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20 Best Bath Bombs That Make Bath Time A Whole Lot More Relaxing

By: / March 22, 2021
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In this day and age of self-care, there is nothing better than a relaxing bath after tiring day. The bath bomb however, is the beauty industry’s great gift to us bath fiends. These shower tools erupt into pure, fizzy goodness to amp up your bath time. Talk about some next level pampering! Additionally, we can all agree that they are undeniably gorgeous. Beauty Insider rounds up the 20 best bath bombs that spice up your bath time for the ultimate relaxing session

What are Bath Bombs?

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Bath bombs are infused with a blend of essential oils, salts, and fragrant extracts which dissolve in the water and create fizzing effects. The main ingredients in bath bombs are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate which react with one another in the water and release a carbon dioxide gas. Bath bombs deliver a sensory experience and benefits to the skin.

What are the Benefits of Bath Bombs?

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We bet that no one cannot resist the temptations of indulging themselves with a nice warm bath of bath bombs. But did you know that this self-care product delivers benefits as well? More reason to unwind yourself with bath bombs after a long day!

  • Contains healing properties
  • Relieve muscle soreness and tension
  • Infused with relaxing and calming aromas that are therapeutic
  • Moisturizes and detoxifies the skin
  • Natural and vegan-friendly ingredients

How to use Bath Bombs?

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You might be thinking of dissolving the bath bomb into the water bath only. However, in order to enjoy the ultimate relaxing session, there are a few things that you need to do before you can truly unwind.

1.Declutter the space

Make sure to declutter and organize your bathroom accordingly to set the atmosphere right. We suggest that you place plants, burn incense, or light candles for a more ultimate at-home spa retreat.

2.Equipment to set the mood right

You can create a complete spa session with the right equipment like a robe, clean towels, and slippers that you can use after you have finished with the warm bath.

3.Draw the bath and drop the bath bomb

We’ve come to the best part which is the bath bomb! You can fill the bathtub with warm water until it reaches the preferred level. Then add the bath bomb and once it begins to dissolve you can step into the tub. We all get a little impatience when it comes to a bath bomb, so it’s not necessarily that you need to wait until the bath bomb is completely dissolved.

4.Occupy the session with your favorite de-stresser

Make sure to put on some music, read a novel, or anything that you enjoy when you’re in the bath. It’s the perfect addition to your routine to ensure that you can pamper yourself with the things that you never had the time to indulge.

5.The end routine

It’s recommended that you soak in the bath from 15 minutes to 20 minutes and you can opt to rinse yourself after the session. We suggest that you wipe the bathtub clean as some bath bombs are formulated with dyes that may leave some stains.

20 Best Bath Bombs for Ultimate Relaxing Session

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

What happens when you combine the cosmos with bathing? You get this out-of-the-world bath bomb. The Intergalactic Bath Bomb explodes into a dreamy myriad of neon colours that will take you on a trip across the galaxy. With its delectable scent of peppermint, you can take your bath experience to infinity and beyond. Check out how gorgeous this bath bomb is in this product demo by SuesKawaiiCollection.

You can also expect a hint of fresh-smelling cedarwood and vertivert essential oils in this bath bomb to leave you feeling calmer than before.

Price: $18 at Lush stores

Fizzing Star Bath Soak

Reach for the stars at the comfort of your bathtub! Although these white stars may appear tiny, they pack a punch in the rejuvenation department and turn your bath into a creamy milk bath that will leave your skin with a long-lasting fragrance. Plus, these fizzy stars nourish your skin so you can leave your bathtub with silkier and smoother skin.

These bath bombs feature four different types for your every mood. Whether you are feeling up for a Moonlight Swim or getting some major Beach Vibes, these stars will guarantee you soaking in pure goodness.

