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Conquer Bad Hair Days with the Best Singapore Hair Care Products

By: Dedet Panabi / September 29, 2020
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Nobody has perfect hair—just very effective products. Find the best Singapore hair care products for frizzy, damaged, dry, thinning, or limp hair.

Best Hair Care Singapore Products for Dry, Damaged and Frizzy Hair

Dry hair looks dull and feels rough—but that’s just the start of the problem. Many hair problems are actually caused by lack of moisture and hydration.

For example, dry hair becomes frizzy because it tries to pull in moisture from the hair. When the water molecules in the air bind to the hair proteins, your hair start to lose its shape—so your hair gets puffy and tangled even when you style it.

Dry hair also becomes brittle and prone to breakage, which can lead to split-ends. If you always blowdry or colour your hair, the problem becomes worse and you can eventually experience hair fall and hair loss.

That’s why the first step to healthy hair is hydration. Here are some of the best hair care products in  Singapore for dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

MARC ANTHONY Bye Bye Frizz Shampoo

Buy now: $17.90, Insider Mall

This moisture rich shampoo contains amino acids, Keratin Silk Complex, and Vitamin E. These work together to heal your hair hair cuticles, making your hair smoother and able to retain moisture. It even helps block humidity, so your never gets frizzy—even in bad weather!

This shampoo is safe for coloured hair, and is free of sulfates and other harmful chemicals. You can also check out the other productsi n their Bye Bye Frizz haircare line, which includes a conditioner, serum, and styling products. One of the best hair care brands in Singapore for frizzy hair!

PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo For Dry Hair

Buy now: $24.90, Insider Mall

This gently cleanses hair without stripping moisture. The coconut, jojoba milk and mallow flowers restore the scalp’s hydrolipid film, and strengthen and restore shine to your strands. And its light citrusy scent also smells really, really good! You’ll have soft, manageable and fragrant hair the whole day!

This shampoo got 4.0 stars in Makeup Alley. “I have the world’s driest hair! This shampoo makes my hair look like it was never colored or had heat applied to it. So shiny and I cannot stop touching it because it’s so soft! Definitely my number 1 shampoo,” says Ciera.

VOYAGE COSMETICS Voyage Treatment Care

Buy now: $50.00, Insider Mall

This won a Beauty Insider award in 2019 for “Best Professional Haircare Hair Treatment.” Its breakthrough formula doesn’t just add temporarily soften hair. It actually repairs the intercellular lipids in your hair cortex, so it becomes stronger and more flexible. Over time, you’ll notice your hair will even have more volume, bounce and shine—even if you don’t style it!  

It’s one of the best hair care Singapore products for dry coloured or chemically treated hair. Use this three or four times a week to heal or prevent damage, especially if you always dye or style your hair.

MARC ANTHONY Argan Oil Of Morocco Conditioning Treatment

Buy now: $4.90, Insider Mall

Give your hair a spa treatment in just three minutes!  This powerful hair moisturizing treatment restores flexibility and strength with its special Keratin Complex, argan oil and grapeseed oil. Hair product reviews say, “This is the only hair oil that doesn’t weigh down my fine hair!”

Use just twice or thrice a week to tame flyaways and frizz, and keep your hair soft and shiny.  

L’oreal Extraordinary Oil Eclat Imperial High Shine Oil

Buy now: $26.90, Guardian and Watsons

The light (and beautifully fragranced) French rose oil helps seal damaged hair fibers, to prevent frizz and protect hair from damage. You just need two pumps per use (so the bottle goes a long way!).  You can apply it before before shampoo and conditioner to prepare hair for washing, or on towel-dried hair to add shine or make it easier to style.  

PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel For Dry Hair

Buy now: $39.90, Insider Mall

This light gel rehydrates your hair without any greasy feel. It forms a protective film around your hair, nourishing it in Jojoba milk, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients. Your hair feels soft, silky and shiny again.

PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel is vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, silicons and gluten. You can use this every day. After your shower, apply on damp hair. You can also reapply on the tips whenever your needs to be refreshed.  

For very dry or damaged hair, use the Phytojoba Moisturizing Mask ($39.90, Insider Mall) once a week. This deep-conditioning treatment contains jojoba oil, angelica root extract and sweet orange essential oil that penetrates into the strands and the scalp.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner

Buy now: $19.90, Watsons

Ready for a hair miracle? Apply this moisturizing mask for three minutes. The patented Anti-Damage Technology works quickly to hydrate and strengthen your hair. With regular use, even the driest and frizziest hair becomes soft, strong and shiny. Influenster hair reviews gave it 4.5 stars, with one user saying: “I use this deep conditioner about once a week and it is amazing. It’s easy to spread and you can really feel a difference once your hair dries. I recommend air drying your hair after use for the best effect.”

THE COSMETIC REPUBLIC Multivitamin Hair Spray

Buy now: $38.00, Insider Mall

It’s hair spray and hair care in one! Use it to fix your hair and strengthen it, too. Its exclusive formula contains keratin fibers, horse chestnut extract, omega fatty acids, vitamin B and E, and amino acids. It’s one of the best hair spray for brittle, weak and dry hair—especially if you style your hair every day.

Best Singapore Hair Products for Growing Hair

Do you want your hair to grow faster and longer? Or, are you worried about hair loss and bald spots? We found some of the best hair care products in Singapore for hair growth.

Trichologist Bridgette Hill says that if you want to encourage hair growth, you need to focus on the scalp. “This contains our hair follicles, glands, nerves, blood vessels, collagen, elastin fibers, and fat cells.  “Introducing proper scalp care into your hair care routine will impact the rate of hair growth and the health of your hair fiber.”

You also need to get haircare products that strengthen your hair cuticle.  The longer your hair grows, the more prone it can be to split ends and breakage. Avoid shampoos with sulfates, which can strip away natural oils you need for long, healthy hair.

MARC ANTHONY Grow Long Shampoo

Buy now: $17.90, Insider Mall

Nearly, 1800 Amazon reviews (with an average 4.6 star rating) agree that this is one of the best shampoos for long, strong hair!

It contains sulfate-free caffeine, ginseng, and vitamin E to hydrate your hair and prevent breakage and split ends. Your hair stays shiny and soft, and is so much easier to style. “My hair is fuller, softer, bouncier, and growing fast. It also smells good. I got complimented about my hair by two older women at the grocery store the other day! So that validated for me that this product is working!” says one Amazon review.

MOIST DIANE Perfect Beauty Extra Vital Shampoo

Buy now: $16.90, Watsons

Pamper your hair and your scalp with its blend of organic argan oil and beauty keratin. It’s safe for coloured hair, and is free of silicones and sulphates that can weaken your hair. We also like the scent and luxurious feel that turns every bath time into a pampering session.  

BIOROYALE Fall + Regrowth Shampoo + Conditioner

Buy now: $70, on sale at $39.99 at Insider Mall

This is one of the best hair care Singapore products to fight hair loss. It’s won several awards, including the Beauty Insider 2020 award for Best Organic / Natural Hair Loss Product. Countless of beauty reviews say that they’ve noticed that hair is thicker and stronger. They even notice baby hairs—signs that new hair has grown after hair loss during pregnancy or because of ageing.

The powerful formula restores moisture to your hair, rejuvenates your scalp, and controls oils that can clog hair follicles and make your hair look greasy. It also has active DHT blockers, which can help slow down male or female pattern baldness. It’s free of sulphates, parabens and other harmful chemicals.  

SMIB Anti Hair Loss Kit (Coral Calcium Shampoo + Treatment + Essence + Plasma Scalp Massager)

Buy now: $199.90, Insider Mall

This is one of the bestselling haircare products in Korea. The secret ingredient is calcium, which nurtures your scalp and prevents the infection and inflammation that leads to dandruff and hair loss. Their products only uses calcium from corals, which are readily absorbed by the scalp and are rich in other proteins and minerals that can encourage hair growth. The kit also includes a scalp massager that invigorates the scalp, “waking up” hair roots that are dormant and boosting circulation for faster and healthier hair growth.

