11 Best Chinese Beauty Brands You Need In Your Beauty Collection

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 11, 2020
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Step aside K-beauty, it looks like China beauty brands are on the rise and they are taking over the market. While these brands have long been overlooked, they are gaining popularity for their high-quality products that bring the power of traditional Chinese medicine to your beauty pouches. Beauty Insider gives you the lowdown of China beauty brands you need to keep a lookout for.


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As the top-ranking beauty brand in China, Chando has made its name in the C-beauty market. Established in 2009, Chando stands by its mission to bring out the natural beauty you already possess by delivering products perfect for the everyday lifestyle of the modern woman. The brand also believes in ‘the unity of human and nature’, bringing all-natural ingredients into all of their products for the best results.

Chando Luna White Matsutake Luna-Whitening Hydratation Eye Cream

From dark eye circles to fine lines and wrinkles, this eye cream is your go-to to combat all your woes. This eye cream delivers intense hydration and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the rose and seaweed extract in the formula. It also contains liquorice extract, which brightens up dark eye circles.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Smoothens fine lines
  • Minimises the appearance of dark eye circles

This product is the next holy grail for people with dry skin types If you are looking for a quick fix-up for tired eyes, this product is a must-have in your beauty arsenal and the reviewers agree too.

“Chando’s Eye Cream is really good. Its moisturising effects are great and it is watery. Plus, it absorbs into the skin really easily. Will purchase again!”

Price: $16 at Lazada

WEI Beauty

Experience the power of ancient traditional Chinese medicine and beauty with WEI Beauty. Founded by Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate, Wei Young Brian, WEI Beauty has raised the bars in the beauty industry by delivering products infused with Chinese herbs of the highest quality. What’s more, the brand believes in fair trade practices and exclusively sources its herbs from farmers based in the remote areas of China.

WEI Beauty Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Set

Give your skin a much-needed pampering session with this bestselling clay mask set. This clay mask contains Golden Root as its key ingredient, an ancient Chinese secret to restoring youthful and radiant. It also works to purge your skin from toxins and pore-clogging impurities to reveal smoother and softer skin.

Here is what we love about this product:

  • Minimises the appearance of pores and blemishes
  • Comes in travel-friendly pods
  • Soothes inflammation

With its myriad of skincare benefits, we can see why this product has become a huge hit. Reviewers are loving this product for its hydrating properties without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture.

Price: $62 at Sephora


5Yina is at the forefront of the beauty scene with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. The brand was developed by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, who stand by their belief of delivering skincare products that enhance your skin’s resilience and in turn, your health. Inspired by the five seasons found within traditional Chinese medicine, the brand has developed five distinct product lines for your every skin woe.

5Yina Jade Roller

A favourite among beauty junkies, 5Yina’s Jade Roller is selling like hotcakes! This beauty tool increases blood circulation to your skin and reduces puffiness to promote healthy skin from within! Check out this product review by beauty YouTuber Gothamista here.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Enhances product absorption on the skin
  • Relieves stress (by a ton)
  • Soothes swelling to the face

What’s more, 5Yina has recently developed a new version made with a higher quality jade and stronger hardware. So just when you thought your jade facial roller could not get better, it did.

Price: $111.34 at 5Yina’s website


China Beauty Brands, chinese skincare products, chinese skin care brands ranking

Founded in 1998, Herborist combines the art of traditional Chinese medicine with state-of-the-art technologies to offer busy modern women a piece of ancient skincare goodness. Now, the brand has carved its name in the local and international sphere as one of China’s most popular and well-loved high-end beauty brands. The brand has even gained a fan following in Paris, with many Parisians flocking to its flagship store in Paris’ Avenue de l’Opéra.

Herborist Revitalizing & Firming Day Cream

Restore the former glory of dull and lifeless skin with this moisturising day cream! This moisturiser is formulated with a medley of herbal essences to enhance the skin’s elasticity and nourish the skin for a radiant and glowing complexion. It also corrects uneven skin tone, thanks to the Ganoderma Lucidum (mushroom) extract found in its formula.

Here is what we love about this product:

  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Non-sticky finish
  • Intense hydration

Despite the stray reviews, many reviewers have been raving about this product for delivering on its promise of youthful-looking skin! This is all-in-one product is your best bet to getting that radiant complexion.