Price: $2 at Sephora

The World’s Smallest Disco

Bring the ’70s to your bathtub with this bath bomb. As its name suggests, the bath bomb is delivering a mini party right in your bathtub, so you do not need to head out to the club whenever you need some me-time! Plus, it explodes into a gorgeous frenzy of neon colours that can make your entire night. For the curious ones, check out how this gorgeous bath bomb was made below!

With this bath bomb, you can expect an aroma of lemon myrtle and grapefruit essential oils dancing in the air.

Price: $14 at Lush stores

Heart Bath Bomb

Part of the Broken Hearts Club? Why not give yourself some love with these adorable heart bath bombs! Whether you are looking for a solo pampering session or a romantic escape with your partner, these handcrafted bath bombs guarantee a relaxing, spa-like experience.

These bath bombs feature 4 scents ⁠— Soothing Lavender, Spa Ocean, Colorful Pastoral and Romantic Rose Pink for everybody’s preference.

Price: $15 at Cream Home

Crayola Bath Bombs

Is it us or did someone send over a wave of nostalgia? Aside from bringing our childhoods to the tub, these Crayola bath bombs scream nothing but colourful. With its myriad of vibrant colours, expect your bathtub turn into watercolour paint that is canvas-worthy.

These bath bombs also feature four different sweet-smelling scents Grape Jam, Laser Lemon, Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum to add in a dose of fun.

Price: $9.79 at iHerb

Natural Bath Bomb Kit

For the sweet-toothed lovers out there, you are in luck. From cupcake-shaped bath bombs to doughnut-shaped bath bombs, this bath bomb kit is made of the dreams for pastry lovers out there. What’s more, these bath bombs are 100 per cent handmade from natural and organic ingredients!

With this bath bomb kit, you can luxuriate in a multi-coloured bath and leave the bath feeling more rejuvenated than before thanks to fragrances such as strawberry, green tea and milk.

Price: $14.35 at Lazada

Warm Vanilla Bath Bomb

Nothing smells more like Christmas than the scent of rich, warm vanilla. Experience a cosy Christmas right in your bathtub and de-stress with this vanilla-scented bath bomb. With its creamy scent of vanilla, this bath bomb turns your water into a shade of vanilla-yellow for your sweet indulgence.

This bath bomb is also enriched with Community Trade organic sugar from Paraguay. A pampering experience while being environmentally sustainable? Count us in.

Price: $6 at The Body Shop


This bath bomb is a fiery goodness waiting to erupt. It dissolves into blazing shades of red, orange and yellow, turning your bath into molten lava-like orange. Plus, you can unwind in the scents of sweet, almond essential oil paired with the crackling sound of this bath bomb for the ultimate cosy spa experience. Our verdict: this bath bomb is fire. Check out this product demo by lushalot to see how gorgeous this bath bomb swirls.

Price: $12 at Lush

Sleepy Time Bath Bombs

If all you need is a good night’s rest, then this bath bomb is your life saviour. Filled with the calming aroma of Neroli essential oil, this bath bomb alleviates anxiety and relieves insomnia. Perfect for those sleepless nights.

On top of that, it is infused with safflower oil to treat skin concerns such as eczema and promotes radiant skin. So people with even the most sensitive of skin types can get in on the spa-like experience this bath bomb gives.

Price: $6.42 at iHerb

Snowman Dreaming

Dreaming of a White Christmas is overrated. Enter a rainbow-filled Christmas wonderland with this bath bomb. This white snowman bursts into a prismatic myriad of colours to fill your bathtub with a dreamy bubble bathe. It is also infused with Chinese cedarwood and lavender oil to soothe your skin and to lull your senses.

Price: $10 at Lush

Juicy Pear Bath Bomb

If fruity scents are up in your alley, this bath bomb is the perfect addition for you. This vegan bath bomb takes you on a trip through the fruit farms right from your bathtub and fills the air with the scent of juicy pears. It dissolves into a mesmerizing green, perfect if you want to add some Christmas cheer to your bath time.

This bath bomb is also made with Community Trade organic sugar cane from Paraguay. On top of that, it is made with a vegan formula.