This is one of the best haircare brands in Singapore for people who want to avoid hair loss, or have dealing with several hair problems at the same time (ex: hair loss and dandruff, or brittle and oily scalp). The unique ingredients and technology “rebalance” your scalp and solve multiple problems, so you can grow your hair without discomfort or distress.

DR. GROOT Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo

Buy now: $25.90, Guardian

This is a popular Korean hair shampoo for thin and damaged hair! It contains ginger, hinoki cypress, black vinegar, burdock root and centella to stimulate the scalp and make your hair grow stronger and faster. The clean scent is ideal for both men and women who don’t like strong, floral scents.


Buy now: $49.00, Insider Mall

Fight hair loss and gray hair! As we grow older, our hair strands become thinner and brittle—not just because of age, but the long-term damage caused by stress, environmental hazards, and the chemicals in our hair products.

This natural hair serum helps fight all that damage, and nurture hair back to health. It contains avocado, jojoba, rosehip, and argan oil that protects the strands. Apply 1 or 2 pumps to damp hair before blowdryinr or using heat irons.

PHYTOCYANE Densifying Treatment Serum

Buy now: $125.00, Insider Mall   

Are you experiencing hair loss because of stress, diet or hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause? This special hair treatment uses grapeseed and gingko biloba extracts to revitalize your scalp, preventing hair loss while encouraging hair production and volume. It can also help slow down the appearance of gray hair.

Divide your hair into sections, then open the ampoule and apply a few drops at a time.  Gently massage into your scalp with your fingertips. For best results, use at least once a week for 3 months.

Best Hair Care Products for More Volume   

Does your hair lie limp and flat? Do you wish your hair had more volume and bounce? There are several hair care Singapore products that can help. However, you have to figure out exactly what’s causing the problem.

Some people are just born with fine hair. But any hair type can lose volume because of grease (dirt, oily scalp, or residue from styling products) or humidity. Sometimes, your hair can also be affected if you buy the wrong haircare products, or use them incorrectly. “pplying conditioner too close to your roots can leave your hair flat, as can using too much of a styling product or not rinsing out your shampoo properly,” says the hair experts at Philipps Kingsley.

These hair care Singapore products can revive your hair and bring back lots of volume and bounce!

MARC ANTHONY Texture & Waves Tropical Invisible Dry Shampoo

Buy now: $14.90, Insider Mall

This dry shampoo absorbs oil and add texture, for effortlessly beautiful and bouncy hair! The invisible formula won’t cause white flakes, and it doesn’t leave residue that can weigh down even fine hair. It’s also free of sulfates, SLS, parabens and phthalates.

Apply dry shampoo at night, so it has time to settle into your hair. Then, all you have to do in the morning is brush your hair and fluff up your curls, and you’re good to go.

PHYTONOVATHRIX Ultimate Thickening, Densifying Treatment For Scalp & Hair

Buy now: $249, Insider Mall

If you were born with baby-fine hair, then this amazing product can help stimulate hair growth and make your strands look thicker and become stronger. It contains 99% plant-based ingredients, too—a big win if you’re looking for natural and organic hair care products Singapore. It has celery seed extract. Globularia plant stem cells, tulip extract, and Baikal skull cap.

An Ulta review says: “My hair is extremely thin. My scalp shows and it’s quite embarrassing. The stress of life and the stress of my hair falling out are things that I currently can’t change right now, BUT this product in combination with their hair vitamins has helped quite a bit with less fall out.”


Buy now: $108, Insider Mall

One of the best hair care Singapore treatments for thicker, stronger and healthier hair. Each ampoule is power-packed with Vitamins B , C , and E, hyaluronic acid and keratin microspheres. Apply them 3 times a week, and massage into the scalp.