“It contains natural ingredients, so it will not irritate the skin. The whitening effect is not too bad either. What makes it different is that it has a sun protection factor. Such a day cream can be used to omit sunscreen.”

Price: $81.47 at Herborist’s website


A pioneer in the China beauty sphere, Pechoin is making waves in China and beyond. Established in 1931, the brand is making its comeback thanks to rebranding efforts and is heavily endorsed by many beauty influencers. The brand epitomises the philosophy of balance and harmony to deliver all-natural and efficacious products. It has even earned its title as the most-used skincare and makeup brand in 2018.

Pechoin 8 Glasses of Water Whitening Moisturizing Face Mask

Quench your parched skin with this face mask. Infused with aloe vera, this mask deeply hydrates your face as if you were feeding your skin with eight glasses of water! This mask also soothes the skin’s sensitivity and irritation thanks to the seaweed extract in this mask.

Here is what we love about this product:

  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Softens the skin
  • Rejuvenates dry skin

This mask has been highly reviewed on online marketplaces for its long-lasting moisture, making this a must-have for people with dry skin types.

“This mask is extremely good to use. Its water content is especially high and its moisturising effects are really great. It also adheres closely to the skin and it is so comfortable. I will be buying this brand of mask again, I really liked it.”

Price: $39.90 at Qoo10


Founded in 2002, KanS proved to be a serious contender in the C-beauty game and has climbed up the ranks of being one of the top 10 China beauty brands. Aside from delivering high-quality beauty products, the brand is dedicated to being environmentally sustainable by using solar and wind energy to produce its products.

KanS Moisturising Facial Foam

This antioxidant-packed facial foam boasts deep cleansing properties without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture. Infused with sodium hyaluronate and purslane, this cleanser also boosts collagen production and delivers intense hydration, leaving your skin feeling more refreshed than ever.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Reveals smoother complexion
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

A facial cleanser that deeply cleanses and has age-defying properties? That is a win in our books! It is no surprise that this foam cleanser has been so well-received by locals.

Price: $21.82 at Qoo10

Small Pukong

Glossy and shiny hair is no longer just a dream with Small Pukong. With dandelion as the miracle ingredient behind the success of the brand, Small Pukong has become a huge hit among beauty junkies for its use of all-natural ingredients derived from nature. What’s more, the brand is even backed by the Kao Group, the masterminds behind well-loved brands such as Biore and Essential.

Small Pukong Dandelion Amino Acid Essential Oil

Frizzy hair does not stand a chance against this hair essence. As its name suggests, this hair essence contains dandelion amino acids to tame frizz and replenish the moisture in the hair to reveal shiny and glossy hair. It also helps repair damaged hair cuticles and protects the hair from damage caused by environmental pollutants.

Here is why we love this product:

  • UV protection
  • Non-greasy finish
  • Long-lasting sweet scent

Small Pukong has taken over the hair care scene and we are not surprised. Reviewers have said that this product is like a face serum and it does live up to its promise of hydrating dry hair and scalp.

Price: $30 at Lazada

Scent Library

Scent Library is your treasure trove for fragrances. Opened in 2010, this fragrance shop has gained worldwide recognition for its wacky and unique scents such as the smell of old books and even Mojitos. The brand believes in creating innovative scents to ‘smell out people’s emotions’ and aims to conjure up the best memories from our lives with scent.

White Rabbit Fragrance

If you are obsessed with the White Rabbit candy, we have good news for you. Now, your beloved childhood sweet can be found as a fragrance too in this collaboration with Scent Library. This fragrance promises the same milky scent your favourite sweet delivers, so spritz this all over to smell like nostalgia.

Here is why we love this product:

  • It replicates the same milky and sweet scent of the candy
  • It smells like childhood
  • Did we mention that it smells like childhood?

Even though this fragrance might sound strange, this product has actually become a cult favourite among the locals! Reviewers are loving this fragrance for its amazing scent that is not too overpowering. The only drawback the reviewers have is that the scent does not stay on as long as they would have liked it.

