Using a curling iron is really not for everyone, especially if you’re a beginner. Personally, I usually have difficulties wrapping my hair around the muzzle without scorching myself, and truthfully speaking, I’m never quite sure how long we’re supposed to keep our hair wrapped around the barrel.

Fortunately, as we evolve in the beauty-tech industry, there is a solution—automatic hair curlers. These finest automated hair curlers can curl your hair swiftly and neatly, without the risk of burning yourself or your hair. It will also help to style your hair in seconds—saving you time and reducing heat damage.

Below, Beauty Insider lists some of the best automatic hair curlers in Singapore. 

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What Is An Automatic Hair Curler?

In these advanced days, women no longer spend hours, styling their locks in curling rollers hoping to produce outstanding wavy curls. The beauty business has progressed, and we now have curling devices or automated hair curlers owing to technological progression. Although there are other variations available, the barrel curler is the most prevalent. When plugged into electricity, the wand warms up and curls the lock of hair wrapped around it. This, in turn, results in the smooth waves everybody has been talking about.

Regular Curling Iron Vs. Automatic Curling Machine

Regular Curling Iron

  • When using a curling iron, you must physically wrap your hair around the hot wand. 
  • You have to keep it in firmly until the curl is complete. 
  • The problem with all these curling irons is that the maximum heat can harm or even damage your tresses. 

Automatic Curling Machine

  • Simply push your hair strands into the curling barrel. 
  • The machine will instantly unleash your newly curled strand of hair after a few seconds. 
  • Because it curls a little length at a time, it can be time-consuming. 

10 Best Automatic Hair Curlers In Singapore

1. Dyson Airwrap

Dubbed as one the most luxurious automated hair curlers in the business, but believe us, it’s well worth the investment. The gadget employs a unique technology akin to aircraft engines, to produce a whirlwind that pulls your locks in toward the barrel while changing the warmth on its layer to create the style that you desire with low risk of unintentional injuries. The Dyson Airwrap is a valuable investment for individuals who spend countless hours rolling their hair just to get the perfect curls.  

Why We Love It 

  • A valuable investment for all 
  • Employs a unique technology  akin to aircraft engines
  • Comes with a barrel that is coat with hair protection 

Price: $ 849.00

Where To Buy: Dyson

2. INFINITI PRO By Conair Curl Secret

Styling your hair with the Infiniti Pro by Conair Secret is so simple. Simply place your hair in the machine, and it will automatically spin your locks until it creates imposing curls. This device is created with  Tourmaline Ceramic Technology that helps to smoothes and shine the hair.  This powerful device, with a convective heat of 400°F, helps you to achieve long-lasting curls or classic beach waves. This handy device may be used on all hair types.  

Why We Love It 

  • Suitable for all types of hair 
  • Creates perfect curls without tangling your hair 
  • 400°F maximum heat

Price: Starts from $ 99.00

Where To Buy: Shopee

3. HuiHao Automatic Hair Curler

Utilising the HuiHao Automatic Hair Curler couldn’t be any simpler: just choose your preferred temperature, insert your hair, and witness as it spins your tresses into the ideal curl. The gadget is best suited for people with medium length for short as it is built to be lightweight and compact in size. For you with longer and thicker hair, we wouldn’t suggest you buy it as this device might not be able to hold them.

Why We Love It 

  • Suitable for short, medium-length hair
  • Easy to utilise 
  • Small in sizes

Price: Starts from $ 49.00

Where To Buy: Shopee

4. Kiss Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron

The innovative Curl Dial on the Kiss Ceramic Instawave will instantly style, combs and detangles your hair while it twists around. Every time you use it, the stoneware ionic technology gives your hair a glossy, nutritious sheen. It has a Curl Direction Control that rotates left and right to produce curls that face inward and outward. You won’t unintentionally burn your hand because of the space in between handle and iron.

