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Aromatic Global: Arak Sewak and its Benefits Towards Dental Health

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 20, 2021
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Dental health is an important part of your overall hygiene. Have you ever been complimented for your gorgeous teeth? That’s great! However, even if your teeth look good it is still crucial for you to take the appropriate steps to take care of your oral health to maintain that beautiful set of teeth and keep dental health problems far away and this begins with selecting the right toothpaste.

Aromatic Global has the right toothpaste for your daily use with its wide-ranging list of benefits and protection it provides to your oral health. Their Arak Sewak toothpaste that comes in a tube form as well as in a stand provides you the choice of packaging that suits your needs the best.

What is Arak Sewak?

For centuries, the “Arak” tree which directly translates to “Toothbrush” tree has been used far and wide as a natural toothbrush. This tree that can be found in the tropics of West Africa, has branches that are fibrous and comprises medicinal qualities towards oral hygiene. When the outer skin of the Arak tree branch is peeled off and soaked in water, the fibres of the hard branch softens and becomes elastic. In this form, the branch is used directly as a toothbrush and helps to freshen breath. On top of that, the fibres contain a milky substance which has similar qualities and functions as a natural toothpaste.

The Arak Sewak twig contains natural antibiotics. In some countries, the Arak Sewak twig is used for teeth cleaning by being directly chewed on. This is done because of its extensive benefits such as its richness in calcium, its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that are 20 times more than peppermints, as well as its natural immune-boosting qualities. Arak Sewak has been recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO) through research on its effectiveness towards the maintenance of dental health as well as in fighting dental health problems.

The Benefits of Arak Sewak

Africans praise the “Arak” tree as a magical gift from nature to humans because of its many beneficial qualities. The refreshing effect and unique fragrance that comes from the branch fibres are among the reasons it is so loved. Aromatic Global’s research on the Arak tree was done through the extraction of its active ingredients in which they found that the natural gift was rich with saponin, fendol, menthol, calcium, and many other mineral elements. With Arak Sewak as the base of a toothpaste, it will work to strengthen teeth enamel, maintain dental health, freshen breath, and improve oral immunity.

The exceptional plant fibre characteristics in the Arak Sewak are retained through technology. Aromatic Global uses advanced techniques to pulverise plant fibres at low temperature which ensures the natural advantages of the fibre retains. This process also replaces the artificial chemically synthesised friction agents in the production of toothpaste.

Research on this gift of nature has found that:

  • Arak Sewak extract is a natural plant antibiotic comparable to common oral disinfectants
  •  It is 20 times more antibacterial than the antimicrobial plant peppermint.
  •  It is more resistant than triclosan and chlorhexidine gluconate.
  • It has up to a 60% sterilization rate in half an hour
  • It is a traditional immune-boosting medicinal plant
  •  Long-term use reduces rheumatic and asthmatic symptoms, drug dependence, and tobacco addiction.

Aromatic Global’s Arak Oral series of products combines the natural plant with cutting edge science. These products are inspired by nature and were created with deep appreciation and understanding towards the cruciality of oral health.

The Magical Ingredients of the Arak Sewak

Saponin: Saponin is a very valuable antibacterial bioactive agent and can form a colloidal solution. Biologically active agents have strong immune regulation, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. The solution forms a natural protective barrier and effectively protects the tooth enamel.

Phytoncide: The main ingredient “terpene”, is an aromatic hydrocarbon that includes phendosine which enters the body through the human respiratory cycle. It reduces the dust in the air that is breathed in which then reduces the burden on the respiratory system down to zero. Phendosine has an antimicrobial effect which forms the first line of protection against insects and diseases. It also indirectly assists the body’s circulatory system and defence system through the assistance of Phytoncide’s effect on the body’s circulation, achieving the natural healthy state of balanced oral flora.

Menthol: The Menthol component has antipruritic, analgesic, antiseptic, cooling and anti-inflammatory effects.

Calcium: The Calcium content is very rich in the Arak Sewak. The transmucosal membrane directly supplies calcium to the teeth to support its strength.

Aromatic Global: Arak Sewak Dental Care Products

Through intense research, Aromatic Global has come up with a line of dental care products that has the ability to target oral health problems as well as maintain dental health through the benefits of Arak Sewak. There are two series of products under the Arak Sewak products which are their 2-in-1 Mouthwash and Toothpaste Concentrate, and Toothpaste.

AG Arak Sewak 2-In-1 Mouthwash and Toothpaste Concentrate

Aromatic Global created five versions of the Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Mouthwash and Toothpaste Concentrate to provide different concentrates of benefits such as Gum Protection, Whitening and Stain Removal, Refresh Breath, Anti-Cavity, and, Mild and Gentle. These 5 different concentrates were created in order to suit the users best according to their dental needs. There are all equipped with these features to ensure customer satisfaction: 

  • Revolutionized the use of Toothpaste and Mouthwash
  • Less foam, small size, convenient and effective.
  • Specialized restorations for specific problems that occur in the mouth at different times of the day are called “oral care specialists”.
  • Toothpaste with no added green specialty plants, gel-like, delicate and fragrant, can be used as a toothbrush and mouthwash.
  • Dissolves quickly and effectively to solve oral problems.
  • Targeted, effective and easy to use.
  • Professional, natural, green, environmentally friendly

AG Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Toothpaste and MouthWash: Gum & Sensitivity

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This specialized formula promotes sensitivity relief by forming a shield over tooth enamel, gums, and hard-to-reach areas. The mild low-foam formula helps to reduce chemical irritation.

