The New Fenty Skin Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask Is Your Bestie For Dry Hands

By: agnes / October 11, 2021
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Do you suffer from dry hands? Or has all the washing and sanitizing throughout the pandemic made your hands drier than they ever were before? If this sounds like you then you will be thrilled to know that Fenty Skin has launched the new Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask that is bound to be your new best friend. If you’re someone with extremely dry hands that no amount of lotions and creams can save, then you might want to think of adding the Hydra’Reset to your new routine. 

What Is Hydra’Reset?

Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask is Fenty Skin’s newest launch yet. As opposed to moisturising your hands throughout the day, the difference with this hand mask is that you apply it before you go to bed at night. 

The Hydra’Reset was created because Rihanna believes that every part of your skin should be hydrated and velvety soft. And thus, the Hydra’Reset was born. This hand mask hydrates and nourishes your hands throughout the night, allowing you to wake up to cloud-soft hands. It also boasts a clean, vegan, and gluten-free formula so only the good stuff is applied to your hands. 

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As for the Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask’s formula, it is saturated with fruit oils and plant extracts that are powerful. Because of this formula, you can wake up to nourished and revitalised hands. In terms of its texture, expect a smooth and velvety feel that instantly hydrates your skin. It then locks in all of the moisture, allowing your skin to look and feel soft and glossy. 

The scent, on the other hand, is one that has been raved since its release. If you have tried the Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream and Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream, then you would know what we are talking about. The relaxing clean and fresh scent is once again, inspired by tropical fruits and flowers, which we absolutely adore. Formulated with  40% glycerin, 5% panthenol, Rihanna’s favorite Barbados Cherry and so much more, this is a hand mask that you have to add to your collection. 

What Makes Hydra’Reset Different?

So apart from it being a unique hand mask instead of hand cream or lotion, the Hydra’Reset is also earth-conscious when it comes to its packagings. Check out some of the earth-conscious details that the Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask highlights:

  • No outer box or shrink-wrap, less waste is produced.
  • The tube is made with 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled material) and is recyclable.
  • To recycle, cut open the tube, scoop out the last drops of the hand mask, then rinse the tube.
  • Separate the cap and tube and then recycle both.

The new Fenty Skin Hydra’Reset Intensive Recovery Hand Mask retails for $32 and is now available online at Sephora Singapore.

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