Braun Waterflex Review: A Must-Have Electric Shaver For Every Gentleman!

By: Balqis Ariffin / October 8, 2021
Categories : Skincare

If there’s one ultimate product that most men swear by is the shaver! Well, skincare products might not be that necessary for some, but shaver? It’s definitely on a must-have list. Can you imagine not having any shaver? Neither can we! This personal grooming device is definitely essential to trim unwanted facial hair including beards. As much as some of us love to go to the barbershop for some pampering session, sometimes we need a quick fix to get all prep up. Besides, as gents, we all want to look neat and clean, especially whenever we have a date night. Although it may seem insignificant, having the best shaver can actually make visible differences. The one that the community has been highly raved about is the Braun Waterflex. So, does it actually work wonders like people claim? Well, if you’re looking for the best Braun Waterflex review, you’re in the right place! Below, Beauty Insider has all the essential deets about this device.

What Sets Braun Waterflex Apart From Other Shavers?

As one of the OG brands that produced electric shavers for men, Braun has always been at the forefront for its impeccable technology and efficacy. The Braun Waterflex shaver is considered among the best as it can be used wet or dry, depending on your preference. In fact, you can easily slather your favourite shaving foam or even gel for a smoother shave. Well, it all comes down to the technology as the body is completely sealed to protect it against water damage and safeness.

The Braun Waterflex is a waterproof electric shaver and it can also withstand 5-meter deep water without experiencing any damages. So you can easily rinse it with water between the sessions to clean the residues. It’s available in four different shades namely blue, black, red and white. Designed with the OptiBlade foil technology, it delivers a close and clean shave for long-lasting results. Added with the 3 stages of the cutting system, this electric shaver will seamlessly remove all types of hair lengths easily. It also features a foil head which is incorporated into the design as it is much more efficient compared to the rotary head. Hence, it allows the users to use it in any shaving motion including upwards, downwards and sideways.

The best part is that the head can rotate about 33 degrees to easily shave hard to reach areas including the neck, jaw and chin. The ActiveLift was also incorporated inside the head which makes it highly effective to trim flat-lying hairs. Additionally, it was brilliantly designed with a non-slip grip to ensure a firm grasp and avoid any unwanted accidents. If you prefer a cordless shaver, you will definitely love the Braun Waterflex. It only takes about an hour for it to be fully charged and you can easily charge it for 5 minutes if you need to use it for a single session. It also includes an LED display that indicates the battery level. Apart from the electric shaver, the kit also includes a cleaning brush, cap and universal SmartPlug charger.

Review of the Braun Waterflex

Gentle and Comfortable

The Braun Waterflex is super gentle on the skin and easy to use too. It doesn’t cause any shaving cuts and nicks which are often associated with the electric shaver. It also glides seamlessly on the skin and effectively removes facial hair in one glide. The aftermath of shaving is what most of us feel dreadful about, fret not because the Braun Waterflex is unlike anything you have seen before. The rotating head allows it to shave hard to reach areas without causing any irritation and burn. It definitely works wonders regardless of your facial features and even hair or skin type. Personally, we think that applying shaving cream during the session really makes a significant difference. However, if you need a quick fix, you can simply use the dry mode.

Ergonomic Design

As much as we love electric shavers, they are often designed with a smooth surface which really doesn’t provide the grip that we’re looking for. So, we are super stoked to know that the Braun Waterflex features non-slip areas. How many of you have accidentally dropped your shaver? Honestly, we lost count too. Indeed, water, shaving cream and slippery surfaces are definitely an invitation to disaster. Luckily The Braun Waterflex was designed in such a way to avoid such mishaps. We love that it is comfortable to hold and it really helps to smooth out the shaving routine.

Close and Clean Shave

If you have been looking for the best review on Braun Waterflex, you have the real deal for you. It features essential technology which really amps up our shaving session. Both OptiBlade foil technology and the 3 stages of the cutting system help to deliver a close and clean shave that we look for. In addition, it also works efficiently regardless of whether you use it dry or wet. What we experience the most with other electric shavers is that we need to shave certain areas several times and it can actually trigger a shaving rash.

But with the Braun Waterflex, it only takes one glide for it to completely remove the facial hair. Most of all, it also comes with a trimmer that is hidden on the body and you just need to slide it upwards. It’s perfect since we don’t have to change the attachments. You can easily use the trimmer to trim or shape your sideburns, and even beards. Without a doubt, the Braun Waterflex delivers a luxurious shaving experience for every gent.

Long Lasting Battery

The battery really lasts a long time and it doesn’t even take that long for it to be fully charged. The Braun Waterflex provides about 45 minutes of power with one hour of full charge. We’re not sure if it’s a bad habit, but we often forget to charge the electric shaver. It’s definitely troublesome since we need to use it early in the morning. Fortunately, with Braun Waterflex we can plug it in for about five minutes and it’ll provide a single session. Perfectly handy if you’re forgetful like us! A fully charged Braun Waterflex should last you a week if you regularly use it every morning.

Travel Friendly and Portable

Once you’ve purchased the Braun Waterflex, you will also receive a universal SmartPlug charger. You can easily bring the shaver anywhere you go without having to worry about anything. The charger accepts voltage around 110 to 240 volt. It is definitely handy whenever you need to travel.

Easy to Clean

The Braun Waterflex is also super easy to clean and the foil head can be open without any difficulties. You can either rinse it under running water to clean off the blades or remove excess facial hair and other residues with the brush given in the kit. However, it is suggested that you change the foil head every 18 months to ensure optimal results.

So, is it Really Worth the Hype?

Well, definitely! The Braun Waterfelx checks all the boxes of the things we’re looking for in an electric shaver. It is simply top-notch in terms of efficacy, design, technology and price. Needless to say, it is one of the best electric shavers in the market. If you truly want to splurge yourself with this device, we advise that you shave in the direction of facial growth and make sure to hold the shaver at 90 degrees with mild pressure.

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