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Affordable Anti-Ageing Foods You Can Buy at Any Local Supermarket

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money or go to a special health store to get your daily dose of anti-ageing foods. Some of the best wrinkle-fighters are cheap and easy to find in your local grocery. No need to spend a lot of money on blueberries or look to a special store for chia seeds or kale! So grab a shopping cart — these are all the ingredients you need to start your anti-ageing diet.

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Nuts and Seeds

Peanuts, cashews, watermelon seeds, pumpkin/squash seeds, — take your pick! Nuts and seeds can help lower your cholesterol, fight inflammation, and give fiber and other micronutrients.

Eat them as a healthy snack, or sprinkle them on a salad or noodles for that extra crunch.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds (and sesame oil) are in many Asian dishes, so this is one of the easiest anti-ageing foods to add to your diet. They have calcium, iron and fiber iron, magnesium, phosphorous, fiber and vitamin B (which your body needs for healthy skin, hair and nails).

For a low-cal meal, blanch any green vegetable like bok choy or spinach and drizzle sesame seed oil mixed with a bit of soy sauce.

Plant-based milk

Soy milk and almond milk are two of the best anti-wrinkle foods! They contain isoflavones, which preserve collagen. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, mice were exposed to UV radiation. However, those who were given isoflavones lad less wrinkles and smooth skin.

Drink soy milk straight out of the glass, or use as a base for a healthy smoothie.


A staple in Asian cuisine. tofu is packed with isoflavones, an anti-ageing antioxidant that help your body produce more collagen and elastin. Tempeh is also (a special kind of anti-aging antioxidant) that helps create collagen and elastin in skin.

Tofu is also a low-fat, low-calorie source of protein, which makes it the best best anti-ageing foods for weightloss and better health.


This tropical fruit is packed full of manganese, which your body needs to activate the enzymes to produce collagen. It’s also full of Vitamin C (for glowing skin) and bromelain (an anti-inflammatory).

Since pineapples are rich in fiber, they’re also a great diet food too! Freeze fresh pineapple chunks and then toss them in a blender. You’ll get an ice-cold slushie/sorbet that’s so good you won’t miss ice cream.


One of our favourite anti-ageing fruits, especially on a hot day! It is full of lycopene. Celebrity nutritionists Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames say that it’s like a “natural sunblock” because its lycopene can help protect it from UV rays that cause early wrinkles and sun spots. Since it’s full of water, it’s also a refreshing way to stay hydrated.

Dark chocolate

Definitely one of our favourite anti-ageing fooods! Flavonoids make up 20% of the compounds in cocoa beans. These compounds can fight free radical damage, protect collagen, and prevent fat tissue inflammation.

And here’s another reason to eat dark chocolate every day.: Mitzi Dulan, a registered dietitian who wrote the  The Pinterest Diet said, “Flavanols also absorb UV radiation, protecting your skin from the sun.

And that’s just what you get from eating dark chocolate. Body products that contain cocoa flavanoids can also help boost circulation, which will temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. So if you’re going to wear a swimsuit, get a chocolate or cocoa body scrub!


Can a carrot a day keep ageing at bay? It contains Vitamin A and the carotenoid antioxidants. This skin superfood plays a big role in building skin tissue and preventing wrinkles.

Carrots also contain lutein and zeaxanthin. Research shows that these compounds can help your skin last longer in the sun before getting irritated or inflamed. (But no amount of carrots can mimic the protection you get from sunscreen! It’s just another way of increasing your sun protection — one of the best ways to fight ageing!

We love carrot sticks dipped in yoghurt or any salad dressing, but it’s also a popular ingredient in smoothies and shakes.

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Green tea

Tons of research have proven that green tea is one of the best anti-ageing foods in the world! A Chinese study found that the cells of people who regularly drink green tea age at a much slower rate than those who don’t. It’s also been linked to longer lifespans, a lower risk for heart disease, diabetes, and (because it also protects brain cells) better memory and lower risk for Alzheimer’s.

Green tea contains polyphenols, catechins and other types flavonoids you’d find in blueberries, dark chocolate nnd red wine. But it’s low-calorie, locally available, and you can sip it anywhere and anytime without worrying about your liver or a hangover.

Experts say that you need to drink at least 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day to reap all of its anti-ageing benefits.

Lemons and limes

When life gives you lemons, make lots of lemonade — it can help you look younger! These are one of the best anti-ageing foods. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that women who drank a lot of lemon and lime juice had much smoother skin and less wrinkles.

The lemons are also useful for making DIY facials! You can even rub the lemon rinds on your hands: it helps get rid of strong odours (especially after cooking or eating fish), whiten your nails, and exfolaite dry cuticles.