Is your scalp constantly itchy? Do you ever see little white specks on your shoulders? Or maybe you feel like you have an oily scalp? Are you always sweeping up hair that’s fallen to the floor?

What Causes an Unhealthy Scalp?

Itchiness, dandruff, loss of hair are all indications of poor scalp condition. It’s caused by clogged hair follicles, whereby your scalp isn’t able to properly absorb the healthy ingredients in the hair products that you use, leading to an imbalanced scalp.

Clogged hair follicles can be caused by a buildup of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that are not properly removed during a hair wash. Furthermore, ingredients in hair products such as  sulphates, silicones, paragens, phthalates, and formaldehyde are also known to cause irritation, itching, peeling, and even breast cancer. In addition to that, clogged hair follicles may also be caused by a poor diet as the yeast that causes cancer often feed off sugar, bread, and beer. Additionally, clogged hair follicles may also be due to other factors like stress, a hormonal imbalance, or even wearing tight hairstyles. 

What Can Happen If I Have An Unhealthy Scalp?

Having an unhealthy scalp can lead to a plethora of issues – hair breakage or split ends, hair loss, slow hair regrowth, oily hair, and even a change in hair texture. Not to mention, the discomfort on the scalp that you may experience, like itchiness and irritation, acne, pain, cysts, and flakes that will fall off your scalp and onto your shoulders. It not only is embarrassing, it’s actually really painful.

Now this brings me to my own issues…

I felt that most of these problems are familiar to me  – my scalp always felt itchy, I had to wash my hair more often than I used to because my hair would get oily very fast, (the tropical weather definitely doesn’t help!), and TBH, I also had dandruff – this scalp issue is really the bane of my life. After every hair wash and combing through, my hair brush will have a lot of white flakes stuck in between the bristles. Not only that, I had to refrain from wearing dark coloured clothings as the white flakes show up really obviously all over my shoulders! I had heard about TK Trichokare before, and wanted to try it out so I took up  TK Trichokare’s Scalp Purifying Therapy to see if I could save myself more trauma down the road.. Long story short, this treatment definitely works for me. 

My Experience with TK Trichokare’s Award-Winning Scalp Purifying Therapy – in 8 Steps!

Step 1: Initial Assessment for My Scalp and Hair Condition

When I arrived at TK Trichokare, they first asked me to fill up a form that required me to state my hair concerns, lifestyle and habits. Then, they brought me to a treatment room to assess my current  hair and scalp conditions through a super magnifying scalp scan (the issues on my scalp can be magnified up to 200 times!). This analysis also provided information to the trichologist about the kind of treatment I would need for my hair and scalp through a thorough review of my hair and scalp issues, and it was very personalised to me.

The trichologist showed me that my scalp was really clogged with excess oil and dead skin. That was the reason why my hair always felt oily, and why my scalp was always itchy so that when I scratched it, the dead skin would fall off, and is essentially dandruff that I see flaking off my scalp.

She also informed me that there could be many reasons why people experience issues with their scalp. For instance, an oily scalp could be caused by hereditary factors, but it could also be caused by a build-up of hair products, sebum, and dead skin cells. Furthermore, the oil naturally secreted by the sebaceous glands could cause the dead skin cells to clump together, which leads to dandruff. It could also be worsened by environmental factors such as our local humidity and heat. Other factors can also contribute to scalp problems, such as stress, an imbalanced diet, excessive heat from hair styling equipment , or using unsuitable hair products. 

Because my main concerns were that I had an oily scalp and dandruff, the trichologist suggested that I try their award-winning Scalp Purifying Therapy, which includes adding on an ampoule during the treatment.

Step 2: Premium European Herbal Masque

The treatment began with a premium European Herbal Scalp masque. The trichologist really made sure to apply the masque completely on my scalp, and there was a fascinating cooling sensation like my scalp was being cleansed but this was only the first step! To be honest, I was quite excited to go through the whole process.

Step 3: Deep Cleanse Hair Wash

After the masque had fully worked its magic, we did a deep cleanse hair wash and I realise this is the start of one of my many favourite steps at TK Trichokare – it feels so relaxing and revitalising. The trichologist made sure to completely remove the masque by massaging my scalp, and I learned that using excessive hair wash products or even an incorrect shampoo or conditioner on my scalp can lead to a build-up which then creates clogged pores, leading to an oily and itchy scalp.

Step 4: Heat Pack Shoulder Massage

Next, I sat back in the chair and the trichologist gave me a shoulder massage with a heat pack! I had never experienced this at any other treatment centres, so it felt really luxurious, like I was at a spa.  

Step 5: Serum with Nano Mist

Next up was to blast my scalp with a nano mist serum. It was a jet of air that really penetrated my scalp and hair follicles with the purifying serum. The serum helps to dissolve any leftover dead skin and sebum, and I definitely needed that as there were a lot of build-up and dead skin flakes on my scalp.

Step 6: Custom Ampoule Application

After that, the trichologist applied a customised ampoule to my scalp. Due to the fact that I had clogged hair follicles, the ampoule I received helped to reduce inflammation and damage to my scalp, which improved the regeneration of my hair follicles, and accelerated hair growth. 

Step 7: Infrared Treatment

After a quick blow dry, my hair was treated to an infrared treatment, which uses LED infrared light to seal all the nutrients into my scalp and promote scalp recovery. 

Step 8: Final Assessment for My Scalp and Hair Condition

The treatment finished with a final scalp scan for me to analyse the end results. I was totally blown away by how clean my scalp looked and felt! My hair immediately felt lighter after the treatment, and definitely not itchy or greasy anymore. All in all, I’m so glad that I gave the TK Trichokare Scalp Purifying Therapy a try – it was so worth it! 

Prior to the treatment, my scalp felt really heavy and clogged with sebum and excess oil. It made my scalp really itchy and flaky, and my hair constantly felt oily too. After the Scalp Purifying Therapy, my scalp has never felt cleaner and lighter, and bonus point – I can go more days without having to wash my hair!

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