

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