silk hair wraps

Why You Should Consider Wearing Silk Hair Wraps This Fall

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / August 17, 2018

Let’s talk about your hair! How many beauty guru tricks and fancy treatments have you tried to keep your hair in optimum shape? From popular serums to conditioners, there’s definitely a lengthy list of goods out there vowing to produce polished and healthy hair. But what if, in the quest for attaining luxurious tresses, you’ve been overlooking something that can really make a difference in your everyday routines? Behold: silk hair wraps. Intrigued? 

By fixing your hair up a specific way to protecting your style with this silk material, you’re setting yourself up with something that delivers major TLCBut don’t take our word for it — keep reading for the lowdown on these hair wraps.

silk hair wraps

We’re pretty familiar with the wonders sleeping on silk pillowcases can do for our skin, but have you heard about the magic of wrapping your hair in this material? Turns out, the hair of your dreams begins with silk! Hear us out. Your scalp is the base for the health of your hair follicle, and if it’s in a poor state, you’ll probably be undergoing hair growth problems. These comprise of unbalanced sebum levels and an excess build-up of oil. To treat a suffering scalp, simply wearing a silk hair wrap will lead to healthier-looking hair. The sleeker and less absorbent material permits your hair to slip around, inducing fewer creases and knots — all while repairing the condition of your hair follicles.

By wearing silk hair wraps, this simple hair accessory stimulates the natural oils to spread evenly from root to tip and limit greasy hair. It promotes growth, conditions from within, and hydrates every strand! They can be worn while you sleep or during the daytime. With silk hair wraps, the promise of a lustrous mane can actually become a reality! 

Photo credit: @sableboutique