Why We Love It 

  • Instantly style, combs and detangles your hair
  • Designed especially for long hair
  • Smart design that prevents hair from burning 

Price: Starts from $ 147.00

Where To Buy: Shopee

5. CHI Spin N Curl Curling Iron

With simply the flick of a switch, the CHI Spin N Curl Curling Iron gives you gorgeous waves and curls a la A list celebrity. You may curl your hair either inwards or outwards with this curler’s 1-inch adjustable steel barrel and temperature sensor display. You don’t need to be concerned about this machine blistering or scorching your hair because it has a timer. To achieve this, it draws the tresses into its curl barrel and holds it there until the spiral is complete.

Why We Love It 

  • Total hair protection
  • Comes with a beep alerts
  • Easy to read temperature display

Price: N/A

Where To Buy: Amazon

6. Babyliss Pro Stylist Tools – Miracurl

No matter what hair length you may have, the Babyliss Pro Stylist Tools – Miracurl can give you endless waves and curls with ease. The revolutionary automatic hair curler draws the hair into its chamber to softly hold and heat up the strands from all directions. Not to worry, the automatic curler doesn’t hold the hair in for too long – it heats up in seconds to give you instant long-lasting results. 

Why We Love It:

  • Built-in beeper timer to release the hair 
  • Comes with 3 temperature settings and 3 timer settings
  • Ceramic build that prevents damage and promotes shiny, smooth hair

Price: $159.00
Where to Buy: Lazada

7. Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler

One of the best automatic hair curlers in Singapore is from the household brand, Philips! Their StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler features a smart curling system that gives you all-day curls with a push of a button and two auto-rotating curl guards. The hair gets wrapped inside the open-air curling chamber without adding unnecessary stress, allowing the strands to be evenly heated and curled. In addition, the automatic hair curling device is made with keratin-infused ceramic barrel to prevent hair damage and has a longer barrel to curl more hair inside. 

Why We Love It:

  • Up to 27 styling options and 3 temperature, curling, and timer settings
  • Vertical grip for a more user-friendly, effortless styling
  • Prevents and lessens hair jamming with each use

Price: $178.00
Where to Buy: Lazada

8. Ckeyin Upgrade Automatic Curling Iron

Efficient, fast, and portable, Ckeyin Automatic Curling Iron is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade from your old curling iron. The automatic hair curler heats up quickly and lets you curl your hair safely without burning your hands or your hair. It features a LED screen to show you all the settings you can adjust according to your preferences and usage. Whether it’s small or big curls, it’s possible to achieve them with this automatic curling device! 

Why We Love It:

  • Travel-friendly
  • Doubles as a power bank with its built-in 2400mah lithium battery
  • Long-lasting curls with each use

Price: $64.20
Where to Buy: Lazada

9. JOMO Auto Wireless Portable Ceramic Hair Curler

At an affordable price, you can get easy and effortless curls with Jomo Automatic Hair Curler. It’s cordless hair curler that comes with a complete package that includes a manual, cloth bag, USB cord, comb, and clips. It’s easy-to-use, adjustable, and gives you voluminous curls in just a minute! An automatic hair curler that is suitable for beginners with medium to long hair. 

Why We Love It:

  • Great for those with fine to normal hair types
  • Portable and convient
  • Automatically turns off when not in use

Price: $20.88
Where to Buy: Shopee

10. Vivid & Vogue 4Gen Automatic Hair Curler 

From big curls to natural waves, the Automatic Hair Curler from Vivid & Vogue lets you style your hair with ease! This one is more geared toward those who have normal to thicker hair types who have difficulty having long-lasting curls. The automatic hair curler also has a smart function that alerts you when the temperature chosen has been reached and automatically stops in 5 seconds when curling to avoid overheating. It also lessens damage to their hair, thanks to its hair nourishing function, which includes negative ions and rose petal oil-infused barrel. 

Why We Love It:

  • Adjustable settings and direction rotation
  • 360-degree swivelling function
  • Cordless device that comes with a hair combing function before curling

Price: $70.20
Where to Buy: Shopee

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