Price: $6 at The Body Shop

Midnight Bath Bomb

Feeling witchy? Switch up the vibrant colours for this midnight bath bomb. If you are bored of the usual rainbow hues, turn your bath into a gorgeous jet black shade as dark as your soul. Plus, it is made with activated charcoal and Bentonite clay to detox your body of any impurities and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

You can also expect a rich scent of sweet citrus and deep cinnamon that fills the air with a calming aroma with this bath bomb.

Price: $7.96 at Amazon

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is the closest thing you can get to having a fairy godmother. Add a little festive magic to your Christmas and sprinkle some fairy dust with this rosy pink bath bomb. With this bath bomb, you can expect a burst of glitter fill up the bubblegum pink waters as you bask in the sweet citrus scent of Persian lime oil. If you are looking for an enchanting bath time experience, this bath bomb is for you. Check out this product demo by lushalot to see how gorgeous this bath bomb swirls.

Price: $15 at Lush

Rich Plum Bath Bomb

Cannot decide between a fruity or floral scent? Why not choose both! This Rich Plum bath bomb transforms your bathtub into an alluring shade of deep purple to add a little colour to your pampering session. It also fills the air with the sweet and fresh scent of plum to leave you feeling like you just took a walk down a plum garden.

This bath bomb is also enriched with Community Trade organic sugar from Paraguay.

Price: $6 at The Body Shop

Love Potion Bath Bomb

Ditch the rose petals, this bath bomb will still capture your partner’s heart. This handmade bath bomb is infused with skin-soothing essential oils and the scent of fresh roses, so you and your partner can sit back and relax in this short romantic getaway. Plus, there is a sparkling surprise in every bath bomb! Spoiler alert: It is a gorgeous ring.

Price: $21.68 on Amazon

Lavender Vanilla Fizzing Bath Bomb

Combine vanilla and lavender and you get a whiff of the most relaxing scents on earth. This bath bomb delivers just that. Made with natural and organic ingredients, this bath bomb is packed with a mixture of coconut oil, salt and sugar to soothe your skin. With this bath bomb, it looks like you do need to head all the way down to the spa for an aromatherapy session.

Price: $4.08 on Amazon

Pop Art Bath Bomb

Always wanted to bathe in popcorn? As silly as it may sound, at least this bath bomb is the closest thing you can get to living out that dream. Infused with sea salt and cornflour, this mega-sized popcorn bath bomb leaves your skin feeling as smooth as butter. Plus, it gives off the delicious scent of caramel that settles onto your skin for that sweet, long-lasting fragrance.

Price: $14 at Lush

Chris The Camel Bath Bomb

Hump day wearing you down? Rejuvenate yourself with your new bath buddy, Chris The Camel! This camel fizzes away into a lovely multitude of vivid colours that will take you on a magic carpet ride across the Arabian nights from your bathtub. This camel also delivers a cargo of black pepper essential oils and rich date syrup to soften your skin and bring a serene experience to your bathtub.

Price: $15 at Lush

Etude House Tiny Twinkle Bath Bomb Set

Etude House Tiny Twinkle Bath Bomb Set features two different bath bombs which are melt like a cotton candy and fly like a unicorn. These two bath bombs will fill your bathtub with fluffy bubbles that will help to soften your skin with its nourishing ingredients. So take a soak and indulge yourself with these sparkly bath bombs that will sure to alleviate your stress away.

Price: $22.00 at Shopee.

Sugar Milk Co Rainbow Sprinkles Waffle Bath Bomb

Sugar Milk Co Rainbow Sprinkles Waffle Bath Bomb features all the yummy things that you can imagine, sugary delight, fried dough, strawberry jam, and sweet vanilla. Enriched with organic cocoa butter and almond oil, this bath bomb effectively soothes and hydrates your skin, revealing a supple and smooth looking skin,

Price:$7.01 at etsy.