“It smells even better than the candy itself! It also has a slight caramel scent to it. I love spraying this in the winter and I am going to smell my clothes everyday! The only downside is that the fragrance does not stay on for long and it is not obvious from the front, middle and back. For girls who like fresh or cooling scents, beware of this product!”

Price: $55.02 at Tmall


Watch how ancient Chinese herbs work their magic with Inoherb. Being in the business for over a decade, the C-beauty brand was founded by traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Ms Feng Shuai, who aims to harness the powers of traditional Chinese herbs and deliver bar-raising beauty products. The brand is also dedicated to researching on the Rhodiola rose, a highly potent ancient Chinese ingredient, and cultivates the plant in the Sichuan-Tibet area to further study the species.

Inoherb Rhodiola Brightening Essence

Rejuvenate your skin’s radiance with this brightening essence. It is formulated with Inoherb’s own Tenfold Rhodiola Extract Quintuple Antioxidant to brighten dull skin, improve skin’s firmness, minimise fine lines and appearances… and everything else you need for radiant, glowing skin. What’s more, this product boasts results in just seven weeks.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Non-greasy finish
  • Absorbs easily into the skin
  • Corrects uneven skin tone

With its power-packed formula, this product has received countless glowing reviews for its effectiveness, making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

“Absorption: The absorption is not too bad there is even a visible whitening effect. Summary: The appearance is okay, but it is different for everyone’s liking. Moisturising effects: It feels great on the skin. It is very moist and it is not too greasy.”

Price: $59 at Lazada

Cha Ling

Cha Ling is transforming the beauty industry with Chinese tea. As the first beauty brand in the world to incorporate the spirit of the ancient Pu’er tea, the brand aims to deliver beauty products that maximise the ancient tea’s antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-pollution powers. The brand harvests only the richest and finest Pu’er tea from the forests in China’s Yunnan province.

Cha Ling Cleansing Powder

Give your skin a break and get rid of the grime on your face with this cleansing powder. Made with Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, this antioxidant-rich cleanser gently exfoliates all impurities and pollutants to revitalise the skin. This cleansing powder lathers up into a rich mousse upon contact with water. Watch this product at work in this preview below.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Controls sebum production
  • Preserves the skin’s natural moisture
  • Reveals smoother skin

The perfect addition to your double cleansing routine, this cleansing powder does deliver on its promise to deeply cleanse the skin while being extremely gentle. We recommend this cleansing powder for people with oily skin types.

Price: $72.75 at Cha Ling’s website


Skin pampering has never been this easy with Yunifang. Yunifang — also known as Unifon — is known for their power-packed face masks suitable for every skin concern. The brand’s name is derived from the ancient Chinese ‘Royal Mud’ ingredient, which is known to heal any illness and bring out a radiant and glowing complexion from within.

Yunifang Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask

Reverse your skin’s age with this eye mask. The star of this eye mask lies in its osmanthus essence, which packs a strong punch in delivering intense hydration to keep your eye areas looking firm and supple. This eye mask also enhances the skin’s elasticity to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles and brightens up dark eye circles.

Here is what we love about this product:

  • Non-greasy finish
  • Improves the skin’s firmness
  • Light scent that is not too overpowering

Reviewers are loving this product as it works like magic in the hydrating department. This product is your rescue solution for tired eyes.

“It is affordable. The eye mask fits right and it still stays on even when I blink. It is also very moisturising. Only started using it for a few days. The sensation is not too bad, the scent is amazing and the eye mask that comes with the product works amazing too. I really like this product.”

Price: $20.32 at Lazada

Where to Buy These Beauty Brands?


Unfortunately, not all the brands here retail in Singapore, but fret not! Some of the beauty brands like 5Yina ship their products internationally via their official website. Your best bet is to look for these products on marketplaces such as Tmall, Qoo10, Lazada and Shopee if you are really in a pinch in finding these products. Take note to keep an eye out for counterfeit products, so always buy from reputable sellers!

China Beauty Expo is China’s largest annual professional trade event for distributors, retailers, and beauty professionals to learn about the latest beauty products and manufacturing solutions in Asia. Held on 19-20 May 2020, the event hosts over 3500 exhibiting companies and showcase over 10,000 brands to let you in on the most innovative and advanced beauty solutions. Find out more about China Beauty Expo here.