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Beauty and the Best! Check out these Beauty Brands from China

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With a heavy focus on social media marketing and e-commerce, beauty brands are some of the most digitally active members of the luxury sphere in China. While Chinese skincare brands ranking the list have long been overlooked, a growing number are gaining cult followings by going back to their herbal roots and bringing the ancient science of traditional Chinese medicine to your bathroom cabinet. Here are some of everyone’s favorites:



China Beauty Brands, chinese skincare products, chinese skin care brands ranking

The top-ranking Chinese brand in this year’s Index, Chando gained key social engagement and Tmall sales thanks to promotions featuring the ultra-popular Chinese boy band TFBoys. Established in Shanghai in 2001, one of the most successful domestic brands in Chinese cosmetics market. Chando believes in the unity of nature and human.It takes into consideration the diet, weather, and culture of its consumers, and accordingly brings natural ingredients into its high-tech products, thus provides a boost to happier and healthier life. It strengthened its e-commerce presence by launching DTC sales.



From its packaging to its ingredients, everything about Wei is meticulous. Practicing a ‘farm-to-face’ approach by harvesting only the highest quality herbs in remote areas of China, Wei is crafted to instantly deliver the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine to your skin. Chinese herbalists have been concocting special tinctures, tonics, and elixirs for more than 5,000 years to address individual skin concerns. This knowledge has been passed through generations and today informs the Wei product line.



5Yina knows good skincare products take time and all their collections are made in-house and tested for over two years to ensure potency and safety. 5Yina is based upon the idea of five seasons found within Traditional Chinese Medicine, and there are five distinct product lines within the brand. You can pick the best products for your skin year-round, or simply change products as your skincare needs change with the seasons. 5Yina’s star products include their Jade Roller, pictured, and their Lucent Beauty Oil, which contains 25 ingredients specifically designed to soothe inflamed summertime skin.



China Beauty Brands, chinese skincare products, chinese skin care brands ranking

As one of China’s most popular local high-end skincare brands, Herborist has even found a devoted following among well-heeled Parisians who flock to its French flagship store. Herborist combines the teachings of TCM with state-of-the-art technologies and pared-back packaging to offer busy modern women a piece of ancient skincare goodness. It is the only premium brand of Chinese’s cosmetics which succeeded in its business in Asia and Europe. It’s a brand from the Jahwa, a Chinese cosmetics group, created 110 years ago in Shanghai. The principles of this brand are the Chinese traditional medicine and the organic cosmetic in Europe.



Consumers looking for Asian skin care tips may come across a brand called Ling Skincare. This line of products is manufactured by a New York-based company that also operates several spas and has been featured in popular magazines like Us Weekly, Elle, and People Magazine, among others. With a clientele including Alexander Wang, Mariah Carey, and Naomi Campbell, founder Ling Chan knows a thing or two about how to make your skin look amazing. Her skincare epitomizes the TCM principle of nurturing and protecting the skin by ensuring all formulations are free of irritants such as mineral oils and artificial fragrances.

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