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Best Hair Salons in Singapore To Trust Your Favorite Hair Treatment

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Finding the right hairstylist may be likened to finding a needle in a haystack. So below, we put together a reference guide to help you find the best hair salons in Singapore that can give you the hair treatment of your dreams. Scroll down and see for yourself.

Number 76

You might have seen glossy before-and-after ‘dos by Number76 making its rounds on social media, thanks to the various social media influencers who flock there for a little TLC and styling for their healthy, shiny tresses. Number76 is definitely the place to be if you love keeping up with hair trends. From balayage highlights to multi-colored ombres and the like, the salon will have you covered. Besides their hairdressing and styling finesse, we also love the actual salon space. In true Japanese aesthetic, the salon’s open and airy space is minimalist in design and boasts of floor-to-ceiling windows, which let plenty of natural to flood its interiors. 

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Hair Salon Art-Noise

The interior was mainly made up of a white and wooden-brown color scheme. Because the windows are extremely big, the salon was brightly lit by the natural sunlight shining through during the day. Apart from the great ambiance, it was the friendly, helpful hairstylists who will really catch your attention. From the tissue paper used to shield your face from stray water drops during hair wash to the uber-comfortable hair massage and patience to listen to you during hair consultation, Art-Noise stylists stand out with their conscientiousness and level of service.

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Jean Pierre Hair Salon

Customers love La Coco hairstylists for their professionalism and skillful cuts. You probably won’t find them great chatting partners as there is still some minor language barrier but their English is definitely good enough for a thorough hair consultation. After all, the place is spacious and comfortable, and the service better than the average salon.

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Black Hair Salon

Established for more than 15 years, no it doesn’t only focus on black hair. They had their first outlet at Tampines, after which they shifted to Bencoolen for a more centralized location. The directors, Raymond and Anthony, started out since 19 and 20 years old respectively, working for other salons before deciding to open their own.

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Blow + Bar

While we often enjoy chatting our way through a set of highlights and a cut, you can start to get fidgety around the three-hour mark. Hence why, as the hairdryer is being untangled, we’re often keen to avoid asking for anything too snazzy and be on our merry way. Beautiful blowouts, manis and bubbly to boot? Blow + Bar sure knows the way to a girl’s heart.  Treat your tresses to signature blowout services like the Moroccan Ultimate Blowout or Kerastasé Luxury blowout while you sip on champers and get your nails done at the same time. Blow + Bar’s CBD outlet also offer quickie wash-and-blow services to get girls-on-the-go primped and pampered in 30 minutes flat.

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