AG Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Toothpaste and Mouthwash: Anti-Cavity

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Arak Sewak

Mint, Mistletoe, honeysuckle, and myrrh extracts, are uniquely blended to discourage the growth of the bad bacteria, reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum discomfort, bad breath, and plaque build-up.

AG Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Toothpaste and Mouthwash: Mild & Gentle

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Arak Sewak

This balanced formula is for your whole mouth health. The included plant extracts helps prevent cavities, bad breath, and maintain balanced pH levels to relieve tooth sensitivity.

AG Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Toothpaste and Mouthwash: Whitening & Stain Removal

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Arak Sewak

Reduces plaque formation and increases protection of enamel. It is recommended to use in the morning for beautiful and healthy white teeth.

AG Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Toothpaste and Mouthwash: Refresh Breath

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Arak Sewak

This uniquely formulated blend of multiple botanical extracts provides long-lasting fresh breath leaving your mouth feeling clean all day long.

AG Arak Sewak Toothpaste

Aromatic Global created their toothpaste in two different packaging forms; toothpaste tube, and toothpaste stand. These two packaging was created to provide choices to users based on their preference. The tube form of the toothpaste comes in the typical packaging for toothpaste while the stand was created in a more solid container where the product will ooze out from the tip of the stand when the pump is pressed. The two types of toothpaste targets different dental health problems as well.  

Arak Sewak Toothpaste 120g: Tube

Arak Sewak

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  • Whitening of teeth and freshening of breath.
  • It cleanses the mouth and improves digestion.
  • Removes tartar and inhibits plaque.
  • Prevention of dental caries and bleeding gums from gingivitis.
  • Improve overall oral health for gum, teeth and mouth.

Arak Sewak Toothpaste 140g: Stand

Arak Sewak

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  • Relieves toothache and strengthens gums and stops further decay of existing teeth.
  • Prevention of receding gum lines and gingivitis.
  • Improves oral immunity.
  • Improve overall oral health for gum, teeth and mouth.
  • Especially good for people who smoke, drink tea and coffee, and have heavy breath

Who are these products for?

These products can be used by anyone aged 12 and above. Those who are facing these problems are highly recommended to use the Arak Sewak dental products:  

  • Sensitive teeth/ gum
  • Heavy smoker
  • Bad breath
  • Yellowish teeth
  • Gingivitis
  • Digestion problems

Product Reviews

Aromatic Global’s dental care products have received a lot of positive reviews and have been proven beneficial towards their users to solve their dental problems as well as maintain overall oral health. Check out some of their reviews below: 

Serene Lim on using Aromatic Global Arak Sewak Toothpaste:

“After 2 days, I noticed my teeth feel cleaner. Usually, I will feel a bit of plaque on my teeth at the end of the day (teeth feel “rough”). However, my teeth feel “smooth” throughout the day after I switched to this toothpaste. Jack had a sensitive tooth recently and he claims that the tooth is not so sensitive after using it.”

Lim Elaine on using Aromatic Global Arak Sewak 2-in-1 Mouthwash and Toothpaste:

“I started my braces journey in late October. Wearing braces is really uncomfortable especially there’s a sharp wire that’s poking and causing my mouth to bleed and uncomfortable to eat or talk.

I did not know what to use for my oral care and I heard good reviews about Aromatic Global mouthwash so I bought the Anti-Cavity mouthwash and gave it a try. To my surprise, my ulcers heal very fast and it helps to reduce the pain caused by the braces wire. I usually bring it along when I am out for dinner or to the office, it’s convenient to use for gargling.”

Pingping Mu on using Aromatic Global Arak Sewak Toothpaste:

“When I first received the AG Arak Sewak toothpaste, I was impressed by its packaging, it looks fresh and natural. Most importantly, one of its benefits attracts me to have a try. As this product can improve gum health. I have swollen gum and I have tried many other products to help with my gums but no effect was seen. After using it for almost a week, I can see significant improvement on my gum. I love it and highly recommend it for people who cannot find the right product, can give this product a try. Thanks for bringing such a useful product.”

Thomas Chan on using Aromatic Global Arak Sewak Toothpaste:

“I have been using fluoride toothpaste all along, until Arak Sewak toothpaste came along. The switch wasn’t difficult, although it took 2-3 times to get used to. The flavour has a tinge of nature and is really refreshing. All in all, highly recommended for healthier teeth and gum health.”

Where can you buy Aromatic Global’s Arak Sewak dental products?

 Aromatic Global products can be purchased in several online locations:

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