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Editor’s Review: Beyond Sun Protection is the Best Thing That Happened to Your Skin

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I’ve been a beauty editor for 15 years, and every time I ask a dermatologist or celebrity for the best and most important skincare tip, they always say: “Use the best sunscreen.”

Sun damage causes 90% of premature ageing, and affects every layer of your skin. It weakens your skin barrier so you lose moisture and are more prone to inflammation and irritation. It barrages your skin cells with free radicals, destroying skin quality and texture. It destroys collagen and causes hyperpigmentation. In this way, sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare routine. Without it, any benefits you get from toners, serums or creams will be reversed by sun exposure.

The Search for the Best Sunscreen

That’s why beauty insiders (and editors like myself) are obsessed with finding the best sunscreen. I’ve tried and reviewed hundreds of them, but was never completely satisfied. Some felt too greasy and seemed to sit on my skin. Others caused breakouts or irritated my sensitive skin. Was there any sunscreen that could give maximum protection and still feel comfortable?

Finally, there is. Crystal Tomato – the same company behind the Crystal Tomato supplements and Skin Clarity Cream – has just launched a new sunscreen, and it’s a game-changer. This may be my Holy Grail of sunscreens: complete protection and a dry-touch formula that feels incredibly weightless on the skin.

Gives the highest and most complete protection

Most sunscreens will only protect you from UVA and UVB rays. However, Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection also shields your skin from other environmental hazards that can damage the skin.    

  • SPF 75+ for UVB rays
  • PPD 17+ (PA++++) for UVA rays
  • HEV 54% for blue light
  • Anti-Pollution
  • Infrared Protection

These are impressive ratings and very hard to achieve. SPF 75 blocks more than 98% of UVB rays. PPD 17+/PA++++ is the highest rating for protection against tanning and pigmentation. And it is the only sunscreen that offers more than 50% protection against blue light. (Read more about blue light in our article on 3 Skin Hazards That Can Hasten Ageing, Even When You’re Indoors.)

No other sunscreen gives stronger or broader protection. This is clinically proven – and a product I can trust. Whether I’m on the beach, walking in a polluted street, or working all day in the office, I know my skin is safe from the elements. 

best sunscreen for face
Beyond Sun Protection’s dry-touch formula feels as light as a feather on your skin.

The most comfortable sunscreen I’ve ever tried

Once I tried Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection, I knew I would never wear another sunscreen. It felt so comfortable on my skin. It absorbed quickly, and didn’t feel greasy or heavy. Seconds after applying, my skin felt supple but dry – no sticky residue at all. I even applied it on a particularly hot and humid day, but it still felt light as a feather. This is a sunscreen I wouldn’t mind wearing all day, any day, every day.

I also tried taking selfies with it, to check for a white cast. Great news for people with medium or dark skin: it looks so natural. I didn’t have to look like a ghost just to get complete sun protection!

Complete, clinically-proven protection + comfortable, invisible formula? It’s like a sunscreen dream come true.

best sunscreen for all skin types
Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection is suitable for all skin types

Safe for even sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin

Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and hypoallergenic. It won’t cause breakouts or irritation, even if you’re prone to acne or have very sensitive skin.

Just to be sure, I shared a sample with a friend who tends to get pimples. She wore it for weeks and said she didn’t get a single breakout. (She also said it was the only sunscreen that didn’t make her T-zone extra oily. Plus points for this amazing sunscreen!)

best sunscreen
Beyod Sun Protection has clinically proven skincare benefits

Gives extra skincare benefits

Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection doesn’t just protect your skin – it also nourishes it. In clinical trials, people reported that their skin actually felt softer and more even. Skin tests found that it increased skin moisture by 32% after 27 days!

It also has antioxidants to fight free radicals and oxidative stress, and ingredients that help lighten the skin and even out skin tone. (Imagine how fair and beautiful your skin will be if you use it with Crystal Tomato Skin Supplements and Clarity Cream — #bestskinofyourlife).

The Bottom Line: YOU. HAVE. TO. TRY. THIS.  

As a beauty editor, I’ve tried so many products that frankly fell short of the hype. But Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection exceeded my expectations. I’ve never seen a sunscreen like it, and I’m glad that something like this is now available. Sunscreen has never been this complete or felt so comfortable, and I can honestly say that this is the best sunscreen in the market today.

Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection is available at authorized clinics and aesthetic centers. Here are a few:

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pharmacy, Singapore National Skin Centre Pharmacy,
Woffles Wu Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Centre
Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic
Dermacare Aesthetics Medical Pte Ltd
Parkway Shenton Clinics

If you prefer to buy it online, you can go to the official Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection website.